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misleading fraudulant sales practices

Idearc Media pay per click advertising is a scam. I have been in business for 17 years and have had an active website for several years. I was contacted by Neil Shipman of Idearc regarding pay per click marketing. Basically they supposedly drive relevent customers to my website through . I agreed to try it from Jan.2008 until April to see how it goes. After being billed for several hundred hits to my site to the tune of almost $2000 and no increase in calls (except for solicitors trying to sell me products and services) I decided that out of the many hits most of them were Idearc employees or friends of employees hitting my site to drive up fees. I tried to cancel. First through a phone call. My rep. said I cannot cancel (after he agreed to my terms of trying it for a few months) I then emailed Idearc and got a message back saying I had to cancel through my rep. Called him again and got the same response so I asked for a supervisor. After almost 20 calls to her voice mail she called me back and said I cannot cancel and billing will continue... I reported the credit card stolen to stop the charges and spoke to my lawyer who said do nothing and let them sue you...the collection calls have started and boy are they rude and aggressive..I probably will not get my $2000+ back but I am taking great pleasure in verbally assaulting any debt collector calling me on behalf of IDEARC MEDIA or VERIZON

avoid them

I experienced suspected card/id theft, got a new card and registered it w/ Verizon, got the confirmation of change and telephoned to verify. I was assured that all was well w/ the account, but behind the scenes the payment didn’t take. I have no problems with the card with other retailers. My acct was suspended in the middle of the work day (I work out of the house). I spent 2 plus hours on the phone w/ various Verizon Depts. and lost 1/2 day of work. Fios got turned back on again but now I’m receiving threats about suspension for non payment. I spent another hour on the phone today and have no assurance that it’s fixed. Their customer svc, billing and financial area folks can be very RUDE too!!!

Investigation reveals that Verizon billing issues are plentiful/widespread. AVOID VERIZON!!!

  • Ph
    Philipl230 Dec 12, 2009

    After waiting for Five years for this FIOS it is the BIGGEST RIP OFF. My out side antenna get a BETTER picture on my new HDTV then FIOS. Then they want you to pay for every box for the TV. Cables doesn't charge for the first three boxes. Now I switch to my outside antenna for a Great Picture. People out there it not what it is all about. Sorry Verzion, all you change telephone rip off to FIOS Rip Off . Thank U Phil

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Verizon online sent me a letter Feb 08 stating my service had been terminated. Fine. I requested this be...

product failure and poor customer service

I am posting the complaint letter I just sent to Verizon Wireless:

Dear Customer Service or "Higher" supervisor, 06/04/2008.

I had a terrible experience with your company and customer service yesterday. I have been in the customer service field before and by just being who I am, (fair, honest, good to people, logical...) it has made me more aware when others really drop the ball. The call started by me explaining how my cell phone was defective, and how I had already made several calls to them and during transferring me to other departments, I had my call dropped completely already two times. In total I have spoken to probably 7 people. I remained calm and polite while explaining my deep frustrations with them so far, and added that I was an extremely understanding and patient person. I had received a defective phone and another identical replacement which turned out to have even worse problems, and now I was requesting to go with a completely different phone combined with having read reviews on the internet about the problems people were having with this model. (also I noticed that this model was no linger even offered on their website for sale). The representative apologized to me about my trouble but the promise was empty. He began by saying he could only send me the same model again. I explained that after speaking to a few people already there that they had already told me that I could get a different phone (I asked him to look and my account had not been noted.. and he acted like he didn’t believe me stating that “policy”... I advised that I had already been told that this was an option and perhaps if he didn’t believe that my calls and transfers maybe he could pull up my calling history and see proof of my calls and which dept they went to.. I had also been transferred to trouble shooting that advised, “yes, it did appear that my cell did appear to have a software problem. I told him that I felt that he didn’t believe me and (almost jokingly) if he wanted, I could send letters stating my moral character, and that my life and my profession were very reputable and I am only looking for a “fair” resolution and a phone of my choice –even willing to pay more-. He advised that by “their policy” he could offer me a phone (of his choosing) of “equal or lesser value”. I paid $270.00 for my phone only a few months previously. (not discounted, but $270!) He offered me only two options of very basic phones that retailed for $79.00, or the phones that come free with a contract. (One phone was a model which my son had once and he had had problems with.) Representative said I was not eligible for “an upgrade” (I added I was not asking for ‘free’ upgrade, was willing to pay for it). “The policy” was that if I wanted a phone other than the two basic ones they chose I had to pay full retail price. Again.. the phone they sold me, and the replacement Both were defective!!! When I asked to speak to a supervisor he advised that he was the supervisor, when I asked to speak to “who ever was over him, he told me that it would not do any good that again..”this was their policy”, and then started trying to tell me something off the subject like how Verizon doesn’t make their money on the phones, they make it on air time... ??? I told him I even offered to pay “the difference” if he could allow me to choose a different phone.. then I got the same replies.. “that it was ‘policy’.. that me choosing a different phone was viewed as an upgrade and I wasn’t eligible for that until December. Clearly he was not giving me any other option or allowing me to speak to anyone else that it would not do me any good to speak to anyone else and even stating that "I wasn't the first person with a complaint like this today and would not be the last"..!!! I had spent over an hour on the line with people, and being a busy person, I did not have anymore time to talk with anyone else at this point and wouldn't know how to even express all that had happened again. (My son was also in surgery). I wish you could've heard the call and how unbelievable it was.

