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Resolved forced to buy verizon fios

I just bought a brand new townhome this is fanatic, but Verizon spoils the party, if you are someone...

Resolved overcharging

Two and a half years ago I set up my residential package with Verizon, which included DSL, landline with long distance and DirecTV. This resulted in a triple bundle package, and should have been billed accordingly. I have tried to contact Verizon Customer Service on numerous occasions; but due to the fact that I work the same hours that their billing office is open, I do not have the luxury of spending 45 minutes on hold or being shuffled from one department to another. A little over a year ago, I spoke with yet another CS rep, who informed me that I should have been billed for triple bundle, and was being billed for double bundle. She assured me at that time that she would correct the error; it was never done. Again, today, I spoke with another CS rep, who looked at my account and agreed that I should be billed for triple bundle service, and was being billed at the double bundle rate. It appears that I have been overcharged $70 per month for the past two and a half years! I was told today that this would be adjusted for next month's bill, I asked to speak to his supervisor. I was transferred to Ms. Fuller, who explained that the billing errors would be adjusted for next month, but nothing would be done about refunding the overcharged amount for the past two and a half years. I find this totally outrageous, and I am sure that I am not the only person who has been dealt with in this manner. Something needs to be done, and I will take this to Tampa Bay 9 News if necessary! Let's see how Verizon likes being at the receiving end of unflattering media attention!

Resolved auto bill pay/wrong date

After my husband was laid off from his job I was having a hard time paying all the bills. One month I knew I was going to be late paying my bill so I called customer service and set up an automatic bill payment out of my bank account. This portion of the call was recorded. I stated I wanted the bill taken out of my account on the 16th of the month for that month. On the 8th of the month my bank account was in the negative because Alltel had taken out the money. I called and the financial supervisor stated it was Alltels mistake and the money would be back in my account iin 24-48 hours------what about the bank fees? I was told I would have to fax my statement in have them review it and I would have a reimbursement back in my back account in 7-10 business days after reviewed. Thanks a lot Alltel, my bank account isin the negative, hope I dont need gas in the next few days! I contacted Samuel Jefferson, a name and number I found after searching "alltel complaints" on the web. He is the Executive of Customer Relations and his direct number is [protected]. He was nice but told me the same thing, thats all they can do-----maybe the reps should be a little more careful with customer bank accounts.

Resolved billing mistake/dysfunctional customer service

In early September 2008, I was persuaded by the Verizon Sales and Service Center in Tysons Corner, Virginia to sign up for the "incredible fiber optic" Verizon FIOS package. I was assured that Verizon had great customer service, all I had to do was call. At the time I signed up, I was NOT told that my existing international long distance service with Sprint (but billed through Verizon) would be automatically terminated. This was the beginning of my nightmare with Verizon since.

First, installation did not take place on the promised date. I received a call the evening before to say that there was a screw-up on the installation because it was not properly scheduled. Installation was re-scheduled a couple of days later. But the installation was improperly done and the TV service malfunctioned for some days. A technician was sent again to fix the problem. The TV and internet has functioned well since then.

Second, a few days later, a Verizon service rep called me to say that they noticed that I had made two long distance calls overseas but I had no Verizon long distance plan. When I responded that I had the Sprint plan, they said that service was automaticall cancelled when I signed up for FIOS and I now had to sign up for the Verizon international long distance plan, otherwise I would be chraged a much higher rate. I informed the rep that I was not informaed of the cancellation. In any event, I immediately agreed to sign up for the Verizon international long distance plan. Then, over the next week, at least three different Veruizon reps called me again and again to report that I had no international long distance plan but I responded that I had already signed up for one a few days ago. The replies I got from all of them was thhat there was no record of my having done so! So, I signed up again more than once.

