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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - lies, lies and more lies

As I have noticed there are several pages of complaints about Verizon FIOS. I entered into a contract in November of 2006. I was promised a fee TV and $100 for a refer a friend. I received the TV...

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Feb 25, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - alltel pre-paid steals unused balance

I purchased a pre-paid phone from Wal-Mart in town. I bought it as a back up to my other cell, which is a different carrier but with inferior coverage in this area. Alltel has a near monopoly on the cell phone market in this rural area and they know it.

I put $20 on the Alltel phone back in December '08. I rarely use the phone, I just want it as a backup in case of signal loss on my other phone.

I was assured by the sales rep in Wal-Mart (all sales reps lie, I know) and by the phone reps at Alltel (again, liars) that I would always have access to my money/minutes.

If I didn't actually use the minutes, my money would be waiting for me. I would only get charged for actual used minutes.

That is a lie.

They will turn off the phone, regardless of how much you haven't used, after a certain time period. It does not matter how many minutes you actually use, it is the time limit that really matters.

Of course, that is hidden, minimized, avoided, and only when you can't get at your money will they harp on it.

If you ask for a hard copy of this policy, you are told to read it online. If you ask what do people without internet do, you are told, seriously, to go to the public library.

Where you can sit next to a paedophile who is surfing *** on your tax dime. Because librarians are so over-addicted to "free" speech without any limits, they think they're supposed to allow it, and even defend it, or it'll mean they're disloyal to what the 1st Amendment "really" means. But I digress.

I asked can I get a copy where I bought the phone (seems reasonable)? No, either go to the Alltel store or go online. That's it.

Then, they hang up. If you are still trying to understand how it is they can keep your money without you getting what you paid for, they won't help.

The ESL operators at the Alltel customer service center, which they all insisted is in America, are: Tina, Meg, Shereen, Dana, Mary and several with names I simply could not spell if I tried.

The moral of my story: don't buy a pre-paid phone that has ANY time limits on it and you must ask that question bluntly, repeatedly and you must insist on seeing it in writing.

In these tough times, Alltel has stolen the original balance remaining of $16 and now the $20 I paid on a refill card that I had to spend to pay their ransom so they will "rollover" the original balance.

If I had any real choice, trust me, I'd hurry and use up the time I paid for and then go get a different pre-paid.

But the only other pre-paid I can get out here is Tracfone. I understand from several people that they are terrible.

So it *** to be an Alltel pre-paid phone user. This is why I'm keeping my original cell and I will NEVER sign a contract with Alltel.

Trying reading next time.

One thing you did wrong - bought a cell phone at wal-mart. They are NOT good cell reps, and I wish cell phone companies would quit letting them sell.

It is stated in the pre-paid agreement the minimum amounts you must on a pre-paid phone for it to remain in use.

if you put $100 down that will keep the phone active for 1 year.

The minimum amount in my area is $10 every 2 months. If you don't put at least $10 on the phone every two months the phone will be deactivated.

You had just experienced the grand customer service of Walmart.

Any decent Alltel Agent or Retail Store will explain to you in detail how the system works. There are time limits depending on the amount you add, just like a tracfone has 3months unless you get a year card.

Also, and I can say this with most certainty, customer service on the phone is just as bad as the service at Walmart. Youre best bet is to forget it ever happened, go to a retail store, or a different agent. Yes, you will probably pay more for equipment...but at least you'll get explainations and customer service out of the deal.

Take it from an agent ;)

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - installation

I ordered Verizon Fios. They said to call 48 hours for my approval to install the system starting from the side walk. I called daily for a week and stayed home for 6 hours for Verizon to come out and show me where they were going to install the fiber line. They never showed up. After a week the arrived without approval and cut up my driveway and a side walk on the side of my house. When I came home I saw the mess. I am in the process of fighting Verizon to replace my driveway and side walk. No planning or communication. Verizon has been a terrible experience!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - overcharges

I pay my bill for my wireless telephone, through Verizon Wireless, in full every time. In turn, each bill carries some forwarded balance from a previous billing cycle. I've called asking about this and every time, I get nonsensical, indecipherable runarounds from each person with whom I speak. My monthly service charge is supposed to be $60.00 per month. Rather, I am charged around $200.00 per month. This is highway robbery. I have requested a full detailing of all calls made and received and, guess what?!? There were countless incoming calls from a
999-9999 non-existent caller for which I was charged! Many other numbers I did not recognize. I KNOW that they are overcharging me every single month, but I have a contract that is still valid; however, as soon as it expires, I'm finding a new wireless company. I HATE being ripped off, especially by these mega-corporations that make too much money for breaking every law and ethical standard!


I canceled my internet services two months ago. The first time I tried to cancel, the person put my services on "vacation" which I was still getting charged for. They then had to charge me to reinstate my services to then cancel them again. They then charged me 49.99 to cancel my services. Verizon then kept charging my credit card with the promise of eventually paying me back. I got another bill today for $19.01 after having my service canceled for 2 months. I tried to call to dispute the bill but have only been hung up on and put on hold. This whole situation has been taking entirely too long to resolve and no one seems competent enough to solve my issues.