Ultimately, I felt that I did not matter to the company, that nothing I said was heard or made a difference and that I and my business did not matter. I spend only about $200 a month with them plus equipment... so more than $3, 000 a year just isn’t enough to be important to them. (single mother, 3 phone lines) Of course I am looking into going with a different company. With the economy the way it is, I cannot imagine that people like me don't matter to your company. I will be posting this on many websites as well as passing it along to everyone I know as a warning to them. I hope that if nothing else, this will help your customer service department in the future.

Sincerely, Tina (deleted for this posting).

terrible customer service

I quit Verizon. I loved the Fios (once I got it). The reason is I spent several hours getting tossed around like a ball in a 3 ring circus in what they call customer service. It was simply the worst so called customer service experience I have ever had in my 44 years on earth. I switched back to Time Warner Cable. They have Road Runner Turbo which is faster than DSL & their customer service Reps can handle any service they offer with great efficiency and Knowledge. I now have my home phone, Cable & Internet with them and could not be happier. Verizon just simply was not worth the time and aggravation. I say this in all honesty because I spent several hours a week on the phone with them for problems that could have been handled in less than 20 minutes. I would give their products a B average and their customer a D- average.

  • Ro
    Ron Riggio Apr 10, 2009

    I completely agree. Verizon has the worst customer service I've seen in my FIFTY-THREE years on earth. I have been trying to get my internet service fixed -- it's been out for a month! They have missed appointments on scheduled service (and I've taken time off work to wait for them), and it takes hours to even set up an appointment. So, four weeks and counting and I still have no service, but do have an appointment scheduled for next week (we'll see if they follow through). The sad thing is I would have switched to another service, but they are the only provider in our area.

    Verizon customer service simply sucks.

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  • Fr
    Frustrated Grandaughter Feb 10, 2010

    I am on my 3rd week trying to resolve a land-line problem with Verizon at my 97 year old grandfather’s house. When I told them that they needed to be sensitive to the fact that you need a land-line for 911 purposes when you have a 97 year old resident – there was no response – dead silence on the other end of ALL the conversations I have had with the endless amount of supposed CSR people who have PROMISED that I would be called by a manager within an hour! I have never had a manager call me. Verizon – SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!! Phones are an integral part of a safety system especially for the elderly. The lack of concern ALL of your CSR people have shown is appalling to me – just today I had one SCREAM at me and when I asked to speak to her supervisor, she hung up the phone. When I called back, once again was promised a manager would call me within an hour …. it’s been 8 hours. Three weeks, no resolution, no humanity. Verizon… you are why corporations have such an ugly stereo-type!

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  • Fu
    Futir Oct 07, 2010

    I am a long term Verizon Wireless customer who has been an advocate of your products until today 10-1-2010. This morning my Motorola Droid was dead after being fully charged. It was extremely inconveniencing as I use my phone as an alarm clock, and arrived late at work and then had to leave work to visit my Verizon store. (2531 S. Lapeer, Lake Orion, MI)

    My experience at the Verizon store was very frustrating and a waste of time. Dean informed me that they did not have any replacement Droids in stock and could ship a new phone by Tuesday 7 pm at the latest. My immediate response was that this was an unacceptable solution and from this point forward the customer service went downhill. I ask to talk to the manager and when Donna arrived she did not seem to care about the circumstances, I was told the best they could do was ship the phone. My question is why does it taking escalating the situation and numerous questions for the terms of replacement to improve?

