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B Nov 19, 2017 Review updated:

Hello Verizon,

Your commercials with Thomas Middleditch are quite possibly the most annoying commercials that have aired in the last decade. After watching them repeatedly during Sunday Football commercial breaks, I have never been closer to cancelling all of your services and products, and switching to another provider. I genuinely hope your creative department will produce greater quality content soon. Your legal department should also look to ending any contract with Thomas immediately. If some changes aren't made in a timely manner, unfortunately I do not see how I can continue being a loyal customer with Verizon.

Disappointed Customer


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      Nov 20, 2017

    That is quite the overreaction. Especially since you also want them to end their contract with their spokesperson, which would potentially cost them money. I'm not a fan of the commercials either, so I just change the channel when they come on. I do have to say that they are effective if you remember them, even if it's for negative reasons.

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