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N Aug 04, 2018

I bought a 3 piece set from American Signature Furniture (Value city Furniture) and they pressured me into getting the protection plan or else I won't get shipping. They said and gave me papers that say it covers all of the furniture from any accidental scratches, rips, stains and even peeling for 5 years.

A year later one of the sofa chairs separated at the sewed area (seam separation) which is basically a factory deficit, not even a cut made by me which they should cover as well. So I contacted the warranty company (Pure Promise). THEY ARE THE WORST. They took an hour and 45 minutes to answer and after hours of arguments they still said that nothing is covered and started playing around with words and saying that cuts are covered but seam separations are not. I asked for a manager at least 4 times but they never connect me they just hang up and this is no joke and it's illegal. I also have recordings of all this and the representatives mentioning that I am not covered against any rips. I asked her what was covered and she said she can't discuss that with me, this is the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with. This isn't just one phone call it is at least 7 phone calls where they say the same thing and 2 of the representatives hung up on, I also have all of this recorded. I never got a single chance to speak to a manager because whenever I ask for one they just hang up the call. Once I mention my case number every time I called, they would hang up and treat me terribly. That's also me waiting and hour and a half everytime I call.

THEY ARE LIARS and their furniture is terrible quality since this wasn't even a cut, it's a seam separation which should be even more concerning. Value City won't cover it either and they tell me to call the warranty and the warranty tells me to call value city (American Signature Furniture). I'm feeling ripped off here because I bought this warranty for a reason and now all of the sudden both companies are not liable and they don't want to solve this for me, not to mention all the scratches on the leather that they didn't cover as well and their excuse was that they only cover scratches on hard surfaces like the wood which doesn't even show at all. Save your self their horrible treatment and buy from anywhere else, hundreds of places out there offer realible warranty and good customer service. I am beyond disappointed right now for all the money that I spent.

I need to speak with someone in charge about this so I can mention all the other things that they told me on the phone that are too disgusting to type on here. This is a rip off and it is under no circumstances an acceptable customer service. This is stealing and ripping off customers. I am not the only one with this issue. They have a one star rating that many people would have gave them zero if they had the ability to. This isn't just my story as a pissed off customer, it is hundreds of reviews out there that have dealt with the same issue. I demand action.

Value City Furniture

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