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  • Si
    Simon W Dec 21, 2010

    On Dec. 9th I called Verizon and asked them to transfer my two phone lines from another carrier to Verizon FIOS and and add on internet service. I repeatedly asked whether the cables had already been put in the ground near my home (so as not to be held up when they can't dig because the ground is frozen). They assured me that it was and all that was needed was for a technician to come out and install the service. So we scheduled for Dec 21. Friday morning (Dec 17) they call to tell me ... they need to bury the line and that the ground is frozen. They suggested I cancel the FIOS order and apply to get DSL. After spending close to three hours on the phone, I was disconnected. All I had was a cancelled order. But Verizon failed to notify my old carrier NOT to drop my phone line. Monday morning (Dec 20) I exit my house in the morning and I find a Verizon van in front! They installed the cable on my premises. I go back inside to call Verizon to place another order to get the FIOS deal. A new order is created. Tuesday morning (Dec 21) I wake up to a discontinued phone number. My previous carrier had cancelled my service. Verizon doesn't recognize my new order ... So here I am hanging in space. Verizon has no customer service where a consumer can call and speak to a rep they've spoken to before. Every phone call is torture; pushing all the menu buttons - getting thru to the wrong departments - endlessly kept on hold! - the list goes on and on! The worst thing is not to be able to get a number of a person in authority to help!

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poor customer service

For the second time in two months, our phone has went out of order and it has taken them entirely to long to come and even fix it! The most recent time our phone went out the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and as of June 3rd, 2008 it still hasnt been repaired. When I called the women said that they would have a technician come out June 13th, and after a somewhat heated exchange she was kind enough to move it up to June 10th which is completley unexceptable!! What kind of birdbrains is runing this operation? As soon as I can get AT&T or any other phone service provider to hook up a phone line, you know what you can do with your service? Or more appropriatly you lack of service! Thank you for nothing ... You can write me a letter since you are unable to call me because clearly our phone is unworking again! Surprise Surprise. My case number with public service agaisnt Verizon is 4528. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!

my bad experience

After a five week ordeal w/techs to try and fix my USB broadband card, I contacted customer service to adjust my bill! Keep in mind that in one day I had 238 min. on one set of calls that dropped 3 times. Now remember you only get credit for ONE min. on dropped calls. This is a direct line to verizon techs [protected]) and [protected]). I was instructed by verizon techs to use these numbers to for calls to continue with the same tech. so I didn't have to start all over again with another (that only happened 7 different times...on *611 ya... you know 20min to connect 20min to explain the problem and then 40min~80min for the new tec. to read out of his/her book of trouble shooting. Not solving the problem.)

Anyway to make long story short, I finely got a tech that was able to fix the problem!!!(Thanks again BELTON, #4601)----replacing the USB720 GO FIGURE. At this time I had in 3wks (40hrs) of my time involved.

Well, now get this, the first replacement (like 80% of verizon employee's) didn't WORK!!!

Because verizon was out of USB720’s (rebuilt) I was giving an UM150.It works fine. (Again the short version) this took 2wks. For the UM150 to find me and my computer.

Most people would have giving up by now and I think that’s what verizon banks on.(I mean BANKS the "noun" as in deposits)

That’s the ground, now comes the insanity. BILLING!!!

First the cell ph., because I went over my minutes using the 866&800 numbers talking w/verizon techs(238min in one day)Per verizon employee’s. This resulted in $20+ on my bill. It took over an hour to *** of my bill. The reason I was given by a verizon supervisor for not being able to *** the charge was "it was my choice to call those numbers (866, 800) instead of *666 woopsssss!!! I mean *611 number. The credit, after some rather intense langue was given.

Now the USB broadband. I was given a 77.6% credit for not being able use the USB720 for over 2 months. The key word "USE». That means when I want to for more than 7min at a time. And not just at curtain times during the day.

Keep in mind I had over 40hrs w/techs and the new UM150 works just fine.

Again I was told by the verizon supervisor “I can’t give you credit for time you used the USB720"

I told her again that 90% of the usage was with a verizon TECH tiring to fix a verizon problem.

What Part of USAGE could she NOT GET!

Thank You corporate America for taking our money and providing such great service!