I am having the same problem. I got charge $7 Dollars a minutes to call from Taiwan for total of 600 dollars for about 70 minutes, just because the operator I spoke during the sign-up process forgot to include my internation plan. Before I changed to verizon, one of the worst mistake I made, I was paying 7 cents a minute for almost 2 years with CableVision - I am now switching back. Anyway, well, I am not sure how far Verizon wants to take this but I am willing to go the court to fight this. Even though I'm afraid that they probably have the court in their pocket.

anyway, what bull is that? and what fees are those? and What scam are they running? I can't believe it. $7 dollars a minute? how do they come up with this prices?

I had the same problem and I am finally free of them! I hope your contract ends soon. The funny part is they will call you and send you things on what they could do to get you back as a customer. What I did was sent them a long list of things they could do to get me back as a customer. Haven't heard from them since.

Feb 11, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - horrible customer service!

Recently, I noticed my internet bill being higher than usual. Somehow upgrades were added to the account. Ok. I can understand that things happen, maybe I added something or my son did, but try to get it rectified. Have you called the service numbers given lately? Do you connect with anyone in the United States? The answer is no. And these "experts" never have the right answer and when they get confused they send you to a "supervisor" that NEVER answers the phone. Their customer service stinks. I can't believe this company is still in business. If everyone cancelled them they would answer the phone. That's what you get for $ 2.00 per hour. Cancel them!

Feb 09, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - scam and cheating

First of all, I was not informed by a Dale Mabry Verizon employee that my apartment wasn't actually able to get Verizon Fios TV, so the day of my appointment, a Direct TV employee showed up and kindly informed us that this happens OFTEN where Verizon hasn't informed the client they'd get Direct TV instead- yeah: a dish. I did not want this hence going to VERIZON.

So I was already disappointed with the deception and the fact that I would have to use a dish. I didn't want this so I called Verizon to cancel. They said I'd also have to call Direct TV directly to cancel that. I did so even though Direct TV in turn told me Verizon could and should do this cancellation, but they went ahead and completed that for me.

A month later I received a phone bill from verizon. My boyfriend called to make sure it was canceled and to remind them we already did this. Someone told him 'it'll all be taken care of'

Well, 2 months later we get ANOTHER bill stating I owe $288 dollars for the phone service that we never even plugged a phone into. After waiting on hold for 45 minutes and being transfered to 3 different departments, I spoke to the 3rd shift manager who was useless and only brought me to yelling and so much frustration because she said my boyfriend wasn't authorized so he couldn't make changes, although I think a 27 year old man would understand if someone told him 'you're not authorized'. I would have immediately called afterwards and taken care of it. The only solution I got out of her was to finally cancel it and add him on in case he needed to follow up.

He went to the actual store we originally went to and they said he actually wasn't an authorized user still. So they accomplished NOTHING. I now have to call AGAIN and wait on hold for hours (too bad we all work during the day and they decide to not have regular managers on during those hours I actually have time to call them) to make sure they don't charge me for this.

Not once did a Verizon tech come out to my apartment, and not once did I buy and plug in a phone to use, which even though they said they couldn't I know they can track and see what, if any, phone calls were made. So there is NOTHING I should be charged for. I will pay someone else to make sure I don't have to pay Verizon's fees because the principle is so messed up and incorrect. DO NOT GET ENTANGLED WITH THIS RIP-OFF OF A SERVICE!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - 30 day free trial

Tried Verizon Wireless 30 day free trial in September 2008. Returned phone to same store it was purchased from within three weeks. When the phone was returned, asked what was owed and was informed nothing -- just as the ad implies. Received a refund for the phone and services originally billed. Seemed good.

SInce then, I have received months of bills for wireless service on a phone that was returned and credited. Multiple calls to Verizon result in different explanations each time for being billed. (Along with some credit being applied.)

Result to date, Verizon wants to charge me $150 - to cover the three weeks I had the phone and for service the month after returning the phone. What part of free 30 day trial does this fit into?

Requested a supervisor contact me, since I also maintain a business wireless account with Verizon. Nothing. No returned calls. In fact, Verizon is sending the account to collections. (For a 30 day free trial.) Will continue to dispute the charge. Also moving my business phone service to another carrier.

I am facing the same issue. Within a few hours of the so-called 'free trial 30-days' during April-May 2017, I asked to disconnect Verizon's services due to extremely slow internet. Even then they are trying to collect from me $ 158 in the name of phone number portability. I'll have to fight out the case in Fair Consumer Practices, AARP, and other government agencies fighting for US citizens against bad business practices by Verizon.

I was exploring if Verizon Wireless would give me better service than my current carrier on International Calling.

