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I purchased a sectional and a dinette set on March 7, 2019. I had to wait 4 weeks for delivery and they said it was a back order on my table (which I just received this past Saturday 4/13). After waiting almost 3 weeks for my sectional ONLY, I saw that it was tore after they put it together. The delivery man took a picture with his phone and said that he was sending it to the store. I called the store myself and emailed them pictures immediately after I saw the damage. They told me someone would follow up with me about sending out a service technician. Almost a week goes by and I hear nothing, so I called back. It took me to call back 3 times for them to tell me that they had scheduled a service tech to come out on a date that I knew nothing about. So, he comes out and tell me that I'm getting a new sofa. He submits the order. I called back because once again no one follows up with me to find out when the new couch was coming. Apparently, there's a back order which I knew nothing about until after I called the store back again. Next, I was told that my table would be delivered on 4/8. Well 4/8 came and went so I called inquiring about it. Again, they have another delivery date set that I didn't consent to which was 4/19. I complained to the woman in customer service asking how a date of 4/18 even came about when I was told 4/8. So, she proceeds to change the delivery date to Saturday 4/13. Fast forward, last Saturday these rude delivery men came with the couch piece and table. They brought wrong sectional piece! In the service tech's report, he put that it was the LEFT side of the sofa when it should have been the right side that was damaged. The rude delivery man with this heavy accent argued me down about how I ORDERED THE WRONG PIECE when it was the service tech that placed the order. I call back requesting to talk to the manager, who is never available when I call. So, the warehouse manager Jeremey get on the phone and tell me that I would get the correct piece next Saturday 4/20 stating that the service tech put the wrong piece in his notes. I told them that Saturday doesn't work for me, so I asked to speak to the store manager. The assistant manager Jay get on the phone and play crazy! He gone ask me which piece it was because they don't have any notes about my claim. THEN he proceeds to tell me to call back in the morning and they'll send the piece out in the afternoon. The next morning comes and he doesn't follow up with me, so I called the store looking for him. Apparently, he was out having a procedure done which he knew at 8pm Tuesday night when he told me that he'd call e Wednesday morning. So, I spoke with the warehouse manager Jeremy again on 4/17 and he told me that they are bringing the correct piece out by noon. So, tell me why they brought the WRONG PIECE AGAIN TODAY. I called the store more than 10xs and didn't get an answer once. I finally get the warehouse manager on the phone and he tells me that I have to wait until May 24th for another piece. How do you manage to bring the wrong piece back to back when you saw the it wasn't the left side according to the first delivery and the service tech notes?
They don't answer the phone. I call asking for the manager and I can never speak with him. The chick in customer service is rude and kept "ummmhmming" me the entire time we were on the phone. Then she put me on hold and hung up on me more than once! They left a half of piece of sectional in my house and told me that the part will not be restocked until late May. I CURRENTLY HAVE A HALF OF SECTIONAL SITTING IN MY LIVING ROOM! I have requested a refund more than once and no one is answering my calls. The warehouse manager Jeremy put me on hold and hung up the phone on me AFTER I requested a refund and to talk to the store manager. I called their corporate office, but nothing was resolved. All they did was put me on hold to call the store and not once did the store pick up the phone.

Value City Furniture

Apr 18, 2019

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