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Illegal withdrawal of funds to pay for an unwanted service.

My credit card was charged even though I have not used their service. The card number was supposed to be used only after I agreed to use the service after the trial period. This is fraud as, in Canada, negative option charging is illegal.


the transaction of the amount stated in the receipt below will automatically be processed within the next few days.

Attachment: Your receipt

Customer data:

Mineral Place 1-9
Central Onslow B6L 0E7
Customer Number: [protected]

Invoice line item:
UseNeXT Smart+
06. Mrz.2019 - 06. Mrz.2020 (CET)
Order number: [protected]
Number of items: 1
Unit price: 95, 35 Euro

Net price: 95, 35 Euro
Tax (0% equals): 0, 00 Euro
Total price: 95, 35 Euro

Date of issue: 2019-03-06
Tax ID: DE [protected]

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Your UseNext Team

UseNeXT is a service of Aviteo GmbH

Our address
Josephspitalstrasse 15
80331 Munich

Contact us
+[protected] (US)
[protected]@usenext. de

fraud/ abuse

I cancelled my account with Usenext about 2 years ago after a lot of effort on my part to get out of contract - took maybe 6 months. They make it too hard to cancel! Periodically I would receive notices to renew. I would send them to my spam filter.

Three hours ago I received a notice that they couldn't renew my account because my credit card expired. Ten minutes after that I was sent a notice that they successfully renewed my account for 89 euros and added a dunning charge of 5 euros for not being able to process my card! They provided an order no. of [protected].

I never contacted them after my first nightmare 2 years ago trying to cancel. This is a total scam. I did not order and would not order at any price. Avoid this company at all costs!

data abuse/ fraud

I have not signed up for any of their product use and I was really surprised when they started sending me charges in Euros. I have no idea of these and the bad part is everytime they sending me an e mail it was addressed to Barbara Napier. Their message always starts saying hello Barbara Napier. Please review current charges and please send payment using credit cards. Tried to call them and send them several emails, to cancel my unknown account and they told me to file charges to the local police station and not until then that they will respond to my inquiry. And my account will automatically cancelled not until 6/24/2019. Please help, you're advised is highly appreciated.


Okay, so these scammers, somehow "unknown to me" created 2 accounts, I made one for the trial, but somehow 2 were made..

I cancelled before the 14days, and they say I went 1-2 days over, I never used the accounts, never used the service at all.. Not once have I logged in... And they want me to pay for something I can't afford..

I am disabled, in claim of benefits, have to pay rent and bills and more... They want 212.7 euros... I have no idea what the heck that is.


I've blocked any payments via my bnak.

  • Updated by SanityGaming · May 10, 2018

    claimed i cancelled 1-2 days later after my free trial "2 accounts were made instead of 1" Clearly error on their end or something...

    I'm disabled, I can't pay, i don't work, i have no average income... and they want 2 payments of 106, 35...

    this is disgusting...

sending scam letters demanding payments.

Just ignore those scammers. What a cheap company LOL we noticed that you have not yet paid the current...

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unauthorized payment

They are trying to collect payment from me which i never had services with them and i have sent them letters, emails about this more then 3 times to ask them nicely to stop and sent them the details they asked, but they are failing to comply.

i am contacting my local authorities and my fbi offices to report this as fraud and criminal charges will be brought if they decide not to cease action. they are messing up my credit report cause of something i didn't sign up for.

  • Updated by Xensor · Dec 29, 2016

    They wish to sue me. this is funny. Usenext you wish to leave me alone and just make my bill as a lost. When i am done with you, your gonna be paying me. I am in the United States. You may wanna find our laws before you try it. I have so many laws protecting me. Considering I never signed up. it automatically made me unreliable for your lost. It also makes me not required to comply with anything you demand. So i suggest you learn real quick, i plan on making sure everyone knows what your plans are. I will be sharing the email as well as the other emails i sent that you said i never sent.

  • Updated by Xensor · Jan 04, 2017

    Still no reply. Aw how sad. Specially since they wish to threaten me with a lawsuit. Sad part is, they will have to face me in the courts of The United States. They will not win. I already been talking to my lawyer and a attorney. They both said this company is just wasting money. if they want to do that, at least waste it in a good way. They could be paying me for wasting my time with their bull####.