So I went to the local Verizon Store- and after discussion with a sales associate decided that I would get the "test ride" of 30 days. I obtained the phone on October 13, and did not have to sign a contract because my credit card was going to be charged the amount in escrow- "to be returned in full" if I was dissatisfied with Verizon service.
First: I could not even receive calls from my international clients on the phone, and, I never used the phone to call out! The only thing I did to charge the phone up.
Second: I received my first bill from Verizon ( invoice dated October 19) seeking monthly access charge of $136.76, wireless "surcharges" etc. and taxes etc. for a total bill of $184.88. I took this bill with me to the store on October 24 when I went to return the phone. The bill was due on November 14th. The sales associate at the counter said not to worry, I was going to get the full refund since I was not happy with the international coverage.
Third: A new invoice dated October 23, with $184.88 due immediately, and an early termination fee charge of $177.92, and a credit of (-) $99.26 monthly access charge etc. totaling a bill for $260.76 (of which $75.66 was due by November 18)!
Fourth: I took this new invoice, the past invoice and a refunded-credit card receipt back to the store yesterday at about 6.45PM.

I waited for 22 minutes even after registering .l 45 minutes later, close to 7.15PM- with three people now behind the counter and the manager of the store saying that she did not like my tone of voice- I walked out;

I am looking at a long and protracted, wasteful series of correspondence given what I have read from other consumers writing about this on you site!

Dave: The exact same thing happened to me; I'm still trying to resolve in collections, and planning to go to small claims court. Do you have any old documentation of the offer that I might get from you? Best, Christina

30 day trial allows you to return the phone for refund of the phone price and waiver of the early termination fee. You must pay for the service you used. It would be crazy for them to allow you free service for three weeks. You didn't owe anything at the store because you bill hadn't generated.

Again, for the third time, you may not have signed a contract by pen and ink, but when you activated the phone you did, I repeat, YOU DID sign electronically. The thirty day period is absolutely under the promise of use it, you don't like it you can port your number out and cancel the contract but you must pay any usage charges. PAY THE BILL. You owe it and i'm sick to death of all of my bills going up up up to pay for all the deadbeats out there.

Yep - same trick used on me - except it took from June 07 to Feb 09 to receive first collections notice.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - fraud promotion terrible customer service

I applied online deal of triple bundle for Verizon Fios TV+ Internet+Telephone for $99 +Two months free + $25 Target gift card. I chose Basic TV channels since I barely watch TV. The technician did not appear on the scheduled visit, called the customer service. The customer service agent told me they did not have my application record, and apologize for my loss of time. She offered me $95 per month instead of $99 as a compensation for my loss. She also suggested me to upgrade the TV frokm basic channel to premium free of charge with DVR rental free. This deal was good enough to compensate my loss that I had to take one day off from the work to wait for the technician, so I took it. However when I received my bill with contract, I found that what she offered me was not reflected on the bill. They even charged for the premium channels which was given without my asking. I kept calling customer service, and repeatedly heard they did not have $95/month at all. Finally I could talk to a supervisor who was aware of the deal more than three months of the initiation of the service. The supervisor told me that the deal was not for Massachusetts residents, it was for New Hampshire residents. The agent who offered me the deal did not know about it since she was a new hire. What he could do was to give me two-months credit back to my account for the "two months free" part of the deal but could not correct the bill based on the information what I heard when I took the offer. I insisted because the new hire's mistake should be attributed to Verizon, not to me. They refused to correct my bill based on the initial offer, and I keep hearing different story from them. They even could not find the deal of "Target gift card" and said I claimed incorrect and unreliable information. After long arguement over the contract, they partially disconnected the service (long distant telephone first and then internet since they knew I did not watch TV), and I called them to correct the bill again hoping somebody would listen to me. Same thing with different people. They seem like to have some sort of stonewalling rule to deal with customer over issues of bill. A guy even laughed at my English accent. The agent told me they would disconnect the service and early termination fee would not be charged because it was canceled by them. However, it turned out to be another fraud. I thought the last issue with them was for the device because they charged me for the device I returned. I sent letter with receipt to them including collection agency. They did not asnwer to my letteter. They ignored a series of my letters and reported to credit bureau. I spent weeks to prove that I sent the device, and finally I could prove that I returned the device. Now they say the remaining balance was for the early termination fee. I think I cannot leave this issue any more. I have been bothered by this company for long time and discouraged myself to fight against them further because it will take huge amount of time and effort. However, I think I cannot let it go. If this company can behave this way to me, then they could do the same thing to any body. I will gather all possible resources and help to fight against Verizon. If you have similar experience, please email at [protected]

Hope for better business with respect.

They are awful, I was promised a $200 Visa gift card after re-signing a 2-year contract. Now they say it was not on my order even after I confirmed it one month in. You can find similar stories all over the internet. May 2016 cannot come fast enough, I will not give them another dime.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - billing for services I never ordered; billing for services not installed yet

Verizon set us up with a new phone/internet package with my very clear condition that a) they could only charge us for the price they quoted on the phone (no long-distance, no extras) and b) that they would only start charging after we had disconnected from our other provider, two weeks from my call date.