And remember were not happy until your unhappy.

fraud and cheating

I received a letter from afni collections saying I owe on a cell phone I never had... they say it happened in jan of 2000, at the time I had a girlfriend nicole curry... she stole my social security # and my daughters birthdate to get one... I never starting using alltel until 2003 when i met my husband and even then I was not the primary, the phone was in his name. When i talked with alltel they said in feb of 2001 a woman called them and said i was in the hospital. (It was not me) I plan on going to the police about this as well...

  • Ja
    Jamie Aug 26, 2008

    I received a phone call last night, 8-25-08, stating that I owe on an Alltel account that I have never had. The caller stated that the account was opened in October of 2002. During this time I was the victim of identity theft by a roommate who stole my credit cards and created over $900.00 debt in my name. A police report was filed and a fraud investigation was conducted. If this person also opened the Alltel account in my name he did so without my knowledge and could not possibly have been able to provide proof of his identify. I am contesting these charges and request an explanation as to why collection on this six year old account is just now being initiated. Something about this just doesn't sound right. Is someone attempting to collect fictitious debts under the guise of Alltel or is Alltel attempting to collect fictitious debts?

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  • Ch
    Cherie Baker Oct 07, 2008

    I bought a battery from the N. Canton store for my razor phone about 3 wks ago. The service guy broke the clip to hold the battery in. He taped the phone together and sent me on my way even though I argued the phone was not damaged when i brought it into the store. I cannot charge my battery now. It loses the charge fast and I cannot recieve text or downloads due to this problem and I want the phone /problem fixed, is that too much to ask? I am very upset with this company's employees- they are always in the right is the impression they give to the customer!

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  • Al
    Albert Mar 02, 2009

    We transferred two lines to an existing Alltel account in Oct 07. One of the lines we bought a Wafer phone and purchased the equipment insurance as extra protection.

    In May 08 the Wafer phone died. We returned it to the Alltel store. We were informed that it could not be repaired. Alltel then replaced the Wafer with a remanufactured flip phone that has no extra features and isn't even offered on Alltels sales floor (it is an older model no longer offered).

    We told them at the time we bought the extra equipment insurance we were told the phone would be replaced with the same model or if the model was out of stock a current model with the same features. Alltel then resonded that a '3rd party' handled the equipment insurance and Alltel had no say in what phone they replaced the broken one with.

    When we asked about sending the Wafer back to the manufacturer under the manufacturers warranty we were informed that we could do that but the turn time could be several months (with no guarantee that they could/would fix it because they may say it was abused) and during the wait no loner phone would be offered.

    We asked to upgrade but Alltel told us we would have to pay full retail because we were still under contract.

    We've decided to just pay the $200 extortion fee and go with another carrier. We decided to do this not only due to the poor customer service but the flat out lies told by their local sales people. Alltel sucks.

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alltel telephone service

Alltel customer service is so frustrating. I moved due to work and am not living in Front Royal. Alltel ha...

collection on my credit report

on my credit report (equifax, and have listed a collection account in the name of roberta braussard for a verizon res. home phone o/stand bill for $291+.. this is not me.  i am georgina r. broussard, 8 davids isl. rd. wey. mass 02191 please remove, NOW!!!

