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I performed a 'google' search to locate the postal website to complete a 'change of address' in order to have postal mail forwarded to a new location. I located a website, which was the very first website to come up on the search. When completing the change of address, I believed I was dealing directly with the U.S. Postal Service. When I reviewed the 'receipt' the following morning, I noted a $30.00 charge which is a huge overcharge to what the United States Post Office charges (they only charge $1.00). Going back to the website I noted that in 'very light, fine print' it states they they are not affiliated with the U.S. Post Office. Their tactics are deceptive to say the least. I notified my credit card company and they have removed the $30.00 charge from my account.

I also notified the deceptive website and here is their response:
We do understand your concern, however, it does state on our website that we are not the United States Post Office. You also agreed to the charges and our Terms and Conditions before you entered any credit card information online. We are a filing agency and we do in fact process your change of address in a physical form to the United States Post Office. We also provide you the ability to change your address for the next 3 months free of charge.

It does state in our Terms of Services, which you have read and agreed to prior to entering in any type of credit card information, that all sales are final once payment has been accepted and we start the process of your change of address request. This was stated in our terms and conditions that you agreed to before you filed with us.

Please refer to our Terms and Services at for more information.


Change of Address LLC

Customer Service"


Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 13, 2011 1:04 am EDT


OUCH! Is that the very best you can do? My post must have really hurt. Your post however, was hardly original.
Let’s see…yep, this is the third time you said you would not respond. I guess your word does not mean much around here which indicates you lack character.
And, judging by your reply, I must have emasculated you or you would not have acted on your undeniable urge to lash out. That puts you at the level of an animal…’jack-###’ I would suppose. Oh well, if it makes you feel better.

By the way… for your edification, check out the title of the original post:

Deceptive Tactics-Huge Overcharge”

That has always been the topic. You need to learn to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. Only you deviated from the entitled topic by transversely stating it is the victims fault if they were conned into entering a site designed to deceive.
You know something I'mintheirshoes? I feel like I’m speaking to an autistic, three year old. I wonder if it is actually sinking in…but, I digress.

You’re just going to have to learn to accept and live with the fact that I have forgotten more than you will ever know.
And now…for the THREE B’S:
Be Brief,
Be Good,
Be Gone.
(Wait, or was that five B’s?)
Oh well, it’s been fun.

While your head is swimming with the number of ways you can respond to my post, you will need to invoke some sort of privacy from those who might interrupt your train of thought. Why not display your personal shingle:
“Quiet! Mental Midget At Work”. That ought to do the trick.

You see, you’re just not the mental challenge you believe yourself to be. Try reading more. Take an ethics class (that is a must!) or, if that's too tough for you, try walking on the beach.

Now, take deep, slow breaths and count to 10. Rest assured, I know you gave it your best shot.
Respond if you must (you know you want to) but unlike you, I do have character.

Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 12, 2011 6:31 pm EDT


I guess I have to admit, I should have realized you would find it difficult to swallow that you were actually manipulated. I know it hurts when one must confront the idea they've been “duped”. I was only allowing you some credit that you just might have some-even a little-insight.

Face up to and accept how I made you feel. It is not your fault you feel this way. It is mine and mine alone. Once you realize you’ve been ‘played’ (and I know you have) just maybe, you might get some inkling of what the “would be customers” feel like when they've been 'had' by a scam site such as ‘’. They would be burning under their collars, mad at themselves, and feeling somewhat helpless and embarrassed, that they were victimized in such a deceitful manner, even though it was not their fault. I do know this is how you feel whether you choose to admit it or not. No matter your rhetoric, anyone else who chooses to read our posts will know you've been ‘lead down the garden path’ so that I could make my point.

I know your pride has been hurt but you're going to need to swallow it in order to move on. And I do realize you have better things to do with your time. May I suggest you try to help others who are not as fortunate as you.

Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 12, 2011 3:26 am EDT


Whether you choose to believe it or not, your recent response made my argument. I know you got very upset with me due to my recent affronts which I deliberately directed at you. For those insults I do apologize however, I believed it necessary in order to make my point.

You were deceived into responding to my post. I baited you into replying even though you stated you would not. There is no better way to push someone’s buttons than by verbally assaulting them. This does not make me smarter. It only means I got you to do something I wanted you to do without you realizing it. is also getting people to do what they want them to do without them realizing it. They bait them into their website by using “usps” in their web address along with “change address” in order to have them believe they are going into the United States Postal Service website in order to change their address. I take no responsibility for their intentional act/deception nor should I have to.