To make a long horror story short, in the next two billing cycles (October and November), I received an astronomical bill of about $1, 790, mainly consisting of very high charges (in the hundreds of dollars for each call) for my international calls. When we called to complain (more than once), we were told again that there was no record of our having signed up for Verizon's international long distance plan! In the meantime, to add insult to injury and inconveneince, our international long distance service was blocked by Verison for about six to seven weeks in spite of repeated complaints by phone to Verizon. It has taken me about 15-20 separate phone calls to Verizon, lasting hours at a time, to finally resolve the problem, during which Verizon finally admitted that there was a big internal billing screw-up for which it apologized and I was given a $999 credit. In the course of these repeated calls, I was constantly transferred from one rep to another and from one department to another (customer service, billing, FIOS, high toll, user verification, etc etc) with each one disclaimimng any responsibility for dealing with the problem or helping me to resolve it. I wasn't able to figure out whether this was a horror story with no ending, a clown show or circus, a deliberate cororate policy or strategy to confuse, confiound and frustrate the customer so he/she would go away, cruel and unusuual punishment, or a bad joke In fairness, I should add that a few reps (out of a total of about 20 I spoke to) were nice and helpful and I'd like to name them: Ms. Williams from Maryland, Ms. Shalida form Illinois and Ms. Shumpter.

On December 22, when the problem was resolved, I was promised that the block on my international service would be lifted immediately. But it was only lifted yesterday, January 5 (15 days later), after repeated calls again and again by me to Verizon to remind them to lift the block. I also asked for a revised bill explaining how the credit was calculated but I was told that I could not get that but that the credit (without any explanation) would be reflected in the next bill. So, how am I to know how the credit was calculated and whether it is correct or too low?

To sum up, signing up for the Verizon FIOS package was a HUGE MISTAKE on my part. I gullibly believed all the high fallutin sales talk (or ###) of the Verizon reps at the Tysons Corner, Virginia sales/service center. I don't belive that the sales reps in this office (proudly displaying badges proclaiming themselves as "FIOS specialists") have the slightest clue how horrible and disastrously unhelpful and dysfunctional their FIOS customer service is. When I visited the store last week to report my probelm, they pretended to assist me in the most nonchalant way and in my presence e-mailed the problem to the attention of their "Escalation Department." I was guarnateed a response and resolution of the problem in the next 24-48 hours durin which Verizon would call me. I did not receive the promised call nor was the problem resolved by them. It was resolved finally by me after I spoke to Ms. Shumpter on January 5.

To those who may be contemplating getting Verizon FIOS service, I would strongly recommend staying away from this company, which is so utterly dysfunctional and unhelpful. For all their hype and promises, Verizon's customer service is truly a nightmare to behold and experience.

HM, McLean, Virginia, January 6, 2009

  • Li
    liz mingione Jan 21, 2009

    I'm firing off a letter to them today after months of problems. I currently have a $533 bill due to charges for services not performed back in November, and am still waiting for them to credit over $200 of that, which they were supposed to do three months ago. I have to set top boxes, out of the three in my home, that have not been working since yesterday afternoon, and after which making five phone calls late into the night and again at 7:00 a.m. this morning, they are going to have to send someone out to my home to check the problems. One of which is that they sent me an HD receiver to replace a standard receiver, presumably to make up for the billing problems I have been dealing with... I should have known. Like you, I am shocked at the terrible service. Even when the sales rep is patient, nice, and doing their best, they don't seem to have the information they need, or any ability to communicate with the relevant departments. Two different customer service reps, one told me I was no longer in a contract with FIOS, so later when I had had enough and called back to cancel service, the new customer rep said I was in a two-year contract. Also, I was given an outdated, out-of-service phone number for the tech support department by the customer service rep who was trying to help me get some other exterior cabling issues resolved -- which took four phone calls and two different techs coming out to my house just to clean up the tangle of cables and weatherproof the plugs that were flapping in the wind and elements. What a mess dealing with this company

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  • Fi
    FIOSovercharge Jan 22, 2009

    I was talked into the FIOS tripleplay with a promise of a new flatscreen TV Jan '08, when I called to get my number changed. Finally installation happened, the guy was suppose to be there before 12noon, he told me that he works 12-8pm and that he is constantly yelled at by consumers but it is the company not him. then the nightmare began! First, tripleplay bill was not one-bill as promised but 2 bills and I was charged on each beill for my internet, then they straightend it out after 5 months of live chats and hour long phone calls, because you rarely if ever really get to speak to anyone. Now it has happend again!! They tell me that I do owe this extra $500 because of my inconsistant payment history!! I am wrinting to a consumer complaint advocate, awaiting reply and I will also contact the Atty gen office and the FTC. They are rude, condescending and relatively incapable of doing their job. What a mess is right!