They started charging us immediately, and all 5 of the complaint calls I made and the 2 emails were completely ignored. They also added on the extras we hadn't ordered. We eventually decided they were much too sketchy to work with, and have been trying to completely cancel all our services (the ones they haven't started yet, but charge for!) all week, but they don't answer the cancellation line. I've been on hold for 20 mins. and longer the last 3 days. They didn't answer my cancellation emails either. Next step is letter through the slow mail, FCC and BBB complaints, and maybe small claims court.

I thought Charter was bad, but at least they answer the phone! No comparison with customer service. They're worth the extra money.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - service

Horrible, horrible customer service and continual problems with internet service. Verizon did not process the initial written order request for two phone lines which resulted in days and days of calls with no resolution. Finally, after 8 calls and still problems, the second phone line for the fax got up and running. The installation caused my security system to get knocked off line, and despite the installer coming out a second time, he could not see what the problem was, so no resolution or help. I had to pay my security company $80 to reconnect, which was caused by Verizon's misunderstaning of installation. Then internet was running slower than it had than with Comcast, could not get web browsers to work, or internet to work. After about 20 calls, with numerous disconnects, talking with zombie like customer service reps, with every call a different theory about what they thought was wrong, telling me to call Dell, telling me I should not be having a problem and was basically crazy. I told them they need to do a DNS reset (based on our Microsoft friend who had the same problem with Verizon), and they treated me like I was crazy. Later that day, after 2.5 hours of me and my husband on the phone for help, still only partial resolution after talking to 3 techs. I got a surprise call out of the blue from a Verizon tech later, who finally got the system to work by, guess what, clearing the DNS cache. ipconfig /flushdns. It finally works now that I have just this morning ordered the switch back to Comcast. I asked 4 times to file a written complaint and they tell me they do not accept written complaints! Chest pain and high blood pressure, tears, frustration, loss of work productivity and paying extra to have their installation mess fixed! I see how their customer service is number one because no one can file a complaint!

It all started this summer. Comcast offered me cable, voice, internet at a significant savings from verizon. I signed the contract. went on vacation. told them i would call when i got back to make an appointment to install the service. While I was on vacation--someone, not me took my phone number from verizon. I came home from vacation and my phone was no longer available. OK. Comcast was coming soon. was told by verizon that comcast asked for it. Comcast said no. Ok. about 10 days later I lost cable and internet. I still did not have an appointment iwth comcast to install services. So I had not called verizon to cancel. After many wireless minutes (over run) over several days i finally got my service from verizon back on until comcast could get there. I told verizon that i wanted a month to month contract because i was switching. OK. Comcast came out and installed everything except my original phone no. because no one had it. Still trying to get it. Verizon says that i owe a $200 early termination fee because the phone was taken and changed the contract. They had a verbal confirmation, that they could not access but would send to me via gmail. Still have not gotten it. it has been almost a month. I am hoping that it has all been sorted out (except for the phone no.) Supposedly there is NO ONE IN THE COMPANY that can cancel the early termination fee? I gave them a chance to match what comcast was giving me but they didn't want to retain me as a customer. Where is my phone no.?

This 'service' is beyond unacceptable. Saturday 2pm the TV service went out, called in, was transferred 3 times, got tech support, they were unable to get it to reset. Called back and got transferred 3 times again, then to another tech support person, also unable to reset the signal. Told me I had to be transferred to get an order number and then bring the top box to the nearest store to exchange it. Got transferred to billing who didn't know anything about an order for an exchange. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Brandon (around 4pm) in billing stated "You don't need to talk to a supervisor. Titles don't mean anything. We all have the same training". When I asked again to speak to a supervisor Brandon gave me an 800 number for tech support and hung up. I called back and got a service person named Dave. He told me to go to the store to exchange the top box, I didn't need any order for that. I went to the store and they asked for my order number. The store person did exchange the box, told me to let it set up and gave me a 'direct' service number to call if the set up took more than an hour. After an hour of stalled set up I called the service number and was asked for my activation code. No...I was not given any activation code and there was no code on the invoice/receipt from the store. boot...I got an email at 445 asking me to confirm my order for 2 dvd rentals at $16 didn't order any dvd rentals. The last guy told me there was someone scheduled to come out to my home to fix the problem on Monday...funny...I work on Monday...I wonder when they were planning on coming to my have no other information from Fios. I will be filing a formal complaint to Fios and the BBB and Consumer Affairs. Beware their bad service!


Jan 31, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - overcharged

Earlier this evening I received a call from a Collections' Agency, something I have never in my life had the pleasure of receiving before. I have a mostly flawless credit report and have paid Verizon hundreds, likely in the thousands of dollars of billing each month for my wireless service that I had with them for the several years my contract was with them.

I canceled my contract after expiration and paid my last payment of $83.03 that they requested from me. Received a letter from them stating I can come back anytime (and was contemplating doing so as I liked their coverage better than my current plan). This was back in August or September. Today, Jan 26, 2009 I rec'd the phone call from a collection agency requesting a bill of $7.76 be paid.