    UseNext, I am not like the others you try to forcing into paying you. I fight back. I love fighting big corporations. I fought paypal, swagbucks (prodege, llc). I won both. I will win this one to. you have a 10% of winning against me. i have 90% of winning against you. Those odds are not in your favor. Your best bet is to do as i requested.

    I have given you a formal cease of action that included: cease the letters for collections of payment for something i did not sign up for and to remove my information. You have failed. That is a privacy law broken in the europe and united States. In the united States you can face a charge up to min 5k and 15k max. You can also face jailtime for that in the united states. I know europe is strict on that to as well. Is it not funny how i happen to know my laws.

    its not hard tho. I work around police officers and attorneys. I can ask any question about laws and such as i wish. They enjoy helping me out.

    Your attorney does not even know that he is setting you and him/herself up for failure. If your attorney really knew the U.S laws. He/She would of told you to remove my info and forget this whole mess. That you will lose. But i forgot, you think cause you have money, you would win. it be a civil case also. Meaning a attorney would be even more useless.

    Bye Bye usenext. I will enjoy waiting for a reply. Which i know, you won't even follow through with your threat.

  • Updated by Xensor · Jan 13, 2017

    so now they are turning to giving fake contact information.

    UseNext please. Give it up with me. Your not gonna win. I will bury you if you do not stop with me. I already been digging. I got some fun intel that would be bad to use against you. Including evidence of past cases of you doing what you are trying to do with me. You wish you could be good. But you have no legal grounds in the United States. So I really suggest removing everything about me and act like I never existed.

    Still nothing from your attorney, which been over a week. Which means you are not even doing anything. If you do not cease action and cease letters, I will send a lenghty letter to you about what actions I will take.


Signed up for a period using PayPal, Decided not to renew, and canceled auto-renewal through PayPal. When...

internet service

Be very careful of this company. They are offering a free trial which if you forget and don't cancel at the end of it they'll charge you over a $100 for a year subscription. Apparently there is no recourse you can take. Cancelling the account right after you get the notification email does nothing. They will not reimburse you! If you go through PayPal they are no help either and you can try to put a stop payment on your banking account, but since this company is international there is no guarantee that you'll ever see your money again. Not sure if there is any recourse with a credit card company, but I wouldn't want to take the chance that they'll do any better getting your money back.

They will send you no notice that your free trial is coming to an end. I find most reputable companies will send you an email alerting you to the end of a free trial. They bank on you forgetting about having it. My advice to people is to avoid this company. If they are sending you emails to try them out, delete them. From what I understand there are more reputable companies that are in the same market as UseNext that are not trying to rip you off!

wrongfully demanding payment

UseNeXT customer number 9791352

In the beginning of October 2015 I signed up to UseNeXT and cancelled my subscription prior to the 14 day free trial ended. I heard nothing and then €95.35 EUR was taken directly out of my Paypal account. I lodged a claim with Paypal and explained the above, Paypal refunded my money. Then UseNeXT again took that amount out of my Paypal account! I had to file another claim! I explained everything again and Paypal refunded me. NOW UseNeXT sent me a warning email and a postal letter stating I owe them €106.35 EUR. I have contacted them with the above information, and they are still demanding this money I do not owe them! I am very stressed out about this and do not know what to do

Now they are demanding EUR176.55

  • Xe
    Xensor Dec 29, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they are trying to sue me for not having a account with them and will not pay 200 usd to them. they did not like the fact that my country is protecting me with laws. since they refused to answer my last email, they are the ones who was at wrong for not replying. also since i am in the united states, they will not win against me. i can also get them for identity theft and for scam, fraud and racketeering. which means they may not leave the country as they will be placed in jail.

    my suggest to this company is to leave me alone before they find out what some major companies in my country found out about me did. they almost lost a big battle with me and decided to compose a agreement.

    if they want me to compose one, then it would be that they take the bill and make it disappear. idc how, they just need to know i am not paying something i did not sign up for. If i would of then that is different. but i never signed up. i noticed that there was a transaction on paypal, cancelled it and contacted paypal about it.they was willing to help me resolve any remaining issues revolving around the usenext.

    i even contacted usenext informing them i did not sign up for anything with them and why am i getting a bill from them. they claimed that i signed up for a trail and never did cancel. but how can i cancel if i never signed up.