activation fee charges

I visited Aloha Cellular in Kihei and I was new to the Island. My wife and I had no means to connect to the internet and we needed to for employment purposes. When we went to Aloha cellular we were introduced to a product by Verizon wireless. It was an internet card which boasts high speed internet access for a monthly fee of $59.99. The product was presented by an employee, and that there was a 2year commitment which we had no problem as long as the product worked. The employee was very friendly and we made the mistake of putting our trust in the employee when signing the contract. This is definitely a lesson to be learned to not sign until you read everything. We asked if there was anything to the contract other than the service being 59.99 per month and if there were any other charges to which the sales person told us that there were no other charges. So we just signed the agreement and were on our way.
We should have done our homework because the internet card accesses dial up only which is very slow not high speed as advertised. Also the connection is very poor where we live. Out of the four bars you should receive on the signal we had two bars. Only once in a blue moon we had three bars.
My wife had experienced disconnects on the internet as well as very very very slow connection to websites.
Since we were waiting for our cable to get connected, we also tried watching episodes of tv on the internet. What a disaster. to watch a half hour episode of a tv program we would have to view the program for at least an hour and a half. The video constantly froze every five to ten seconds for an average of one to two minutes.
The only thing we feel we could use the service for was checking our e-mail. We also tried to work with Aloha cellular and told them of the problem we were having and the associate agreed with us. She had said that her internet was slow as well and that she would look into it and get back to us although she never did get back to us. When I called back I told her that we were just tired of the frustration and we just wanted to return it because we did not feel that the product was performing to the potential as advertised.
She said that we were within the thirty days and feel free to return the product.
I returned the product and had to call verizon to cancel the service and spoke with technical support who wanted to assist me to fix the problem but I told him that I had already returned the product and there was too much frustration and I just wanted to cancel the service. He told me that this was fine and that there would be a statement in the mail showing a zero balance just to show the end of this service.
In a few days I did receive a statement in the mail. There was no zero balance. The statement shows a balance of 87 dollars and change. Verizon Wireless is charging me an activation fee of $126.00 minus the credit of 59.99 for my initial payment.
What the sales associate conveniently did not disclose to me that was in the contract was that: if for any reason after three days of taking on this service and terminating the service early you will be charged the activation fee.
Now, if I were just ending the service early without a reason I understand and would accept the activation fee. But more importantly if this were disclosed to me at the beginning I would have never signed up for this service to begin with.
We did try to use the service for one month but were so frustrated that we gave up.
Again if the service worked we would have kept it even though it is priced pretty high.
I just think it is poor business practice to not disclose something that can be explained in a few seconds but, I guess you try to avoid something that will cost you a sale even if it's doing the right thing.
And if you have an inferior product how dare you try and charge a customer for activation fee for something that doesn't work as you advertise it.
Again I have no problem with paying for the activation fee if I canceled the service with no reason for cancellation. But when the product is not working properly I think that there should be no charge for activation when the service is poor.
Frank Sears

  • Ja
    Jamie Nov 15, 2008

    I have the internet card from verizon and it has been nothing but trouble. At first when i got the card... my internet was fast but, for some reason every three months or so it stops reading the usb card and I have to call verizon and they send me a new one.. verizon has the worst customer service too, they are always rude and try to somehow link the problem to something I have done. Why in the world would I want to call verizon every three months to get a new usb card? Also I just received a new card yesterday and my internet is the slowest I have ever seen. Its slower then dial up. I'm suppose to pay sixty dollars a month for this crap?

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  • In
    inja Jan 23, 2010

    I signed up for a verizon wireless internet card some time in May 2009, This card hardly worked, I spent more tome calling their technical services than using the card, In some months I used 0 minutes because I could not connect, After I got tired calling them I stopped making payments with the hope of getting some attention, when they finally called, I offered to pay for the months where they was at least one connection and not pay for those I could not sign in, they refused my offer, I paid off the balance including $150 in early termination fees, I hated paying this fee but looking back, its the best value for money I ever got, I will never have to deal with Verizon ever again, My advice to anyone looking for such servicesnVerizon wireless shuld not be considered, they are rude and will reap you off

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impossible to get tech support from a live person

I am the pbx vendor for the econolodge hotel on 7300 W. Broad St. in Richmond, VA where they have verizon DSL. I have called several verizon numbers in an attempt to get a simple question answered, but all I get is automated attendants. Verizon wireless is also pathetic. As a vendor I support around 250 hotels in the tri-state area and you can rest assure that as soon as someone new and more reliable than cavalier comes around I will direct all of my customers to them for voice and data services.

won't pay for damage irrigation system

After agreeing to pay for damaging my irrigation system due to their inept FIOS installers, Verizon reneged...

scam billing

I have been a customer of Verizon for over 30 years. My birth date is 2/8/42 and unfortunately, I am a senior...

piece of junk blackberry pearl

I would like to convey how disappointed in Verizon Wireless. A few months ago I purchased the blackberry pearl. Since DAY ONE I have had nothing but trouble with the piece of JUNK. I have a list of calls to your tech support and customer service a MILE long, I have done all the software upgrades and changes they have suggested... I am know moving onto my THIRD Pearl...

The piece of junk deletes my call logs and text messages on it's own. I have to take the battery out every night, they said this would help... it DOESN'T! I called last night and spent an hour on the phone with 4 different people... the only thing they will do to resolve the issue is send me ANOTHER PEARL! I don't want another PIECE of CRAP... I want a different style that WORKS and does not DELETE my data! I even said I was willing to DOWNGRADE... they still won't help me. What does it take for Verizon to make customers happy? I have never been so disappointed in Verizon, I have been a long time customer and currently have 4 lines with you. I will email and post this on every website I can find. I will let everyone know what a piece of CRAP you are selling and how you won't stand behind your customer when you sell them a SUB PAR PRODUCT!