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  • An
    Angry Dave Mar 28, 2009

    Unbelievable that a telecommunications company can't figure out how to do this. I actually was very happy with the FiOS package, the internet speed, etc, but I would avoid using Verizon in the future because of their 'customer service' alone. It's an absolute nightmare of totally incompetent people combined with nonsensical auto systems. I've done this 10 times now, and here's how it works:

    Any call takes 20 minutes to get to any human, and then that human is never the right department and needs you to hold again. That will happen about 5 times before you can get where you want. Once you get there, say a billing center, you will have someone who can't find your account, even when you read them every number on your bill. After they find it, they will become confused, tell you that they can't tell what your account balance is, and have no records of sending any of the letters they've been sending.

    Also, the billing centers are open only on Mon-Fri from 9-4. So, unless you are unemployed or a bartender, enjoy losing a vacation day just to have the privilege of dealing with Verizon's mockery of customer service. It's kindof funny their service department sucks so bad, because the 'send-nasty-mail-to-people-we-think-owe-us-money' department never misses a beat.

    I would rather pay more money, and have slower internet and worse TV, than have FiOS and have to put up with their crap.

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Resolved everything

Ok so i have had Fios for 2 1/2 months now. Exciting huh! never a dull moment! On the date of the installation the installer arrived. He went on to tell me how this was his first install!, hadnt seen one of these O N T things before. 7 to 8 hours later and after borrowing many of my tools and me to get the job done I had Internet but no phone. 24 hours later after many calls to Verizon's support (From my cell) the phone finnally was working. TV showed up 3 weeks later when I was told my Media Center would not work (Ill have to add 2 new set top boxes to the account) and 2 Tivo's V1.0 would not work. Ok so we got the Motorola DVR for free for 1 year that should replace the old Tivo's what a bargain because it DOES NOT RECORD ANY SOUND. It also turns itself off! Must be a wonderful power saving option huh?. So I spend several hours on the phone on HOLD (Get used to the ON HOLD thing) to be told to drop it off at the local UPS shipping office and send it off for free. I could have shipped 5 packages in the time the UPS office took to fill out the paper work Im ready for a nap. So after my wife has chastised me for ever getting her into this mess we order a Tivo Series 3 $950. Ok so what if she missed many of the season openers? Live in my shoes I said. So I go to call Verizon to order 2 cablecards for our new Tivo, I started on hold at 9:00am and by 2:00pm I gave up and drove to my local Verizon store to order 2 cablecards, sorry sir but we can't order them for you but here, she hands me the phone please order them yourself! I went home and sat on the phone most of the rest of the day, I enter my land line # and always eventually end up with Verizon Cellular which I dont have (Just trying to add services to my account) I gave up around 5:00pm. Next day I get the cards ordered after several hours but they cant be here for to install them for around 3 weeks. OK im in trouble with my wife again. While Im finishing ordering the cablecards the Phone rings and its the Verizon Collection dept!. If I dont pay the bill I paid 1 week before its due date AGAIN they will turn off my service tomorrow. I used the Verizon account # they gave and setup billpayer to pay the bill, paid it 1 week early now Im sent to collection?. They wont accept anything but a copy of the transaction from my bank. My bank does not make any copies its all electronic transfer. Luckily the next day I receive a check from Verizon for the $321.88 that I paid them a month ago? OK are they stupid or what, nobody thought to look to see if the account under my name needed $321.88 applied to it? Oh and why give me an incorrect account # printed on my bill anyway? All other bills since have had a different account number? Ok Ive just waisted another complete day of my time. All is well for several days. But now my computers cant access the Internet, dropping like flies, Im an IT person so after part of a day I trace it down (my Saturday off from IT stuff) to the Verizon supplied Westell router, Of course after multiple power starts and attempts to access the router I have to hard reset it and wait for 30 minutes for the ONT to recycle. I see a RJ45 plug that would allow me to use my supperior Dlink DGL-4500 Gigabit router wow I was going to do this but Ive been so busy on hold and fighting off the Verizon Collection service I havent had a moment to spare. So I call tech support. My ears are still ringing... I get yelled at not to touch anything that Verizon owned! OK I wont use my Dlink router, I have to wait for the Westell 100mbps piece of junk to recycle. Ok Internet is back on again, did I mention they told me NO NEW ACCOUNTS ARE CHARGED INSTALLTION FEES? They just dont call them INSTALLATION FEES they call them ACTIVATION FEES!. Oh and that Free DVR for a year has been charged on my bill. Oh and a late fee because I was dumb enough to use the account number supplied to me by Verizon. So the Verizon guy shows up and has my new cablecards, sorry but I havent done one of these before. Oh boy another rookie? Thank goodness I knew enough to help walk him through pairing an "M" card. 4 hours later I have Tivo! So yesterday I get a bill in the mail for $166? My account is current at $0 but yet Im getting my Verizon turned off again in 7 days time. I spent 3 hours on the phone last night (Mainly on hold) Brittany wanted to anyalize my phone bill and put me on hold. 40 minutes later Collections picks up and wants $166. I asked why Im current? they wanted $166 more and for what? And what happened to Brittany anyway? Desiree now laughs and says "Pay the $166 or go to billing if you want to anyalize your bill" I told her I WAS with billing she told me she was putting me on hold to check my bill? After a number of other completly worthless customer service reps Melanie and Levigne and a guy from India who was pretty nice I was put on hold again and lost the connection after another hour. Melody was able to tell me I owe $0 so the $166 is not on the system. Today I went into the local Verizon store and explained my deep dissapointment in the deplorable customer service. Funny she didnt look surprised. Her computer locked up as I sneered, she used a spare computer but to no avail there is no ammount of $166 on the account we will investgate and call you back. No call yet its been all day.
I dont have words strong enough to describe the frustration of the many lost hours over the past 2 1/2 months with the customer service dept of Verizon. It is horrific and deplorable. I will post on TheGreenButton, My3Cents, and file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office in Washington State. This company rates about as low as I can possibly put them.

