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customer harassment

My name is Kimberly Vine and I'm a victim of a major corporation who monopolizes the market. My problem started January 1, 2007 when Verizon started pushing their customers to switch over to the new optical wire. I opted not to because my phone has been working just fine for the 6 years living here. Since I opted not to switch for a fee then my phone has not worked consistently since January 1, 2007. I've reported the problem at least 25 times, spoken to Supervisors, techs, foremen, sales, etc... And all gave me the same answer. "Ms. Vine if you switch to the new optical wire then we guarantee that your phone will work otherwise they could not help me!" I've been hearing this for the past several months. I now have a wonderful tech out right now and he is telling me that Verizon is telling their employees to sell the optical wire to every customer and try to get their Internet and cable service as well!! This tech also told me that my problem can be easily fixed within the centralized verizon location but verizon will not because their goal is to have everyone switched by the end of 2007 and have their cable and Internet service as well. Now if Verizon wanted to switch everyone to this optical wire for no fee then I would do it but I'm not going to be another victim. Most of my neighbors are elderly and have so many problems with the new wire and they are so upset but do not have the energy to fight this big company!! So I'm it and hope fully with you on my side as well then we can concur this harassment together! Someone please please help us! Thank you!!!

  • Ar
    Arly Jan 29, 2009

    As with all utilities companies, phone companies are regulated by your state utilities board. I suggest you look on your state's website for information regarding utilities regulation and file a complaint with the state board. That will force the phone company to appear before the board to defend themselves and most likely the board will rule in your favor.

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national freedom plan is not what they say it is!

We have been customers with Celluarone for years then of course Alltel buys them out and we have had nothing but problems since. We changed to the "National Freedom Plan" back in November. This is pretty much no roaming, no long distance etc. In certain areas we could chance getting roaming charges, but we were explained those would be in very remote places. For the last approx. 3 months every month we have been charged roaming in area that we go to on a regular basis, have always made phone calls from and never charged before! Then when I call to dispute it they don't even care about your concerns. They are nothing but rude and when trying to find a number to put a formal complaint in, well that is IMPOSSIBLE! We can drive all the way from Colorado to Florida and no roaming anywhere, but we go about 75 miles from our home we get charged. Then we travel to DENVER which we go to on a regular basis and all of the sudden we have $20 worth of roaming in Denver even though we were just there a couple weeks or so before and did not get roaming charges. EXPLAIN THAT ALLTEL?? Another thing is that they cannot do anything about the roaming charges (which is a bunch of poop), but it is o.k. for our phones to be "SEARCHING FOR NETWORK" yesterday for Five hours and we were unable to use our phone service which we pay for, and they in no way try to make that right either! ALLTEL is a RIP OFF and I will proceed until I find the access to make a formal complaint rather dealing with these rude customer service people!

  • Mi
    Michael Mar 29, 2008

    Alltel's national freedom plans allow for free roaming as long as you are paying attention to your roam indicator on your phone. No cellular company has complete coverage across the nation... FCC regulation prohibit that. Therefore, Alltel roams with Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Cellular South, and AT&T (in the CDMA west only) to give customers nearly complete coverage. All of the above carriers also do this- this is nothing new. If you are not on one of these networks at the time, then your phone will display the appropriate roaming indicator-- a solid R or solid triangle at the top of your screen, meaning that you will be charged for using your phone in such area. Therefore, you, as the consumer, are responsible for watching your roam indicator when you are in an unfamiliar area. The fact that you made no mention of a roaming indicator tells me that you weren't paying attention to it... so, by what you've said, the charges seem valid to me.

    I can tell you from experience that when many people are initiating service with Alltel, they are too busy looking at their new phone to listen to what the representative is telling them. People kill me when they claim they weren't informed of things when they got service. First of all, it is impossible for Alltel, or any other company for that matter, to inform you of every possible microscopic thing you need to know. If they compiled it into a book, you wouldn't have read it anyway. If people would spend less time tending to their neighbor's business, and tend to their own... meaning, start investigating your wireless service and get to know what you can and cannot do, then they would be much better off. I've been with Alltel for years and never had a problem. Grow up!

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    Frances Nov 29, 2008

    I have been with alltel for about five years. First I had a prepaid phone, which worked ok... I live in kentucky and work in southwest virginia( one hour drive one way) so I have to have a phone service that I can depend on and can afford.. A friend recommended going with a contract phone, so I done that and had that phone almost 2 years and it died. To make a long story short, I decided to get a new phone and go with a family plan. All went good until I get my first bill...$200+ bucks...WOW...guess what ROAMING, after being told I would not have roaming charges...I sure didn't before...If this is how their plans work, I am definitely not interested...My individual plan never had roaming in my travel area or in my home area in kentucky...and now that I have a family plan, I have roaming...WHY????????????