Do you now understand how easy it is for people to be manipulated? I’m simply stating that you are unfair to the victims of intentional acts. Hopefully, someone will be there for you when you are taken advantage of. Or, better yet, I hope someone will be there for you to let you know that you may be dealing with a thief. My postings are “Buyer Beware!” That’s what ‘complaintsboard’ is all about. You need to join in.

Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 09, 2011 10:59 pm EDT

"I'mintheirshoes" has not returned to defend the scammers who misrepresent themselves in order to separate us from our money. It appears the belly crawling snake has slithered into his garden of evil.
There are numerous areas on the internet that identifies as a scam . Per the previous article I posted, The United States Postal Service is attempting to have the site shut down.

Here's another article I located:

Look-alike postal service website not the real deal
Written by
Melanie Payne
Consumer Watchdog
6:50 PM, Mar. 23, 2011

Around this time of the year, snowbirds start going home. Jane Miller is one of those folks, packing up her North Fort Myers home and heading north.

She hit a snag on Saturday, however, when she tried to enter a change of address online.

Miller went to the U.S. Postal Service website,, but somehow ended up on, which charged her $40 - $20 for her change-of-address and $20 for her husband, who has a different last name.

Miller had changed her address before at the U.S. Postal Service's online service. So she said she didn't think anything of entering her credit card because the postal service charges for the online service.

But the postal service only charges $1. Miller got two $20 receipts by e-mail. And the confirmation came not from but from what looked like someone's personal gmail account.

Miller canceled the transaction and her credit card company put the account on a fraud watch.

Miller is convinced the postal service site was hacked, diverting her to the rogue site she used.

That's highly unlikely, said spokeswoman Debra Mitchell. More likely, Mitchell said, is that she went to the wrong site, as other customers have done.

Easy to mistake
Mitchell demonstrated to me how easy it was to make this error using Google. None of the top three hits on the page were the U.S. Postal Service official site. And the top site was the one Miller used.

Going to the wrong website can sometimes happen when you make a typo, or use the wrong extension - .com instead of .gov.

If, for example, you want to go to the Internal Revenue Service and put in ".com" instead of ".gov" you wind up at the U.S. Tax Service website. A disclaimer reads: "This site is in no way associated with or endorsed by the United States Treasury Department or the Internal Revenue Service."

Most of the look-alike sites will have a small print warning that you aren't where you want to be. This is true even of the site Miller used for her change of address.

Some sites, however, don't have a warning. These evil-twin websites are designed to look exactly like the IRS or your bank's website, even stealing trademarks and logos. These sites are how people lose logins, passwords and credit card information to scammers or get their computers infected with spy software and viruses.

Even though Internet use is fraught with these types of dangers, I'm not suggesting you give up on it for networking, banking, making purchases or changing your address.

In most cases, online is faster and more accurate and efficient than other methods. But you have to be careful and alert, even if you're an experienced user.

And if you are a snowbird who wants help changing your address, the postal service is holding a seminar at the Bonita Springs Public Library at 11 a.m. today. Call the U.S. Postal Service at [protected].

- E-mail Melanie Payne at, call 344-4772 or write to "Tell Mel, " 2442 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Fort Myers, 33901. Read more at

Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 09, 2011 10:07 pm EDT

I would say that it is a very strong possibility that 'I'mintheirshoes' is a representative of the scamming website ''
For those who are actually here to learn something about, here is a news article I located where the United States Postal Service warns 'would be victims' of this particular site:
US Postal Service Warns About Change of Address Website Scam

By Dianne Derby
Published: April 08, 2011
Gray Court, S.C. --
When David King's 99-year-old mother, Maude, had to leave her home for medical treatment, he went to an online website to change her address.

"I didn't want to have to drive to the post office and go through all that trouble, " said King. "I thought if it's done instantly, it's done."

He said the website he used was He filled out the forms, charged $20 to his credit card to complete the change of address, and assumed everything was being forwarded correctly.

"And then nothing happened and I emailed that address back, " said King.

King said he never got a response to his email asking for a refund.

7 On Your Side also sent an email to the company email address listed on the website, but we did not hear back by the time the story aired.

We figured out how King came across the unofficial change of address website. He googled "" and the very first website that showed up on the top of the page,, is the one he clicked. What he didn't notice was the fine print on that says the site is not affiliated with the United States Postal Service.

The United States Postal Service spokesperson, Harry Spratlin, told us the website is a scam. Spratlin said it charges users $20 for what the postal service's official website only charges $1 to do.