  • Un
    unhappy verizon customer Mar 17, 2009

    After they drilled through my walls and did a shotty installation I received my first bill - way more than I expected. I tried on several different occassions to get through to customer service. I would hold for about 20 minutes and give up. They times I did get through I would just get hung up on, worst customer service ever!

    So I finally got through by calling the sales number off a flyer they keep sending me to sign up. Verizon is the worst. Their internet sped is bar none the fastest but TV is JOKE and the money you save signing up might not be worth it because their customer service is sooooo bad.

    Internet is good but if you want TV I would wait.

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  • Un
    unhappywithFiOS Oct 05, 2009

    Comcast I'm ready to come back. Can't stand this FiOS. TV is horrible with "still photos" instead of "real TV". Internet is the pits from hanging apps to slow...slow...slow. Contracted for the "lightning fast" and got less. Comcast would pop up the web page...verizon is like dial-up for quadruple the money. New computer, new adware detects and virus is up to date. And...service stinks. Phone has a constant buzz. Just terrible everything.

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Resolved charging extra

I took Verizon FIOS tripple bundle (Phone+TV+Internet) which they adertise is $99+tax. I have been getting bill for 160 per month since last 3 month and this month I got 175 $. When you call them they wont adress your question and most of the time they will hung up the phone.

You cant even disconnect the services for that they say, they will charge early termination cahrge which is 199 $.

They are cheating people. They advertise FIOS tripple bundle for $99 per month but they bill around 175 $ every month.

Is there any way we can deal with these people or can take leagal action against them ? Please let me know on [protected]


Resolved unauthorized billing

I am writing today to address my concern of money not being refunded as promised to me by various Verizon high speed internet reps. I made the fateful mistake of signing up for Verizon's DSL services off a Valupak coupon I received in the mail. This offer, promising 6 months free internet service (at a value of $21.99 monthly) with free modem, shipping, and activation, expired 10/31/08 so I wanted to take advantage of signing up for this service before the end of the month.

I signed up under the assumption that this coupon wasn't indeed misleading. I verified with the CSR why I was calling in to sign up for this introductory offer.