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this is not my bill!

I just received a bill from this company Verizon Maryland Inc. stating that I owe them $743.90 and I have never ever had verizon. The phone is in my wife's name. I would also like to know where this number was at so I can get this solved. I want to know the address where this phone was hooked up at because I'm not paying for something I never had

  • Li
    Lisa Moore Feb 27, 2008

    I have a settlement offer for a disconnected phone I never had. Address is Afni, Inc
    PO Box 3427 Bloomington, Il 61702-3427 What do I do? Please e-mail me at [email protected]

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alltel wireless is robbing their customers

I have been an alltel customer since 2017 around the 1st of January 2017. We made a trip from South Georgia...

free trial scam!

Idearc telemarketing liars are selling very expensive internet or Super Pages listings using phony free trial...

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very bad customer service

Verizon cell phone service - Surprise AZ

Bought phone in IL, worked fine, came to AZ for the 4 winter months. Surprise growing area, now 100,000 people. bad service, Jan. and Feb. very cold here this year, had to sit outside to talk, even then lost calls, fading in and out, etc. gave me 2nd phone, no better.

Went to store half hour away few times. All they say is a new tower will help and should be up by end of summer.

My old Spring phone worked fine here, why shouldn't Verizon work here?

Customer service on phone ridiculous, told me to sit on North wall in house to talk. Another one said cell phones are not for in home use!

Finally, one person seemed very interested. Said they would check it out and call me in 12 hours. That was on a monday, by thursday, no call.

I went to store and got very mad! They said they would give me $20 off for 2 months. Had no explanation why no one called.

I tried to e-mail on their web site, kept saying i put in wrong account number (it was the correct number) then i called and got some department above the customer service department. A michael carl said to e-mail him and he would forward it to the proper party.

I did that, and of course, no answer from the "proper party"

What a terrible company. When i see those tv commercials i feel like throwing something at the tv

I am on 3rd phone, and service ok outside but not good inside the house! The weather nice now, but i am tired of talking on patio where neighbor can hear me. Used to like to sit in bedrdoom and chat with friends.

Bad service on local calls, long distance, verizon to verizon, etc.

Would never recommend this company

  • Li
    LINDY LABUSCHAGNE Mar 31, 2008



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  • Li
    LINDY LABUSCHAGNE Apr 03, 2008


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  • Ps
    PSP Sep 13, 2008

    I am a current customer and had called in to check about phone offerings. In the process the person asked if I wanted to have 500 mins are no charge. I have 700 min plan but dont even come close to using it but accepted the offer thinking it did not matter. I received a billing statement will confimed the 500 min offer but also having a note that there is a cancellation fee of $175 for early termination. There is a chance I will terminate early in Dec but would not have accepted the offer on the phone had I know about this. This is a "bait and switch" offer by Verizon. I have been happy for many years but if Verizon does this, then it is time to really move away. Calling customer service did not help today. They have no proof of stating about the termination fee anywhere and will be complianing about this everywhere I can ..

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superpages contract scam!

I was told by my salesman too that the contract was month by month and that if I was unhappy with my ad that...

account was turned to collections

I closed a wireless phone account with Alltel in 2002 because of frequent billing errors. At the time the account was closed Alltel sent me a letter stating what they would accept as final payment to close the account which was $300. I then sent a check to alltel for $300. In 2004 I got a notice from a collection agency for the final payment, which I had paid and the payment had cleared my bank. When I called alltel they would not even talk to me about my account because it had "been turned over to collections".

I have a copy of the final check paid to alltel and it shows a different account then mine on the back side of the check (off by one digit). So it looks like alltel posted my payment to the wrong account, but again alltel will not discuss this as they no longer have my account, the collection agency does. The latest collection agency (AFNI) says my check copy and letter from alltel is not good enough proof that this was paid. What else can I possibly give them. (although in their last letter deny my dispute they say a copy of my drivers license and social security card "might" help. Yeah, right!

I have contact the Alltel corporate office to try and get help clearing this up, but I don't even get a response from them.

Can you point me in the right direction to help settle this matter, it has been almost 5 years since I paid this bill.

  • J
    J Mar 07, 2008

    you would have to provide proof to Afni that the same exact same account number of Alltel's was paid (afni has on file the same original alltel account number)...

    so they must match up...if are out of luck...

    pay the bill

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harassing phone calls after asking to cease & exist!