I immediately contacted the Verizon Wireless customer service number on the last statement that I had paid back all those months ago with the balance of $83.03. Where they proceeded to tell me that Verizon has been sending me a bill every month until this past December for an outstanding $7.76 balance.

They are ruining my credit for a $7.76 balance for which I have not rec'd a bill for! I am furious.

I ask them how I can immediately pay my bill and they tell me I need to contact the collection agency. I also ask them how they can possibly claim I rec'd a bill for $7.76 that I hadn't paid when I never had record of such a bill. Not once in all these months after service cancellation. They state they have sent me a monthly bill for this $7.76. C'mon now, after my payment history they are telling me I received bills I never paid. DOUBTFUL & UNLIKELY, I pay all my bills religiously. Am I late on occasion by several days? I am human but MONTHS OF AN UNPAID BILL is a ridiculous allegation by Verizon. Had I known I would have paid. Straight up simple.

How can a company lie blatantly to a former customer? I don't understand it...nor do I understand how I can possibly owe them any more money (but fine, whatever, I'll just pay for it at this point) when I shoveled out so much $ at the supposed end of my contract. I don't understand how something like this bogus (I assume as I don't even know what the charge is for) $7.76 charge affect my credit after paying faithfully on a bill for >3 years with no real late fee issues.

In December of 2004 I moved to the UK with my family. I had previously contacted Verizon to ask to continue my service here in England. They informed me that they did not service there so if I sent a copy of my rental agreement from the UK then they would waive the disconnect fee. I did this asked to have the phone disconnected, paid through the date of disconnection (15th December, 2004) and left the country. No further money was taken from our account and six months later we closed it.

Now almost 4 years later a friend informed me that they had received a letter from Nelson, Watson and Associates in Haverhill, MA and they were a collection agency. When I phoned them and explained the situation they told me they could settle for $150 not the $303 they claimed I owed.

Their attitude was so rude and condescending that I was quite offended. When I told the man my address here in England he made fun of the way in which I pronounce the words - sorry about the English accent - and kept speaking over me. I worry that they will harass my friends think that I live there. I had left that address as a forwarding one as I needed to leave something and could not leave an international one.

I attempted to explain that I did not owe that money to which the gentleman refused to listen and said my credit would be ruined. At this point I told him that it did not matter as I did not live there anymore, to which he replied 'They all come back, they always do, and your credit will be ruined.' I could not get them to understand that this was taken care of 4 years ago! They actually hung up on me when he asked me if we dealt in Yen here and I commented that he could not be that stupid!

So I attempted to contact Verizon and have gotten no where. I really do not care about my credit as I have no intention of moving back to the USA at any time. It just really bothers me that it has been 4 years and this should have been taken care of. I feel that the Fair Credit Act has been violated as I have had nothing even though they had my original forwarding address.

My warning is to beware of Verizon, they will continue to squeeze every penny out of you even after you move country! Of course they will not tell you just sell it off to a collection agency. Then the collection agency will employ some half wit who is not very PC to contact whomever they can find to try and scare you into paying.

I will continue to try to sort this out as that is the type of person I am. I will not pay out any moneys that I do not owe so they will not get one penny from me - in any currency!

I had purchased a contract and phone Verizon Wireless. Then about 6 months later I added another phone and line. Before my bill was pretty stable. After adding the 2nd phone my bill kept going up and up without us going over teh minutes or anything. I would call adn complain and ask why and nobody would giv eme a clear anwer. I got so fed up I called to cancel befor ethe contract was up. So then they tacted on eraly terminatin fee for each phone plus the ridiculous phone bill of the last two months. I paid what my bill was suppose to be not what the bill said. Now they have sent it to the collection agency and I have paying a little along that I can and now it is over $200 added to the bill. They are rip offs.

I agree. They are ruthless. Also, please ignore the [censor]ed Verizon employee that posted on here. He is more or less a hopeless call center person that thinks that they know it all. I hate talking to them, and have switched service due to pompous people such as him.

Verizon Wireless in only concerned with thier bottom line. Verizon wireless has the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Only balances over $25 are sent to collection agencies. Maybe your final bill was 77.76 and were you not receiving the notices? Did you think it would just go away?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - bill of international calls

Today I was shocked to see my Verizon FIOS bill that charges me $160 for two international calls that last 23 minutes total. I always use calling card service and dial an access number...

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Verizon Communications - the cheating practices of verizon, specifically of verizon fios

My name is Wascar Guerrero; Ridgewood, New Jersey, 07450. I want to sue the cheating practices of Verizon, specifically of Verizon Fios.

An agent from your company called my home number [protected], Mr. Armando Llerona [protected]) based in Newark, offering me 200 dollars of spending Money at Circuit City, TV, Phone and Internet Services for the value of 115.95 for one year including movie channels, the Hispanic packet and Sports. I accepted the offer but before we closed the deal I had him repeat to me again what he was offering me and I even told him I expected the company to do what he was offering me.