I was NEVER informed Windows ME wouldn't be compatible with their service. I haven't had internet service at my residence for several years and have an older Gateway computer. Only after $80.84 was debited out of my account was I informed by a Verizon rep that only Vista or XP are the operating systems compatible. I feel that I was led astray by false advertising.

I ended up speaking to multiple reps in India but had no success in ever obtaining internet service on my home computer. I was subjected to lengthy hold times and there was a language barrier struggle that resulted in very frustrating communication. I also spent more money out of pocket holding on their toll free lines for 30-60 minutes on average waiting for help. This caused a significant overage of minutes on my T-mobile cell phone bill. This is costing me an additional $50.00 out of pocket!

Here is my greatest source of irritation. $80.84 was debited out of my checking account without an invoice or a call that this was being done. In this economy where I live paycheck to paycheck, this nearly caused my account to overdraw.

Absolutely aggravated, I canceled all service well within the 30-day money back guarantee. I called in and was informed by a rude CSR that my initial coupon was never honored since I don't have a home phone. She also stated that I was lying about using a coupon. Then, I was told that half of my money would be refunded on the bill cycle date of Nov. 13th with the other half being refunded upon receipt of their modem. November 13th passed with no deposit to my checking account. This led to yet another horrid experience with Verizon where I was told that the earliest my money could be refunded was now Dec. 28th. The reason? “It could take one billing cycle. Even with your 30-day money back guarantee, it could take two billing cycles."

  • De
    Deniss Mar 19, 2009

    I received unauthorized 3rd party account of 14.95, this just started Feb of this month, 2009. 'I did a Google search and found many complaints about this being a scam. it's Sunday today and want to get ahead of the game. I from all the Stories I've seen about this scam it seems that Verizon has no control on this or do they?

    I am customer of Verizon, so I demanded Verizon to resolve the issue of letting other scam companies have control of there billing system

    If you go to ESBI's website, they don't even have a phone number! You have to email them for questions and wait 2-3 business days for a response. GOOD LUCK!

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  • Ih
    I hate verizon Feb 11, 2010

    Verizon is ###. Similar experience with customer service. Absolutely terrible. They are nearly impossible to understand and will tell you anything to get rid of you. My account was automatically charged by Verizon after I cancelled their service 3 weeks prior and removed my authorized payment method from my account (in other words took away their authority to charge my account). Well... they did anyway so I called customer support and they said I'd get a refund on the next billing cycle. That came and went a couple of weeks ago with no refund. Now I'm getting ready to spend another hour wasting my time with some Indian who can barely speak English on the other side of the planet. Save yourself some trouble and avoid Verizon like the plague... They will make you sorry you ever dealt with them.

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Resolved bait and switch?

I ordered phone service from Verizon because they said DSL was available at my address and I wanted to get the deal they were offering. I waited two weeks for phone service to be turned on then waited another two weeks to receive the modem. Then another two days and numerous phone calls wanting to know why the DSL isn't activated yet. Then they call me and tell me they cannot provide DSL service because I am too far away from their main location. I canceled their phone service immediately and they actually did one thing efficiently. Within 5 minutes I did not have phone service any more.

Resolved not for windows 98?

After being convinced by Verizon Online that I need online protection, I downloaded the Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS) which can be used on three (3) computers once you subscribe. When checking out "system requirements" there was nothing that said VISS wouldn't work for Windows 98 (and I have one old computer that has Windows 98 operating system) but, once I subscribed to VISS and was ready to install in on the computer with Wins98, a message appearred that said "this does not support Wins98. Because I have three (3) computers, if I had known that I wouldn't be able to protect my other computers I would have check around for another security suite that works with Wins98. Some things should be stated up front and not after the fact.

billing practices

We opted for a Verizon FiOS bundle (Cable, Internet, Long Distance) @ $99 a month late in 2007. Since that...

idearc media verizon yellow pages super pages

I honestly did not know the ad was running because there hasn’t been one single call… ever…at all; i’m so glad the rop talked me into this and signed us up. I would like to personally thank idearc media for zero results.

I remember another entry in the notes now regarding the placement of the advertising; that my company would be inundated with phone calls as a result of the advertising resulting in many new customers, even before the first payment was due and how hundreds of people that the sales rep spoke with every day, need and are currently looking for this company’s services. so I want to personally thank your reps as well for the false advertising to sucker money out of growing companies with false claims, fraudulent business practices and false advertising.