A young lady Shantel called my job harassing me about a bill with Alltel she was rude after I ask her not to be calling me on my job. She claimed I had talked with her on Feb. 27 and I have never talked with anyone from ER Solution. It doesn't matter that someone wrote it in but i have never spoken with anyone. I do not ow Alltel, This company has tried to reap me of by double building me and charging me outrageous fees that I had already paid them. I have te documentation of the bill one of their agents gave me and he told me they were double billing me. Not this young lady tell I know you just didn't pay your bill, she was rude and I will be contacting the Attorney Generals office in Washington and North Carolina.

lack of hd programming!

I subscribed to the Verizon FIOS television service largely because the company claimed to have the most extensive-lineup of high definition programming available. Only after it was installed did I learn that the New England Sports Network, the television home of the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins, is not offered by Verizon in HD.

Worse, there is no easy way to contact the company and get an answer about when and if this service will be available. The Verizon website is completely automated, with no option available to send an email to a real person.

The company clearly wants no contact from disgruntled customers.

  • Je
    Jeffrey Gold Oct 31, 2007

    I could not agree more. They signed on 217,000 new subs for the quarter and they don't think they need to spend any money on new content as they cant handle the load they have now of new customers. They stated in a press release they will not add any HD content till 2008 in late spring at the soonest.

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  • Do
    Douglas Ross Nov 01, 2007

    Don't go with Verizon Fios. They have no control over their billing system.

    I've been working four months with them, and am currently over five hundred dollars over-charged. Service was advertised and sold to me as 65/month - but I'm billed at least 200 dollars each month, because the network thinks I am reinstalling service six or seven times each month.

    Customer service calls this "Phantom Installations," and they have no way to stop it. Some have suggested I collect the bills, and then at the end of each year to go to small claims court to try to get the money back. Others have told me the situation should be corrected within 12 to 18 months, at which point I should apply for credits.

    Fios is a good internet service, but billing has not caught up. Unless you have 5000 to invest in Internet service (possibly refundable after a year or so) you really shouldn't go this route.

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  • Jo
    JohnLL Nov 27, 2007

    Three weeks without email and tech support still cannot fix. I am fed up with Verizon.

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  • Se
    Seth Monger Jan 19, 2008

    File in small claims court. Bring PAPER proof: contracts, communications, transactions

    Verizon CANNOT be trusted. TimeWarner cable offers 15 megabits per second in many markets.

    get all the HD episodes you could ever want from newzbins

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  • Jo
    joe spark Dec 02, 2008

    verizon is no good they ripped me off
    do not go with V.E.R.I.Z.O.N lousy costomer service and billing could not resolve matter.

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fake debt collection

Yes I have received a letter from afni for a Verizon bill that I owe 467.17 from 7 years ago at an address i never lived at and also have my name wrong and also the wrong S.S. number. I even responded when I received the first letter to dispute it and still they say it is valid after I talked to them and told them that my prsnl. info that they have is not mine. How do they get away with this all the time?
I don't know what else to do about it? Ben

wrong charge - no refund!

On [protected], Verizon sent me a package for DSL installation, in response of my online DSL ordering. However, this package didn't contain the modem required for high speed internet connection. So I called them in the following week twice to get the modem, and they said they were going to send the modem. But I never got the modem. So I ordered internet service from another provider. However, Verizon kept charging me every month for no service. I wrote them to explain that I didn't have the service. Then, I canceled my Verizon telephone service and they sent me the final bill, which included $129.77 for DLS service I never received. I called Tampa Verizon office, Becky answered the phone and said she could not give me the credit. Seeing that I persisted, she called her supervisor. The supervisor also didn't want to give me the credit but finally he gave me $30 credit. So I paid Verizon $99.77 for receiving no DSL service. I want Verizon refund the wrong charge. By the way, Verizon did not have DSL available in my area when I ordered the service. In retrospect, this seems to me a trap.

  • De
    Dean Dec 02, 2007

    I have a funny feeling after you accepted the $30 you came to an agreement with them, your probably not going to get anything else now.

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  • To
    Tonya Jan 15, 2008

    I am over $400 in the hole right now because Verizon's ignorance to billing. They keep going in my account taking money for no reason and now that they know I am taking my issues to the executives, Im not getting any sort of response. Verizon has NO BUSINESS offering people DSL and tv and all this other stuff they dont have the manpower and capability to provide. They are liars!!! and I don't know why they are not facing criminal charges!

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  • Qi
    Qidan Apr 21, 2008

    I definitely agree with you... i ordered the service, but never received the modem.