  • Ki
    Kimberly Jul 21, 2008

    I actually had the same problem with verizon wireless. When I attempted to change for the third time I got a really nice customer service representative who advised me when you change your from for the third time you actually get a "upgrade" of the phone you have. So they gave me a blackberry curve for free and I did not even need to extend my contract.

    Sometimes I believe it is just the people you deal with when you call to verizon. I am one of the lucky ones who always get the "nice" ones.

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  • Am
    Amanda Oct 16, 2008


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  • La
    Landy Nov 06, 2009

    My Blackberry Pearl did the same would delete all my messages by itself and the scroll ball doesnt work to depress it i have to press the enter key everytime and its just an alround piece of crap!! So finally it stopped working and a large battery symbol came on the screen with a line throught the battery, I brought it in to the phone company that I bought it from, they took it apart and said that i got it wet because of that little ### white paper!! I think its completely insane that Blackberry wont replace this phone so now i have to buy another phone to replace it!! SO PISSED!

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  • Li
    LizzieJ Feb 26, 2010

    I am having problems with my Blackberry Pearl too. I got it back in November and it acted fine the first week. Then it started getting slower and slower. Well, a few months ago it started turning off on its own and deleting memos and dates from my calender. The battery is a peice of crap and only stays charged for about 5-8 hours! Today it died and I tried to charge it tonight and it stared ringing and I cant answer the stupid thing! The whole keypad is locked and nothing I do works! I hate this phone and this company!

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scam charges

For the last 3 months, I have been charged 5.99 several times each month for a premium axcess purchase called...

terrible service!

You think buying from Alltel is bad?? Well let me tell ya... try working for them. I'm sure it can't be like this everywhere or they'd have absolutely NO employees left. I once worked for Alltel. Reason I'm submitting this is to just give you an insiders look at what conditions these sales reps work under.

As an alltel employee... you are required to be damn near perfect in everything you do... mistakes are not allowed. You must be expected to work very long hours and have very little time with your family (mind you, we are told that Alltel is a family oriented company). You work short staffed for most of the time you are employed which means... even less time to spend with family. You are threatened with termination each and every day. You are 'held responsible and accountable' each and every day and reminded of this several times throughout the day.

You are lucky if you get to eat a lunch, grab a drink or even use the restroom. You are expected to hold every customer for at least ten minutes and try to sell them everything under the sun... even a 'regular' just paying a bill gets the third degree each and every month.

You have so much internal stress that you go home to your family after an 9-12 hour day at work and can't relax... you're worried about what you might have forgotten to do that day and will be wrote up the next day about. You are not allowed to voice your opinion... if you do... expect a write up because eventually it will come.

I loved my job... did very well at it in fact. Was the top sales rep in my store each and every month. Had customers who loved me and a few that hated me. That's sales and I dealt with it. Unethical practices made me start to hate my job. Upon every activation, you are 'encouraged' to apply both text messaging as well as mobile web services to gain the data quota required. You are to 'explain and demonstrate' to every customer what you have just slammed their account with.

Then, you are to remind them that next month... they need to call and remove the feature themselves or they will be billed for it. We are not however, expected to explain to them that even though the promotion is first month free... they will still be billed a pro-rated amount for those 'free' features.

So, in comes my customer that I spent a good deal of time with gaining confidence and trust... madder than a hornet because the bill is no where near what they anticipated. FRUSTRATING for both the customer and the sales rep. With the emphasis on data... we are expected to push the data enhanced phones such as the Treo, etc. even though in my area where I sold, those phones do not perform well and had low reception. For telling my customers the truth... I was, of course, given a 'record of converstation' to be put in my permanent file.

Lastly... our managers. They walk around the store greeting customers and detaining them but not really helping them or the sales reps do much of anything. I'm sure not all managers are like this... but mine sure was.

By the time I'd get a customer who had been waiting for some time... there was no way in h*ll I was gonna offer him/her a $90.00 bluetooth device or ask him/her to add on text messaging. Generally, it was all I could do to even obtain a HI or smile from that customer who stood there for 40 minutes wanting to know how to set up voicemail and the manager just blew off.

I could go on and on for hours... but the moral of the story is... we're human too. We're treated like crap and are expected to do things that go above and beyond. As you go into your local Alltel store mad and upset... please remember that these sales reps are under alot of stress. They are pretty good people... God, you'd have to be damn near a saint to work there... and they are trying to make a living. Be a bit sympathetic... and given the right relationship, I'd wager to say 99% of them will bend over backwards to help you in anyway possible...

constant billing issues!