  • Id
    Idearc Jun 12, 2009

    We are never pleased when one of our clients is unhappy. Please give me the opportunity to review your issue. I promise someone will get back to you within 48 hours with an update. Please provide me with the following information and email back to me at: [email protected]

    Your Full Name and Title:

    Business Name:

    Business Telephone Number:

    State in which your Business resides:

    Your Contact Number:

    Best time to call you:

    E-mail address:

    Brief Complaint Description:

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  • Re
    rexs Jan 28, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with yellow pages. I was looking online and found a website that your business can have a FREE ebillboard. Just go to I was talking to my friend Mike and he has a ebillboard and he is happy with his ebillboard.

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Resolved complete outage no tv, internet or phone service

Verizon Fios has been out for more than 16 hours now. No phone, No internet, No TV. And I cannot reach anybody in Verizon to find out why.

  • Ch
    chackogroup Dec 17, 2008

    Update: Finally able to get through to VERIZON FIOS. I had to go back home and go tthrough their so called "trouble shoot" drill. Finally said, what I already knew, there is a "physical break" on fiber.
    They can send a technician only tomorrow. And some body has to be home between 8 and 10. Why do they need somebody at home, if they are repairing the Fiber. They installed the fiber in backyard without me.
    I am done with bundled deals and Verizon. I had terrible billing problems before.
    Will get Time Warner for internet, DIRECTV and Vonage. At least all won't together.

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Resolved refer a friend

referafriend program is a big scam i refered 3 friends they all got installed
and love the service however i was to recieve 150$ for each referal
but to this date everytime i call no response no solution. i
checked the website and all my friends orders are still pendig it's been 3 months. a big ripp off

  • Ro
    robert j Apr 09, 2009

    i refered a friend its been almost 2 months. i have not received anything yet. i will not refer anyone else until i receive my 150 dollars. i left an email on april 6th and have not even gotten a response. is this a scam? please answer my email and send me my 150 dollars. signed an unhappy customer...

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  • Ro
    robert j Apr 09, 2009

    i want to know where my refer a friend money is? its been almost 2 months and i have gotten 0 dollars. is this a big scam? if it is i will write to better business bureau and consumer affairs dept.

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Resolved verizon can charge you for service even if you don't have it!

I purchased the phone including the plan one and a half years ago (Around June 2007) . A year into the...

Resolved dsl service stinks

I have tried for 2 months and at least a dozen calls to Verizon to get them to cancel the "additional" webspace I purchased. Each month they promise it's handled and nothing happens. No refund but the charge stays. It's amazing how easy it is to add the additional webspace but impossible to get it removed. To date it still isn't removed and their "on-line" idiots keep sending me to billing who sends me to Customer service who sends me to tech support who sends me to billing who sends me to CS and on and on. I really hate Verizon.

Resolved fraud and scam

We have the family plan with Verizon Wireless. We bought two phones in June 08. One phone we paid full price. Then without my knowledge, Verizon credited our account $50 and said you get $50 credited to your account for this phone and extend your contract for one more year. I didn't agree to this. Then my daughter has had problems sending and receiving text messages with this phone, it's a Motorola, every since she has had it.They said 'Oh, the software needs updated'. The phone was only three months old, why didn't they put updated software in it to begin with? So the IT guy said we've done this and your phone is good to go. Guess what, we're still having problems. Then today, I find out from another customer service rep at Verizon, they really didn't update the software because it has to be taken in to a store location to have that done. She admitted the IT guy lied. On our other daughters cell phone, the second phone, it's a razor and it was purchased in June also. The screen is blank and cannot she if she has a text, voicemail or who is calling. These phones are only three months old so we shouldn't be having software issues or any other problems. Neither of these phones have been dropped or ever gotten wet. It is manufacture problems is what Verizon told me. So since Verizon is selling these phones why do they not have to be held accountable and make good for the junk phones the consumer's are receiving. Not to mention paying good money for? Instead they blame the manufacture but that doesn't help us any whom is holding the junk phones Verizon is selling to people. Just an idea: could Verizon be doing this so that customers will upgrade then have to sign a extended contract??? I have been dealing with these issues and trying to get these phones replaced but Verizon wants to replace them with refurbished phones. I wonder where & why they have so many refurbished phones? I paid for a new phone not a used phone that obviously didn't work either or else it wouldn't be refurbished.