    I called verizon several time, and they charged me for $79.00 for ealier termination fee. I never used the service and they still fk charge me for the cancellation fee... they are damn liar... when i rordered the modem, they said the service starts when you recived the modem...

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  • Mk
    MK Jun 05, 2008

    I completely agree. Verizon DSL is a complete scam. I wanted DSL service and ordered it online from their website. They required credit card info, etc. After I finally received the equipment, it didn't work. After numerous inquiries, they said they would send a technician out. Thereafter, I was told that my particular apartment in the building was not wired to recieve Verizon's DSL--no existing telephone connection. From that point on, I gave in to the fact that my apartment was not going to get DSL from Verizon and I opted to get it through my existing cable service. One year later I realized that Verizon was charging my credit card for service they themselves told me they could not provide me. After another set of numerous inquiries and call re-routing within Verizon's customer service, they told me the dsl service has been in use and tried to convince me that I was using their dsl service. Too weird. As it turns out, the Verizon technician turned on my neighbor's dsl line and billed me for it for one year. I have tried over and over again to explain this to their customer service reps and supervisors and they have not done anything about it. All they do repeatedly is continue to transfer me around their customer service departments or straight up hang up on me. It's interesting that a search online has revealed that billing consumers for services never rendered has become a mode of operation for Verizon.

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  • Ph
    PhillyPunkKid Jul 28, 2008

    For the last six weeks or so I have had the worst issues with Verizon as a DSL ISP. I want to share this story so those of you who haven't found yourself in this position yet can possibly avoid some of the headaches that I'm dealing with now.

    In mid April, my wife and I purchased our first house. The person we bought the house from did the very least he could to make the house look decent. We found "cover up" jobs all over the house, including the wiring. After about a month of heavy internet use with Verizon it was readily apparent that the wiring in the house needed to be checked.

    Since I work during the week, I noticed the worst drop outs in service over the weekends. The signal would drop out for five to ten minutes at a time several times a day. Each time I called the support line, I was told that I had to call them back when the problem was actually happening so that they could track it. Unfortunately, by the time I got through to a live human being, the problem usually had corrected itself. The drop out rate on the weekends was anywhere from fifteen to twenty times over the course of several hours. Sometimes I just had to walk away because the service was so poor, it wasn't even usable.

    Twice I actually got Verizon to agree to send someone to my home. Both times I took time off of work and both times a Verizon technician never showed up or even called. When I called back, I found out that the local office decided that the problem was magically "fixed" when enroute to my home. Obviously this wasn't the case. One time they even claimed to have sent out new hardware to my house via UPS without telling me. Unfortunately, this doesn't do me much good since 1) I'm not there during the day to receive it and 2) I had no clue it was even coming because nobody told me. As of this post, no new hardware has shown up.

    My call rate with Verizon is usually somewhere in the range of six to twelve calls per weekend over the past six weeks. At no time did anyone attempt to do anything more then log the issue in their system. Granted, the call center employees in Mexico were very nice and considerate. However, the employees in India were rude, ignorant, unintelligible and just plain useless. If I want to be insulted, I can get that here in Philadelphia.

    Bottom line, Verizon could care less about you, your service, or your satisfaction as an employee. They employ call centers that are rude, under-staffed and under-trained. Do not sign up for Verizon service if you have a choice. You WILL be sorry.

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  • Mi
    michelle waters Aug 04, 2008

    verizon are totally rip offs they have issued me a total bill of 1000 dollars for a month i have been dealing with them on there over charges ect if i was that far behind any co. would turn your phone off, they even lost a payment for 240 dollars for last month so i could just stop there harrassing mail and they lost it i had my banki fax they check proff it was cashed and they blamed me for it and said it was my fault. i dont know how i sent it in with the bill. these people should be checked out by the federal goverment i am disabled and they are effecting my health after my payment i was assured no more bills then somehow i owed 700 something dollors how can someone owe thant for telecommunications common on i am not even in bussiness they say everything taken care of when you send your payment in then they make up more charges and you dont even have service with them they are fraudualant and i am pleaeing for someone in a good position to stop them from taking money from the handicape and volunerable people this has been the worst nightmare of my life they even chuckel on the phone as if its a joke to destroy your credit and your health is it worth it the evil and mean i would never ever do anything with these demons again.has anyone else got charged so horrible and been treated so terrible and they get away with destroying credit you work hard for i have multiple scelersis and i used to be a registered nurse and helped many people why do people treat me so bad after all the good i have done you have to ask yourself one question if you owed that much you wouldnt have service they would of disconnected you or something they are scammers and trying to rip people off threating theam like common loan sharks if anyone with power out there please help out the lettle guys we need iyou thanks

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terrible service!