"All they have to have is graphics, they can create their own graphics, " Spratlin said. "In fact, one of these website was using our postal emblem."

Spratlin said the USPS already shut down one of the sites and is working to shut down, too.

"If they are doing this all over the country it needs to be stopped because they are using the US postal service as a means to scam people out of money, " King said

Spratlin said there are are some legitimate websites that provide change of address services. But he said the sites are not affiliated with the USPS and a complete change of address may be done on their official website without risk.

Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 09, 2011 5:45 pm EDT


Again you just don't get it. Climb down from your ‘short bus’, remove your safety helmet and drool cup and I”ll try to talk reeeeaaal sloooww and to the point, so that even you can understand. Rather than posturing on the defensive and slamming victims, as you choose to do, I choose to share my negative experience so that others can be forewarned of this deceitful site. The $30.00 charge is not on my bill and my credit card company has put a stop to any additional charges this crook is attempting to make. Game over, except to warn other potential victims of this scammer. You should try likewise. That is what complaintsboard is for. It is a tool to help others. Try studying up on it. You might even become an asset to society.

School’s over. Now, you may put your safety helmet back on, reset your drool cup, climb back onto your short bus, walk all the way to the back so that we can keep you safe from harm and let the driver take you back to your ‘special needs’ school. I promise I won’t steal your thunder about ‘not wanting to be you.’

For your information, knowledge is gained from experience. I choose to share my experience so that others can gain knowledge. Understand? Oh, well, I guess your short bus has already left. Don’t you just enjoy these little barbs? I know I do.

And I do mean this: Be well and try using your energies to help others.

Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 08, 2011 5:15 pm EDT


You state "Companies can't steal from consumer's if they use due dilligence." I don't know what utopian world you live in or what brand of rose colored glasses you wear, but companies steal from consumers all the time. $30.00 is not a nominal fee when the legitimate website only charges $1.00.
Why do you think and other consumer websites exist to begin with? Why are the courts filled with people suing companies for misrepresentation and stealing? Why do news companies make themselves available to consumers to help them fight individuals and corporations who would take advantage of them or even steal from them? I guess Bernie Madoff is in jail because he was just a nice, misunderstood individual and those people he was convicted of stealing from did not read the fine print before investing their hard earned dollars with him. I would guess your take on this would be, ‘His customers got what they deserved.’

Since you don’t seem to get it, it is common knowledge there are predators on the internet looking for prey. They will use any means possible to capture victims and take their money. is a predator. Just the fact that this person uses “usps” in his website address but is not affiliated with United States Postal Service would tell anyone that he is sucking people into entering into his web expecting it to be the United States Postal Service. That is deceit. There are many other complaints about this website other than mine.

OH, I get it now- your moniker, “I'mintheirshoes” is your way of saying you represent those companies who rationalize their right and ability to steal from society using any means possible.

Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 08, 2011 12:41 am EDT


Isn't it wonderful how you were able to go through the website process step by step, with their customer service department no less, and compare with the actual U.S. website. Unfortunately for me, did not post the differences while I was actually making the change of address.

And, I would guess that you totally missed the part of my complaint where I point out:

"By the way, yesterday my credit card company contacted me and advised that this individual is attempting to put additional charges onto my account. They have put a stop to his attempts and have turned it over to their investigative unit."
Now, why would my credit card company turn this individual over to their investigative unit if were not attempting to perpetrate fraud by charging additional dollars to my card? Wouldn’t you agree that it was fortuitous of me to call my credit card company and complain about this company’s deceptive practice to begin with? Had I not complained, who knows how much money this fraudster would have stolen.

So, you would have complainants believe that is a legitimate business because of their disclaimers. Because of this, you would have us believe it is ok for them to steal our hard earned dollars. There is a need to point out that a disclaimer does not give license to steal. It is illegal to enter into a legal agreement when one party is knowingly trying to steal from the other. is blatantly trying to steal additional dollars from credit cards!