  • Wy
    Wyzird Aug 26, 2009

    Verizon has ripped me off too. I paid a one time fee for a game, was supposed to be unlimited uses. I have been billed for it every month since. Verizon simply lied when I contacted them. What awful service. There should be criminal charges filed against Verizon for fraud!

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  • Fo
    foot-printz Oct 04, 2010

    Im stuck with verizon and hate them. Smart phones need for speed game becomes preloaded. I was charged for this game because it was opened. they could not show that I had played this game and after much dispute they credited my account. They know consumers of a Smart phone will be overwhelemed and easy targets hense why when I disputed this charge they quickly changed tone. Also on my other line theyre have been monthly charges for tetrus & pacman that i have never played and have no way to my knowledge to prove i never down loaded. Worst service ever. I am not completely paranoid of all cell phone games that I dont even understand how they are so called downloaded!

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Resolved multiple nuisance status reports

Example message below. Since Saturday, email msgs to about six or so friends of mine--ALL of whom are Verizon clients--have resulted in multiple (over a hundred is 24 hours) and continuing Delivery Status Notifications. (Similar msgs to other friends do not generate delivery problems or notices.) Note that the subject is not listed. If Verizon cannot clear up this backlog soon, I'll have to take this problem to Federal authorities. Russ Breighner [protected]

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients is still underway after 34.3 hour(s):

* [protected]

Will keep trying and contact you if the message can't be delivered permanently.

Reporting-MTA: dns; []
Received-From-MTA: dns; []
Arrival-Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2008 12:25:40 +0000

Final-recipient: rfc822; [protected]
Action: delayed
Status: 4.1.1
Last-attempt-Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2008 22:46:16 +0000

  • Br
    brewjaz Dec 09, 2008

    I have Comcast broadband and have the EXACT same problem. EVERYTHING I sent within the past week to my friends with has been undeliverable--I get the same message stating they have been trying to deliver, but cannot.

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  • Pa
    Pat Dec 10, 2008

    the same thing was happening to me. I think they finally fixed the problem as I can now email my mother. They accused her of blocking me and her grandsons. I would like to know why when I send emails to everyone in our family, everyone gets them EXCEPT my mother who gets it several hours later (if at all). The question was asked to customer service and they're reply was to do a few in the TO: and the rest in CC:...well guess THAT fixed it...we don't know so do it this way and that's it

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Resolved terrible store customer service

This store has the worst customer service! you have to wait forever then you get the privilege of dealing with rude clerks in the tech support area. I took a phone back 4 times to get it replaced. the # old grumpy male tech was going to exchange it out for another one and had started the process then rudely accused me of getting it wet. when he came back he claimed the phone had been wet and the warranty was voided and they couldn’t do anything. I don’t know what this jerk and miles the manager did to the phone but obvisously it was exchangable at the tech desk. miles said he would do me a favor and offer me another phone at a 1yr price, hahaha. I called the vzw 800 number and spoke with a supervisor who valued my business and offered to replace the phone free of charge or allow toward a different phone.

This store has an attitude problem, in today’s economy they should be greatful for us customers instead of prancing around like they are on top of the world. their world can crash tomorrow too like many retailers! miles the manager had a good time going around telling all the other mgrs and employees about me while I was on the call with the 800 number. they would look at me and talk, laugh, shake their heads, etc… the female mgr there needs and attitude check, she thinks she’s god’s gift to the world, she needs to look in the mirror before she leaves her home and loose some fat! with attitudes and service like these idiots hand out at this store I will laugh the day I drive by and see that store closed. these managers will be scratching their butts wondering why it closed! idiots!!!

  • Ja
    Janenee May 15, 2009

    Verizon store in the York Galleria mall in York, PA is EXACTLY the same! The managers stand around and watch... they can't possibly HELP customers... they are far too important. they need to "supervise". I bought a new phone and when I asked the guy behind the counter a question about set up, he told me I had to call Verizon customer service... I said, "I thought you WERE Verizon customer service!" I had to call the 800# for help while standing in the Verizon store. And they ALWAYS screw up my account information... I've never been in there that they haven't messed up my account.