At the end of September, my wife and I had Verizon broadband installed. Since then we have had many recurrences of the same two problems: not being able to connect to broadband and being dropped once the connection was made. We called Verizon's technical support several times, but each time the problems reoccurred. We have not even contacted Verizon about the the most recent occurrences as we have no confidence they can do anything. At one point, the tech support person did state that we might need to have a technician come and look at our setup but there was never any follow up to this. We chose Verizon because it was recommended by several people we know. It has been a frustrating and expensive experience as we have to retain our dial up service for those times when we cannot connect using broadband.

Carl Austin
Utica, New York

  • Sp
    Spektyr Aug 02, 2008

    Verizon Wireless Broadband Service is about as useful as a broken foot and as reliable as a politician. The amount of money they charge for a service that falls well short of their advertisements is highway robbery and they are, to many of their subscribers, in breach of contract. Verizon has no legal right to charge early termination fees for a service they do not adiquately provide. Since they themselves know they are not providing the quality of service that they advertise they should waive all cancellation fees for dissatisfied customers.

    How about it Verizon? Will you do the right thing for once or will you continue to rip off your customers?

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  • Gr
    Grandpa S Apr 11, 2011

    My Verizon MiFi gets 0.2 Mbit upload / download for $60 per month. They were very cooperative about sending their van by our house to check but all they could say is "we confirmed that the performance has dropped - even though we are 8 miles from the tower, this was attributed to many new customers competing for cell usage in evening hours". I have tried multiple locations for the MiFi placing it high with a reflector toward the cell tower - still get 0.2 Mbit at best in the evening hours. Early morning hours gets better.

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billing problems

I received a bill for my wireless account I have had for 5 years. The amount was 271.23, I called Verizon and they explained I went over my minutes and did not have free Verizon to Verizon on my plan. Albert the rep. in Texas offer to reduce the amount if I changed plans at an additional 10.00 a month cost. We agreed on the a reduction in the amount of 153.85 leaving an amount of 117.88. He spoke to a supervisor and they approved that amount and I upgraded my service and upgraded my phones. I attempted to make the online payment and it reflected the amount of 146.23. I called customer service and they stated that amount had not been approved. It was only for 125.00 and not the 153.85 as Albert had told me. I complained and they spoke to a supervisor who said the amount was not approved and I would have to pay it. My argument is, their rep. Albert told me the amount was approved. I upgraded my service and my phones as we agreed, then they backed out of the deal. Since their rep. made the deal they should honor it out of fairness to the consumer. I have had nothing but good luck with Verizon for over 5 years. I have been a loyal customer and sent many friends and family to Verizon because of the service and excellent customer service. I am really upset over this deal. The amount is very small, and hardly worth a tantrum, but this is strictly a principle issue with me. I paid their amount, but I am far from done complaint about this. People have to stand up for something or we stand for nothing. And I am tired of being taken advantage of regardless of the dollar amount.

  • Ri
    rickpp Aug 11, 2014

    Contact corporate at one of these two numbers 770 521-5633 or 877 262-2949

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defective phones!

I purchased a Mint Chocolate for my daughter from Verizon Wireless. The first phone was completely unusable...

the response, copied below, made me laugh!

Just like anyone else, I can't stand calling a company and getting a recording, so I've started e-mailing them instead. This has worked pretty well so far, with the exception of Verizon. Lord knows they're trying, though. I sent one question and got three e-mails back, seemingly resolving the issue by not actually resolving the issue. My question was: "I signed up for paperless billing last year and I keep getting paper bills in the mail. Please stop sending them". The response, copied below, made me laugh.

Forwarded Conversation
Subject: Consumer email response

From: [protected]
Date: Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 9:50 AM

Please Do Not Respond - This is an Automated Response

Thank you for contacting the Verizon ePay.
Verizon ePay will make every effort to respond to you within 2 business days.

You can make a payment 24 hours a day 7 days a week at or by calling the Pay By Phone System on [protected]. You will need your current Phone Bill for authentication at this 800 #.

Your tracking number is: xxxxx

When sending us a reply, please ensure that the "Subject" of your email is unchanged and includes this tracking number.

Please Be Aware:

While submitting an email from the Contact Us form is protected, subsequent emails transmitted from commercial email services may not be protected. Do not send credit card, password or other sensitive information in a standard email message.

From: [protected]
Date: Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 2:22 PM

Thank you for contacting Verizon ePay. We are in receipt of your email dated 01/17/2007 regarding paperless bills. We will be happy to assist you. While we would like to assist you, our Billing Department is best qualified to resolve your request. We have forwarded your concern and it is our goal to respond to your message within one business day. You may also contact this office directly at [protected] between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. A representative will be happy to assist you.