Had FIOS for almost a year now, had to call at least 4 times during this time for billing errors. First they...

not what I expected after all the hype

I switched from Comcast to Verizon in December 2007. The install was easy and painless and the technicians were here when promised. The main reason I went with Comcast was the difference in price - much lower than Comcast for the phone, internet and TV. I also liked the "Free TV" offer, even if it is only a 19 incher - it will be fine for my computer. However, it is now 5 months since the date of installation and no TV and also a very poor selection of HD channels. Comcast has them beat in this area - I am currently watching the Stanley Cup playoffs on Versus, which is NOT available in HD on Verizon. I also agree with the other complaints posted regarding customer service. It is non-existant on the weekends. God Forbid you lose your internet or cable on a Saturday - you're out of luck. If I had it to do over again, I would have stayed with Comcast and accepted the deal they finally offered me after they learned I was leaving. Do your research if you are considering the Verizon television service. They seem to be overwhelmed and not prepared to handle their existing customers, let alone new ones.

stranger can change my contract?

My son gave his girlfriend a phone on his Verizon family plan to cut communication costs. She is in Nebraska, he is in Houston or on the east coast or where ever his job takes him. This phone plan is in my name in Texas and I’m the one who has to make plan changes with my password, pin, presence or whatever. While my son was in North Carolina, this woman went to a mall, traded in the phone and changed the plan to a 2-year plan. This was in November. We didn’t find out till March when my son tried to cancel her phone because she has cost him/me a fortune in downloads. March was the original one-year contract date. Everyone at Verizon that we have talked to says there is nothing they can do about this fraud except pay them to cancel her phone. Her name is nowhere on the contract or in the records so why was she allowed to do this? And what can I do about it? I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer since they were GTE and analog. Where’s the loyalty? Does this mean a complete stranger can go into any Verizon store and change anyone’s contract?

  • Ja
    jake halk Nov 02, 2008

    I don't see how this is legal. I know people that work in the industry and all have told me that the person who holds the account is the ONLY one who can make changes. If what you said is true then, legally you should not have to pay then to cancel that phone.

    A few years ago I was with AT&T. I purchased a real expensive phone for $50. I of course had to do a 2 year contract. Well before the 2 years was up I had canceled my account. AT&T charged me an early termination fee. I called them thinking that I was past the 2 years but found out I wasn't. They did tell me though that they could not find my signature on the contract. It was thought that the person that signed me up did something wrong and lost my paperwork. They told me that since my signature could not be found that the contract was void, they returned my money, I kept the phone, and I canceled my account.

    Long story short, If they did something wrong, they can't hold you accountable for it.

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  • Sc
    Scott Nov 20, 2008

    Other people can be added to the account, referred to as a "Full access contact" to make changes, sign contracts, add new lines, etc. If a persons name appears on the account and they can identify a password, that's all we need and move along

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  • Co
    Complainer Nov 30, 2008

    If you dispute independently you get nowhere...class action suits need to be filed, but what do you get in the end? The lawyers at least get millions.

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  • Yo
    youngboi85 May 27, 2010

    VZW Employee Scott apparently does not know how to read. "Her name is nowhere on the contract or in the records so why was she allowed to do this? And what can I do about it? I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer since they were GTE and analog. Where’s the loyalty? Does this mean a complete stranger can go into any Verizon store and change anyone’s contract?" And your answer is no, they should not be able to change anything, but far too often, they do not verify. I have called and given information about my account, and they would not help me because of my name, Darcey. They ended up suspending my phone because a suspicious male called in and was trying to commit fraud, and after spending over an hour at the store, they finally had it turned it back on, and stated that it was not Verizon's mistake. 6 months later, I had went into a store and purchased a car charger, and why they ask for your number is unknown to me, but the following month, I had a charge on my account for an additional line. No one knew how it happened, or would do anything about it. I ended up having to call the police, filing a report, and when the receipt was pulled up, there was no signature, and it was ordered over the phone. Way to go Verizon. The best was that it was shipped 4 states away in Ohio. No where near my home address. It took over 6 hours on the phone with Verizon to have them credit the charges and not to charge the ETF. Really? Are they that dumb to think that I would randomly send a phone to an unknown person? Thanks!

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