You write, "I am so tired of people whining about the stupidest stuff." May I remind you that whether ‘stuff’ is stupid or not, it is your job to provide customer service to those who require your help. I’m sure your managers have felt it necessary to inform you of this many times (if you actually work for a credit card company). I don't know what credit card company you work for but my credit card company provides a service to protect me from business' such as

Isn’t it odd, that while you claim to work for a credit card company, you would feel the need to take the time and look up ‘’ on “complaints board”. This complaint is not listed under “credit card complaints” which is where you claim your professional background to be. I’m having a difficult time understanding where your vested interest lies in all this unless you are affiliated with

Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 07, 2011 5:32 pm EDT


You must have an awful lot of time on your hands to defend this parasite at While I agree one should accept responsibility for their own actions there are actually people out there who will use any method to take your hard earned money from you by using deceptive tactics. When I looked up 'united states change address' on google, '' was the very first url address on the list. Why would this service use '"usps" in their web address except to deceive an individual in order to have them enter into their website?
My father in law, who was being put into an assisted care facility, was recovering from a near death illness. Obviously, I was in a hurry to have his address changed and this was only one of a number of tasks that needed to be performed as his situation was sudden, very grave and unforeseen. I'm sure you are aware there are a lot of con-artists out there who would take advantage of such a circumstance as well as any number of situations. And yes, some time ago, I have made other changes of address at the proper url address and it did only cost me $1.00. I also know it to be a free service if I go into a U.S. Post Office and fill out the necessary paperwork there. For convenience sake, I chose to do it over the internet.
For your information, I feel it to be my public duty and moral responsibility to forewarn other individuals of this person's devious tactics so they too, can be made aware. If you fell into the web of such a bloodsucker I would hope that you too, would want to help others by using your negative experience to help educate the honest, hard working public and making them aware of such deceptive tactics. I choose to try to help the public. However, it seems you would rather put your efforts into chastising the victim for being stupid.
By the way, yesterday my credit card company contacted me and advised that this individual is attempting to put additional charges onto my account. They have put a stop on his attempts and have turned it over to their investigative unit.
I realize that not many individuals are as smart as you and so are subject to being taken advantage of. I would ask that you put your brain power into helping others who are not quite so gifted. With your help and mine, I'm sure the world would be a much safer and better place for all of us.

Update by TruthNJustice
Apr 07, 2011 2:50 am EDT

Just did a little checking. For those actually interested, evidently the owner of the website may be a con artist. Found several areas addressing this person: Jeffrey S. Keever
One of the sites addressing this:
/link removed/

Complaint review: Change of Address, LLC
Reported By: stopscam123 (brooklyn New York United States of America)
Change of Address, LLC Primary Contact: Mr. Jeffrey S. Keever, Managing Member, Scam Artist and convicted felon, Internet
Change of Address, LLC
11478 Captiva Kay Dr, Florida 33569
Internet Internet [protected]
United States of America
Phone: [protected]

Web Address:

Category: Credit Card Fraud

Submitted: Wednesday, April 06, 2011
Posted: Wednesday, April 06, 2011
Share Company represented itself as USPS. the actual site does not have any disclaimer. any info is in small font and in transparent print. I contacted the site to not charge my card because of their dubious and fraudulent practice. the company charged my card without my approval and also made additional illegal charges without my consent or knowledge. the company has had numerous complaints and when I contacted the owner they informed me that refuse to return the charges they made illegally.

Jeffery Scott Keever has been convicted and served several sentences of larceny and felony. the link below provides all the details The company was registered in feb 2011 and already has a D rating with the BBB of florida

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Apr 07, 2011 11:21 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I work for a credit card company that I cannot name. We had a customer file a dispute with us regarding this company. I was taken step by step through the website process by their customer service department. I am writing to clarify that we did see the disclaimers and compared the official USPS website and’s website. The differences were astounding. There are too many differences on every page for anyone to claim that they did not know it was not the United States Postal Service website.

The customer failed to read the TOS and entered into a binding agreement. His failure to read what he was agreeing to is not grounds for disputing a valid credit card charge. You cannot place a charge on this site by “accident”. It must be a deliberate act and agreed to by each client.

I am not writing this as an employee of a credit card company. I am writing this on my personal time and from my personal computer. When you fail to read what you are agreeing to, it is YOUR fault. I am so bothered by people who don’t pay attention to what they are doing and then call ME expecting ME to correct their screwups. I get yelled at by irresponsible customers all day because they don’t pay attention and legally there is nothing I can do. This isn’t the only site that people try and renege on there financial obligations. It is amazing the stories I hear all day long.

You agreed to pay this money to this site and probably others too. Then when you realize you could have bought an item cheaper or got it for free somewhere else, you want out of the contract. Well buddy, it doesn’t work that way.

I am so tired of people whining about the stupidest stuff. YOU agreed to the TOS. YOU submitted your CC info on a page that has it posted TWICE what you were going to pay! You checked a box that agreed to the TOS before you got the CC page! YOU got yourself into this and now you want your CC company to bail you out?

No deal.


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