We appreciate you using the Verizon Contact Us Page to address your issue through email. Always remember, the Verizon Contact Us Page is available 24/7 for you to contact us through email on any questions, issues or concerns you might have with your account. You can also make a payment 24 hours a day 7 days a week at or by calling our Pay by Phone System at [protected]. Verizon payment options include:
Pay by Phone (Vendor Charge of $3.50)
Direct Bank Account Debit
Verizon Plus Store
Authorized Agent (May Charge Up to $1.00)

Thank you for using Verizon. We appreciate your business.

Verizon RM ePay

Please Be Aware:

Always use the Contact Us Form at the site to ensure the information you are sending is secured and protected. Emails transmitted from commercial email services may not be protected. Do not send credit card, password or other sensitive information using such services.

From: [protected]
Date: Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 5:11 PM


Thank you for contacting the Verizon eCenter. I have received your email dated Jan 17, 2007 regarding paper billing. My name is XXXX, and I will be happy to assist you. We understand your concern with your paper billing. I have issued a trouble ticket (number xxxxx), and a Verizon representative will contact you regarding this issue. Unfortunately, I don't have a time frame of when you will be contacted.

I hope I have resolved your reason for contacting us. If you have additional questions, or if we may be of assistance to you in the future, please let us know. We look forward to serving you.

Thank you for using Verizon. We appreciate your business.

Verizon eCenter

  • Ch
    Charles Rival Dec 03, 2007

    Still waiting to hear from management team who were suppose to contact us regarding errors (third month in a row). We were told they would contact us shortly--that was on Nov. 21st. So sorry we bundled.

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  • Ti
    Tim Aug 15, 2008

    Try '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'''[email protected]' Atleast you will get a response.

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  • Jo
    John Whitham Sep 18, 2008

    This is the most frustrating company to get results from. If you follow their directions, you just go around in circles. If you go on line with them, you are unable to get a simple answer without going through the 5th degree. What is the deal?

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  • Sh
    shadow2moses Feb 17, 2011

    Verizon sucks its just that simple

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the most stupid unfair policy i've heard

I have a family plan with 3 lines. I only need only line so I contacted Verizon to ask about early termination fees for two of the lines.

One contract term expires in March and the other in April. I contacted them because I understood new consumer law states they had to pro rate the fee based on the expiration date of the contract. I am willing to pay a pro-rate termination fee that's fair but not $175 per line. This is the same for a contract expiring in 2 months as it is for a contract expiring in a year. This makes no sense.

I was told this only applied to new contracts dated November 2006 or after. This discriminates against one class of customer and is THE MOST STUPID UNFAIR POLICY I've heard about.

Verizon may think they're winning but I am cancelling my home phone line and in the process of moving to Cable for internet service. I will also move my business cellular service to another carrier. All told they get a lot of my money every month but I will never execute another contract with them.

I urge everyone under similar circumstances to log a complaint with the FCC and boycott Verizon.

  • Ri
    Richard Clark Nov 26, 2007

    I am having a great deal of trouble with Verizon.
    I am a 68 year old retired teacher with basic residential service about $25.00 a month.
    Verizon has added two fees to my account. A Dial Tone fee of $11.95 a month and a Voice Mail fee of $12.95.00 a month thus doubling my original monthly charge.
    For the past 5 months I have written on my bill when I sent it in asking Verizon to discontinue those fees to me....disconnecting my dial tone. I don't know what Voice Mail is...never had it...don't want it...and never agreed to have it.
    Today I called Verizon and was told that due to high volumn of calls my call could not be answered and I was disconnected.
    I called again after awhile and was put on hold. I waited 39 minutes then abandoned the effort.
    I went on line and e-mailed Verizon requesting a termination of my account.
    I put a note in my bill when I sent in payment and requested termination.
    My daughter tells me that requesting termination from Verizon by mail or note will not work.
    She tried calling Verizon and was told that due to high volume her call would not be answered then she was disconnected also.
    What do I do to get Verizon to disconnect my service.
    They are making it impossible for me to teminate.
    It's terrible how this company treats it customers....even Seniors.
    Richard Clark