Two months alter this I hadn’t received the certificates to shop at Circuit City and the Bills for all the services were being billed separate; TV and Internet in one bill and Home Phone in another; and the sum of all of those services was over 200 dollars. For this reason I decided to contact Verizon so that they can investigate what was happening. I got the chance to speak to Mr. Armando Llerona again that said his apologies and referred me to another department so that they could resolve my problem.

After talking to the other department they said “You don’t qualify for that offer of the 200 dollars”, and also they said I hadn’t made a contract of the three services together so that I can get the discounts and that the quantity of channels that I had according to the plan they couldn’t leave them for 115.95 plus taxes. They also said that the speed of the Internet that they had authorized was valued for a lot more than what Mr. Armando Llerona had offered me. Finally they denied what they had told me two months before and they spoke to me in an arrogant and disrespectful way. After all, the agent that spoke to me made, on his own and without my concern, another contract for 209.75 and sent the charge to my credit card. Mr. Armando Llerona never answered my phone calls and everyone just forgot about the case. I ended up cancelling the services from Verizon Fios and went back to my old company Cable Vision who welcomed me back with discounts and offered me to pay the fee of breaking Verizon’s contract.

I am doing this because I have noticed I am not the only person here in New Jersey that this has happened to and it is necessary that the community knows about it and hopefully no one else is abused by this two faced company.

FIOS is a total joke. Obviously the company grew too fast and the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I subscribed to FIOS December of '08. FIOS had contractors come out and install the equipment. These contractors were ###s who obviously didn't know what they were doing. They completely tore up my yard and my sprinkler system. It took the company about 4 months to finally come out and fix it - way after my yard was dead and only after I filed a better business bureau complaint.

1st they didn't bother to tell me that they were going to tear up my yard by digging a 3x3 feet. All I knew was that they were coming in the garage to install the equipment. They had two separate crews, one installing the cabling in the yard and one for the garage. The crew installing the cabling, whom also dug up my yard and ruined my sprinkler system didn't even bother to tell me when they were going to be out. Nor did they tell me what happened with the sprinkler system. All they did was leave a cone in the yard, marking the spot.

I only found out about the incident when the 2nd crew came and wanted access to the garage - this crew also didn't bother calling beforehand and was late. I told them of the incident in the yard and they said a crew will come out to fix it ASAP, adding in that the company will also be planting sod. I also made a call out to the company to report the incident.

A week went by and nothing. I made a call again and they said that it would be fixed shortly. We had a bad storm in December and I gave them that for an excuse. Then as it cleared up, still nothing. Days passed to weeks and weeks past on to month and on and on I waited. Several angry calls later still not one showed up to fix my yard. I had misplaced my original paperwork moving to a different room within the house and tried to call their customer service number. Each time I was told they couldn't find my account and was given the wrong number each time from the rep on the phone before I was able to talk to someone, whom I reported the problem to.

In the end I got sick and tired of their games and reported the incident to the Better Business Bureau and a couple weeks later got a call from the company. She promised that someone would come in a couple days and get that taken care of. About a month went by and several disgruntled calls from me later - the yard was finally fixed. Til this day, I still don't know if they job was done right - since I asked FIOS to let me inspect the work before covered it up to see if there are any leaks or not. They didn't bother calling me to tell me when they were coming out and didn't bother to tell me they were done so I could inspect the work.

What's sad is that FIOS denied this whole incident from happening. You see, I refused to pay for the internet service bill until they came out to fix the yard, especially after weeks went by. The company rep had the nerve to tell me I never reported the incident because their records didn't show me ever calling in. My service was shut down for non-payment and now they want to charge me the $175 early termination fee and the fee for the equipment. Are they kidding me? I asked the rep handling this that if a contract painter came out and did a hideous job painting her house, would she pay the contractor ... she didn't bother to answer and still insisted it was my fault for not reporting the incident and my fault the service got disconnected and that I owe the company the $175 early termination fee and the fee for the equipment. She thought that it was also funny to leave me a voice-mail after doing some research on her end that my service was on all this time.

After they fixed my yard, I told them that I'd be wiling to pay for the time I had my service on and wasn't even asking for any credit to my account for the whole ordeal I went through. No one from Verizon FIOS offered me an apology for what they did, nor took ownership for any wrong doing. The company didn't want to reinstate my service nor did they want to waive the $175 termination fee. I guess, this incident never happened and I guess I don't have their expensive equipment in my garage still that they never put in, LOL. Not wasting anymore gas or time with this scam of a company.

Totally unbelievable. I've never had such crappy service in my life. I will never do business with FIOS or Frontier again, nor Verizon since the bill came in as such and even those reps I talked to had no clue of what they were doing and how to direct me to the right person to talk to when I called the customer service number on my Verizon FIOS bill.

