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Below is an email complaint sent to Hans Vestberg March 21, 2019 -- we seriously doubt we will hear back from him. We are at our wits end.

I'm writing to express our complete exasperation with Verizon's inability to solve (or even show a desire to solve) an ongoing issue with our FiOS Business Internet connection. For over two months we've experienced very slow throughput with certain types of Internet traffic. We are told over and over that nothing is wrong within the Verizon network despite much evidence to the contrary. The latest ticket number we have for this issue is VADQ0RHT9F.

We could more easily deal with the situation if there was any indication that Verizon actually cares about solving the problem or demonstrated any willingness to pay more than lip-service to our issue. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Verizon's strategy is to do or say whatever they need to get us off the phone.

In the past several weeks, we have repeatedly called the FiOS support line and talked with more than a dozen different people within Verizon. In two instances when we insisted that our issue be escalated, we were able to talk to two different call center "managers." In both cases neither one of them ever followed-up, took any ownership of the issue nor showed any initiative to actually solve the problem. One of them even told us "I agree there is clearly a problem here" but then did nothing to help us resolve it. I hope you can imagine how frustrating and insulting that is.

Our company provides IT support services to businesses throughout the DC metro area, and as such we deal with many different carriers for many different issues. Verizon, by far, provides the worst customer support and is the only carrier that treats its customers with such contempt.

If this issue were with any other carrier, it would have escalated to a higher-level engineering team long before now, and our interactions would be directly with the people on those more advanced teams. Instead, Verizon refuses to have any interaction with us beyond front-line support. Other carriers provide a name, telephone number and/or email address for an individual who takes ownership of the problem. Verizon gives us a ticket number and forces us to call in to the same generic support number and start from square one every single time we want an update. Other carriers use valid phone numbers and email addresses to communicate with us and give us regular updates on the status of our issue. Verizon cancels appointments and closes tickets without any notification or explanation.

I wish this were the only instance of poor customer service we receive from Verizon but it's not. In 30-plus years of providing IT support, any issue with Verizon requiring more than simple troubleshooting consistently becomes a long, drawn out ordeal and winds up being an exercise in frustration. Because of this, Verizon is NEVER a company we recommend to our clients if other options are available. In situations where Verizon is the only viable option, we always warn our customers to expect extremely poor customer service.

Assuming this communication doesn't fall on deaf ears, our hope is that someone at Verizon will take ownership of this issue and work with us to solve the problem.

Mar 21, 2019

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