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  • Re
    regina Apr 21, 2008

    yes i have been trying to disconnect with them for 4 days now and all of 16 hours on hold and talking to dum dum persons . That if they could speeck english may have a chance in hell of trafring you to the right deprtment . no not going to happen. all i want to do is not have to ever call 1-800-483-4000 ever agin if you call to make a payment and yes i timed it 2 min. 12 sec. for them to get money from you . then when i ask to dissconnect . well needless to say i am on the phone now today i have been on hold for 3 hours and i have had to call back 2 times cause of dissconnect's on there end . like they pick up and hang up on you . why is it so hard . i am moving to comcast and i lost my phone number of 23 years because of something on there end so now i have a new number and 2 phone bills for i am unable to speeck with anyone to turn my old # off . and online you can do every thing but dissconnet service

    upset in va

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  • Ke
    kellyKjm205 Sep 22, 2010

    I too had BIG propblems with Verizon. My husband had internet service in PA when he was working there for several months and when he moved back to NJ he tried to cancel it. They said it would cost $79 for an early termination fee. His monthly fee was $36 at the time, which is already riduiculous for just internet service. They told him he could put it on vacation hold for 6 months instead and then cancel so he did. Little did we know they still charged us $16.34 a month those 6 months. Shame on us for not noticing, but it came directly out of the bank account like EVERYTHING else we pay for and we didn't notice. They obviously did not explain the policy to him b/c who in their right mind would pay $16.34/month for 6 months (total of $98) instead of the early termination of $79????? and still have to worry about calling back and cancelling after 6 months. Well he didn't remember to call so last month they charged $64.34 to "restart the service" and $36.34 this month until I finally noticed it. I called and cancelled the service again and they would not refund all the charges. We haven't even lived in that location or used the service in over a year and we've been charged $185! They refused to refund anything at first. I demanded a supervisor and she was rude but eventually agreed to an $89 refund. I will never use Verizon again!!

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overcharging and lying to customers!

I got my bill for December 2006 and found it to be $10 more than it should be. After some internet sleuthing I have found out that my account was changed, that features that were included for free were erased and added as premium features that I have to pay extra for now.

I previously had access to the wireless web and had 600 included text messages, now I have to pay for my text messaging and the internet is a thing of the past. After unleashing my fury at my local verizon store and calling a friend in the company, my tirade produced a name. A Sales associate by the name of Alex A. from Fargo, ND that works at a Grand Forks ND Verizon store (store number M3589-01). Altered my account without my authorization.

After speaking with his manager Barry, I was apologized to and told that nothing can be done as my plan is no longer available and they cannot put that feature back onto my account without charging me now. Do I smell a rat? I think so. I was also informed that this shady character Alex actually profited with a kickback on his paycheck for his slimy efforts.

He also assured me that Alex did this by mistake. Yeah right. Am I the only one that this happened to? I think not. Who can say if this will happen again? Who is going to stop it? I have spent 12 hours of my normal working day into resolving this issue and all I have is a automated customer service number that I can reach. I want justice!!!

  • Br
    Brad Jun 11, 2007

    I want to add my comments about Verizon... Why doesn't Verizon take calls - it is almost impossible to speak with a human being at that company. When you call the 800 number you are put through a series of questions by a computer as to why you are calling, what number you are calling about, etc. This morning as like yesterday afternoon I spent over 1 hour on hold and NO ONE ever took the call. At one point this morning a commercial by McDonald in Spanish actually came on... this is all a game to Verizon. Personally I feel it is time for an investigation into the monopoly system.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Oct 19, 2008

    If you need to speak with someone just press zero when you call and it routs your call right to customer service. and theres no way you were on hold for an hour i'm sorry. ive had verizon for years and ive never been on hold for more than 5 minutes. make sure you dialed the right number. 1-800-922-0204

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  • Sh
    sheena0501 Jan 29, 2009

    Just to lte anyone know when you call the 1800 number keep pressing 0 and it will get you a representative.

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  • 12
    123ctbaby Nov 13, 2009

    Final bill, received November 11th, call from a debt collection agency November 13th. I was a customer for over 20 years through several company changes. Never missed A Payment . I guess Verizon does"nt like lt when you leave?????

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payment authorization problem

I had gotten a plan with Alltel that included 2 phones. I knew I wasn't going to use both so I let my friend use one. I had my phone suspended that same month and let her know that she would have to make the payments. So, back in November I got a notice that the account was delinquent and about to go to a credit collector. So I set up payments with the Financial department to have the $603 bill paid off by Jan 17, 2007. I was told that the account could only be paid in cash. I put a security code on the account, took her name off and made her unauthorized to do any thing with the account.December comes around and I find out that someone has made a payment on the account and they don't know who it was or what they paid with. Beginning of January I get a bill saying that I owe them $952. I call them and no one is able to tell me any thing or who authorized for the phone to be turned back on. Customer service said that when the account is suspended and the amount is paid in full the system automatically turns it back on. They even let the girl put a new phone on the account. I would have had better luck letting it go to a credit collector and setting up payment arrangements. Alltel says any one can pay your bill. So if someone feels like adding countless numbers of bad check fees onto your account they can.