Verizon FIOS is a total fraud and scam. The service is terrible. I hope none of you ever experience anything like this. Keep your yard and house safe from unnecessary damage and steer away from Verizon FIOS. Instead go with Clear. I've had this since then and I totally love it.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - horrible experience

After 14 years with Cablevision (with few complaints over the years), we made the mistake of switching over to Verizon FIOS in October, 2008. We ordered the Triple Bundle Pkge. - HD Extreme w/Multi-room DVR and two additional boxes in bedrooms- High Speed Internet & Phone. Since installation, we are unable to watch a show (recorded on the DVR) in either of the two bedrooms without getting a dialogue box saying "Unable to Locate Hub". At this point, you cannot fast forward, rewind or just click OK without it starting back over at the beginning. Trying to fast forward to find your place only leads to "unable to locate hub" again or else the screen freezes and you have to reboot the box. We have called Verizon almost every week for the past 3 months to fix the problem. The hours we've spent on the phone being passed around from person to person, probably adds up to days. FORGET SUPERVISORS, I don't think they have any who have the nerve to talk to you about their service or product if you could even manage to get ahold of one. We've had tech people here 3 times within the last week who have changed all the boxes, wires, boards, etc., etc., etc. and it still doesn't work. We told them to just give us a regular DVR for one of the bedrooms and forget the multi-room crap since it doesn't work anyway. We were told that no one has the authority to do that for us. Meanwhile we have been paying for a service (around $160 p/mo. for the past 3 months) that we are not receiving. When we asked billing for some type of credit, they said they can't credit us on something we don't pay for because the box is free for the introductory period and you can't get a credit on something you don't pay for. AM I STUPID or is there something wrong with this picture? I'm paying for a service I'm not receiving, they can't fix it, and I can't get a DVR for the bedroom (without paying extra for that), nor can I get a credit "BECAUSE IT'S FREE"? I don't care where they allocate the dollars I send them each month, but I have never heard so much crap, lies, lack of interest in customer service/relations in my life. No one at Verizon seems to have any authority to make decisions. They would rather spend thousands of dollars to have everything re-wired, technican/repair man hours (so far 3 visits) for at least 8 hours, than to make it simple and just give us a DVR! They remind me of "Sleeper Cells" you hear about. No one knows what goes on in each department. It's almost like they have a script they use to just get by answering simple questions. Anything else not in their script gets them all flustered. The kicker here is we live a stones throw from Verizon's Corporate Headquarters. You would think they would have their act together in this area. My advice to you is "AVOID THE AGGRAVATION YOU WILL MOST DEFINITELY HAVE & STICK WITH YOUR CABLE OR SATELLITE SERVICE". If by some MIRACLE, someone at Verizon can step up and make a decision to authorize a DVR box for the bedroom, give us a credit for the 3 months of HELL, or forego the $179 early termination fee so I can go back to my cable service where I had everything I have now except I also had the 2 DVR's, I will be happy to report back to you with a more positive report on Verizon. In the meantime, I give Verizon a big F on their report card for their product, their lack of knowledge with this problem (which I believe is probably a software issue), their inability to fix the problem, their horrendous customer service, their inability to make any kind of decision or think out of the box, and management's inability to get involved to resolve any issues. PS Verizon admits that there is a problem but they don't know how to fix it. I have a laundry list of names of people we've spoken with over the past 3 months but will give them one last opportunity to rectify the problem before we start dropping those names.

I have FIOS and all is well except HD TV picture has a lot of dropout and is often jerky and freezes. Two tech visits has resulted in NOTHING. My brother who lives miles away has exactly the same problem. VERIZON has a problem which could bring the company down (they borrowed many billion $$ from Wall Street to install FIOS nationwide) and they are not about to admit it. Like if they don't admit it, it will go away. Well, GOOGLE " FIOS JERKY PICTURE" and you will get thousands of hits. The thing about the web is that you can hide NOTHING. They had better fix this soon.

Verizon Communications - internet service

I ordered a Verizon "Bundle" service plan in December 2007. The internet service was used only once from December 2007 through January 2009 when I acquired a home computer. For 12 months of that time I faithfully paid $32 each month for a service I did not use. My monthly bill for internet, Direct TV and telephone is $165.00 minus taxes and fees each month. I asked about the current ad offering the same services for $79.99 per month and internet services for $17.99 per month. I was informed that this only applies to new customers. What about those long term customers like me who has used Verizon services for 30 + years? When I asked for a refund for 11 months of the unused internet services, I was given the "shoulda, woulda, coulda comments from a discourteous customer service representative. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was stalled with the explanation that someone will contact me within 24 to 72 hours.
I believe a successful business such as Verizon can afford to reimburse someone on a fixed income some significant compensation for taking money that they can confirm was unused.
Also, my January bill is $25 more than the previous amount because the term of service expired, unknown to me.
I have tried to find a corporate supervisor to talk to about this issue, but it is like looking for a needle in a hay stack!

Oct 15, 2007

I have never lived in the state of WEST VIRGINIA my son Kirk Murray JR lives there, different birth date, different ss# numbers HOW CAN I BE BILLED FOR THIS?

Jan 16, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - over charging!!!