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  • Fl
    flappy May 26, 2009

    I can't disagree more. As far as the first idiot goes, there are stickers in your phone. When the phone gets WET THEY TURN RED! There is no if's ands or but's about it. I used to work in the cell industry and almost EVERY customer "doesn't know how there phone got wet. What a crock of ###. I usually gave people the benefit of the doubt...but if they were acting like an ### like you seem to have then it's over. Why can't you just treat people with respect jerk. Why was the man grumpy? probably because he has had to deal with a bunch of ###s like yourself! The second person is quite a laugh. Give me a break. Everytime. I don't believe it. On efinal thought. Why is it that ANYONE I know in the industry still has NO problems with their phones for the life of contracts? I just think most cellular customers are jerks and really have no clue why there phones do what they do. I would try and explain why the issue was and most of the time the JERK standing in front of me just wanted the phone replaced. I think maybe YOU went back 4 times because YOU really have no clue and did not want to listen to the tech. Get a life

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Resolved lazy drivers and service sucks!

I purshased a cell phone from verizon that I paid full retail for. it was over $300.00. it was guaranteed delivery for the 4th of december by 7 p. m. well 7 p. m. came and no cell phone.. so I called the 1 800 go fed ex number and explained that I never got my phone.. the response I got from the woman that could hardly speak english was that I phone was back at the station. when I asked y it wasnt delivered she said that the driver had too many packages to deal with.. lol to really make me more angry was her next stupid repsonse that I could go pick it up at the station.. I live almost 2 hours away and besides that it wasnt my repsonsiblility. so I called the station to talk to a manager and he alpologized to me and told me that he would send his driver out at 7 am earlier than normal to have my packaged deliverd first thing in the morning between 8 and 10 am.. well 10 a. m. came and no package... so I call back and there response this time that they would try to get to me sometime today and that if it looked like they couldnt make it I could meet them somewhere to pick it up.. I have never heard such crap in my life.. this is the worse service I have ever had... ppl should not use fed ex.. us ups.. they are more reliable.. I would have a better chance getting my package if they would have had a 4 year old bring it to me on a bicycle. this place should be shut down for their incompacy and their stupidy...

  • Br
    Brianna Sep 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Signed up on stolen cell phone number please remove immediately. Grandma is NOT happy!

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  • Lo
    louise a wilson Jan 05, 2011

    i sent in a used cell phone over 6 months ago wiyh no words from anyone i think its been long enoughfor either my money or send the phone back to me.

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  • Da
    David L. Bryant Dec 12, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I want to cancel both insurance policies on the two cell phones. This has been a big hassle tiring to cancel my service and needs to be canceled now! This process is very difficult to cancel a policy because the amount of customers being bamboozled into this insurance policy. I feel this is a uncredible company and needs to be investigated by the better business bureau.

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Resolved fraudulent practices

I ordered Verizon 3 MPS DSL. The mailer said 1st 6 months free and second 21.95 with year contract for new customers. I have written 11 e-mails, visited local office, and been on phone 12 times. I got two bills for 74.56 each. This was a mistake. i mailed copy of flier to them. When you call they give you to someone in Nigeria who barely speaks English and reads from a script. Ask a question and they say wait let me finish and they lose place and re-read script. You tell them problem and they say we do not handle that and transfer you to billing. If you get through as 9 out of ten times you get hung up on after 20 minutes, you reach sales where you explain problem after they pitch phones and TV. They then apologize and say they have to transfer you and you get disconnected.

Now being 2nd month and they threaten to turn off (They have cell phone number and cannot turn off as they are as dumb as they sound) I gave 1 more chance and they did same thing. Tomorrow i am going to Comcast who i should have never left and for leaving Verizon will get the 14-15MPS for 29.95 a month for 6 months. They have no tech support, anyone who can help you, or know which way is up. Since they have no SS number my credit will not be affected but what a pain. I am 6th person to go back to Comcast. verizon is a rip off. they have no specials and when you get wrong bill no one can help. Stay away.