  • An
    Annette Hayes Apr 23, 2007

    I have had nothing but problems with Alltel after they bought the local cell phone company in southern Illinois. First of all they lost my first payment to them during the buyout. That should have been a clue to go else where. But didn't. Then I bought my niece a cell phone and they had a deal going on..1000 minutes for 39.99. The constantly got everything wrong..that I was the person paying..they would not let me authorize anything later on when my name was on the bill..

    Then in March of this year I switched plans. For almost 2 months now I have been fighting with them. They have everything wrong..and now they suddenly switched my niece's plan from 1000 minutes to 500,,after I signed a contract for 1000.

    Now everything is screwed up. I have talked to many many people at customer service with no resolution. It is important that I have a cell phone as I am on a ventilator 24/7.

    I am so fed up with this company.

    Don't do business with them.

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  • Ho
    Holly Brekhus Oct 09, 2007

    Can't get email.

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  • Ho
    Holly Brekhus Oct 09, 2007

    Help, few weeks ago it took so long it depleted 10$ from my account. Also had I known it cost me to do survey on store I wouldn't have.

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  • Br
    Brandi Melton Apr 14, 2008

    I checked my bill on the phone today and it says it was 420 dollars. My bill has never been that high so i called to ask why. The only explanation was I had been using the internet on my phone alot but guess what according to my phone I DONT HAVE INTERNET!!! It ask me to do a one day pass which is like 5.99 i think. The woman at Customer Service said i did it and i never did but still how is that going to run my bill up to 420 dollars. GOOD QUESTION HUH. But after she said i bought a one day pass then she says i have unlimited internet because i have unlimited text messaging. What kind of sence does that make??? Then what beats it all is if i had unlimited internet (which i dont cause i dont have internet period) How could my bill go up cause its unlimited?? She says its cause it would take it away from your minute plan. Ok so how is that actually unlimited??? Your guess is probably as good as mine. It doesnt make any sence at all. All it is is a big scam. They think people out here in the world cant figure out what kind of a business they are running. Thats why everybody i know is going to Cricket now. The customer service people just kept trying to find a reason for why it was so high but never could find a good one. She just wanted to keep blaming it on some internet that I DONT HAVE!!! Please if you dont have service with them already chose someone else cause they are no good.

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  • Ar
    A Random Geek Aug 09, 2008

    You should learn to ask your Alltel rep. about the All Axcess Pack. You do have internet, and you might have accidently hit it. Now, even though you have unlimited internet (which means unlimited data) you do get charged if you go over the minutes of your plan.

    In simple explanation. If you have 500 minutes, and you talk 50 minutes a month, you have 450 minutes of internet. If you go over the 450 minutes and it doesn't fall into your nights and weekends. You pay $0.40. Again, talk to your reps about it and learn what you are getting into. It even explains it on the website.

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late fees and overcharging!

Has anybody checked to see how much money Verizon makes on late fees. They have charged me so many late fees because of a bogus and humongous bill they sent to me that I disputed. While disputing, they continued to charge me a late fee based on the $1128 phone bill. I had an international calling plan called North America's choice. They charged me roaming for the first week in Mexico and then wouldn't reverse it until we threatened them. I had requested paper bills again and again detailing my calls and they never came. Only bills stating how much I owed. I still haven't received anything. They are horrible. Everyone told me to avoid Verizon because of their billing scams, but I just had to learn the hard way. Stay away from Verizon. I have filed a complaint with the FCC to have them investigated for fraud. If Quest can rob the people and UPS can too, why not Verizon. Is it impossible for them to ever hire corrupt people?

  • Pe
    Person of Reason Aug 07, 2014

    did you make the calls and get complete information about the plan online before obtaining this pan for international calling? Did you speak with a travel agent or work people about possible charges you could receive while out of the u.s.? Did you think the calls would be free? if you borrow from a bank and don't make a payment do they let you off interest free or waive the amount when you don't pay your bill? Do you just sign up for insurance and not read the details? Step up and accept responsibility as an adult that U didn't do YOUR homework to find out how u just calling around in a foreign country would cost U money and U blame everyone for your stupidity!! U are a disgrace and an example of a MOOCHER!!!

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  • Pe
    Person of Reason Aug 07, 2014

    This plan has roaming charges clearly stated for roaming when is certain even provides customer service information to call and ask questions about the plans. Did you call for any of this in advance?

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