To whom it may concern: My name is Samuran Aykurt, I am a Verizon customer whom recently ordered Verizon Fios back in September 2008. At the initial contact with Verizon Fios I requested 3 standard...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - terrible service

Never before have I been so displeased with the customer service and tech support provided by a major company like Verizon. I have been a FIOS customer for several months with no problems. Two week...

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Verizon Communications - I hope that u reading this verison!!! because I derseve an answer!!!

Dear verison, or to whom it may consern!

I am writng to you today, notice that I am not calling sinc that is not an optona t this pint! That I just spend 40 minutes on hold and had to try 4 times to get through to speak with computer woman (Not real, except one but then put on hold yet again *&*#[email protected][email protected]) and then I half to pay $3.50 usd! Extra to pay over the phone pay sostem! Inter net web site doesnt work for @#$% I had to stay on the phone, this is going to come out of your pocket. Who is her name I forget but she siad to call a difnerent number and then tradnsfered me to another and then to another!

If u want I can send u my acount numer so we can refune the acount, but I hjereby sweir! All the avovce is true. & oin good faith!


Dr m a carnarvoro










Hahaha, ipunchbabies, love the reply post. Simply amazing.

Jan 15, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - verizon is charging me for a service that I didn't request!

Was charged fees for broadband (Verizon) which I did NOT order. Verizon messed up my dial-up Internet service with AOL and regular phone line as well.

I was forced to use a public phone and was put on hold every time I stated that I wanted the broadband charges removed. Emailing Verizon was futile as well, since it is automatic --- you get a general vague reply and no help whatsoever.

I also filed an online complaint against Verizon to the Board of Public Utilities. Haven't heard from them yet.

Verizon never fixed a static problem in my phone line and when I requested help, they sent a technician who stared at the box at my house for a few minutes before taking off. Verizon then tried to charge me 91 dollars for that little visit. I kept refusing to pay. I also kept complaining about it and eventually the charge was removed.

My advice is NEVER pay anything that you did not specifically ask for! Just pay the regular bill and ignore Verizon. If you pay for anything that you did not request, you can kiss that money good-bye right now.

Jan 15, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Verizon Communications - bad company

So my husband and I opened an account with Verizon on Nov. 27th 2008. We noticed the first night that we weren't receiving service at our home. We thought well perhaps its just the location we were in and lets try to stick it out. So 14 days into the contract we receive a bill for 800.00 I was like wow for what the first bill was estimated at 240.00 and that was due to it being higher based off them billing you a month in advance. I immediately called Verizon and sat on hold for 15 mins trying to reach a rep. when they came on they placed me on hold and hung up. I was pissed so fine round 3 I called back 5 mins on hold placed me on additional hold and guess what they frickin hung up so the third time I'm fuming and the rep says take my bill to the Verizon store and let them break down the bill. So at this point I'm like I'm done with your company. So we try to return the phone equipment to walmart the next day and Verizon says that's fine but u still owe 800.00 i say well how your commercial clearly says try us out for 30 days and you can opt out if you don't like our services at no PENALTY TO YOU. Somebody tell me why they knocked the the bill down to 200.00 and charged us for the prorated cost of us having the phones and the services amenities we had with them! Verizon your liars and you false advertise and every time i see one of your customers i tell them to switch. Oh n your dead zone commercials and the can you hear me now! *** no how can they hear you when you cant even get a signal I have switched to all tel and they are great! *** a Verizon wireless shove your service and high bills up your butts.

So you are having bad service at your home, and you decide to call customer service from what I assume is your home... and every time it goes to talk they hang up, could it be possible that they dropped the calls? Then instead of going to the store to find out why the bill was 800 you rushed to the nearest walmart and return the phones... hmmmm... personally the way it sounds, if you were to come up to me in the streets and ask me to switch I would think you were crazy... cause you kinda send off the crazy vibe!

i say well how your commercial clearly says try us out for 30 days and you can opt out if you don't like our services at no PENALTY TO no penatly they mean the early termination fee for cancelling the contract within the 30 days. when you sign that contract you agreed to the charges. you can also ready the customer agreement at any time by visitig

responsible consumerism...thats all i'm going to say

Actually, the free "test drive" is 15 days, not 30. In that instance you return the equipment and owe nothing. The 30 day guarantee allows you to return all equipment but PAY FOR THE SERVICES YOU RECEIVED! I can't tell you how many people I've talked to that sign on the dotted line but fail to understand EVERYTHING they are agreeing to. Please, PLEASE read the contract! All of it, and take responsibility for your own stupidity. Pay the damned bill. You received the service and you agreed to the terms. And I can guarantee you one more thing. The liklihood of a rep hanging up on you is remote. Absolutely not twice. The call was probably dropped. You did say you had questionable service, right? And no, I don't work for Verizon. Just plain sick of deadbeats.

yeah that last comment was pretty stupid and you are stupid if you went to alltel to get away from VZW.

guess you didnt hear yet that verizon owns alltel, have you?

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