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wrongfully demanding payment

UseNeXT customer number 9791352 In the beginning of October 2015 I signed up to UseNeXT and cancelled my...

debt collection

I have been a customer of Usenext for a number of years, my account was always paid on time. I cancelled the service earlier this year with the intention of restarting it after a few months. As a result of timing issues in between cancelling the paypal payment and cancelling with Usenext I owed a months subscription of EUR 9.95. I am now dealing with a debt collection agency so that Usenext can recover EUR 9.95. This is a deplorable business practice. Well done Usenext, not only have you lost a customer but a quick google search reveals that there are many many potential customers lost as a result of your unethical business practices. Your reputation is starting to precede you.

  • Gs
    gslope Jul 03, 2015

    I too was a UseNext customer for about 7 years. I stopped using them because the content became garbage, and that garbage was loaded with malware. When my subscription period was over this year, I did not renew. About two months after I stopped my subscription, I got a collection email telling me I owe them 155 Euros. I replied that I will spend $1000 fighting them for trying to get money for nothing. Just like the comment above, I can't believe how completely UNETHICAL UseNeXT has become. I guess when you're desperate, you will go to ANY lengths.

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I have received a demand letter from Aviteo requesting 91.13 EURO. I had to do extensive research of who they are and why they are contacting me. It appears they are an affiliate of UseNeXT which is a site for downloading pirate software. I have never subscribe to UseNeXT, didn't hear about them until I research Aviteo which lead me to UseNeXT. I will not pay for something I did not subscribe to, nor would ever subscribe to. It is now fair that a company makes a product, then UseNeXT distributes the software illegally - when sends people who have never heard of them demand letters.

  • Ge
    geromecarde Jul 29, 2014

    I was month to month at $15 & decided not to use their service. Now I'm being harassed by a collection agency & went up to $60. I stopped using their service because it was unlawful to download bootleg music, video's, etc & thought was legit before I joined. Plus there are a lot of virus that infect your computer.

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The gave me 14 days free trial to theyr Web Site. After some days I paid access for a one...

never use them

Once you sign up you MUST give a credit card.

It states you have 14 days to cancel however if you use your gigs during that first day and you want to cancel, you are not allowed to do so. It will give you an error when you try to cancel.

This will result in you forgetting about the account and then being charged $115.00 for the year which you will never use.

  • Av
    Aviteo Ltd. Nov 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Christine K,

    First of all we are very sorry if you had any problems with our service.
    Since we are keen on clarifying any misunderstandings we would like to give some explanations about the trial period and payment methods of UseNeXT.

    After signing up at, you enter the free trial period which lasts for 14 days. As mentioned several times during the sign up process as well as in the TOS (which have to be accepted by the customer) you have to cancel our service during the trial period if you do not want your membership to be converted into a paid contract. You can cancel anytime via fax, support inquiry or simply by using the cancel button in the member area. In case of technical problems you can contact us 24 hours via Support Hotline or the Contact Form of our Online Support.

    Concerning the payment methods: you can choose between Credit Card and PayPal, so you don’t have to give a Credit Card!

    However, since we highly value customer satisfaction and are constantly trying to make our service as easy and transparent as possible, we would like to ask you to send an e-mail describing your problem to [email protected] We will then try to find a satisfactory solution.

    Best regards,
    Your UseNeXT Team

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taken payment after cancellation

I had a 14 day trial with this company and cancelled it the next day so I would never be charged in-case I...

use net is robber

I found this topic through a Google search, as I've just been swindled out of around £80. This is after their supposedly 'free' 14-day trial, which also cost me around £1 or so.i just want to trail them service?who give you the permission that take my paypal money automatically?

  • Zh
    zhaojichengreal May 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dont talk the terms and conditions with me.i never see such company.

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  • Zh
    zhaojichengreal May 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Take this money to go do your mom Mai Guancai

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  • Zh
    zhaojichengreal May 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    if they said ### you monther you will accept it

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  • Av
    Aviteo Ltd. May 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We would like to apologize for any inconvenience you had with UseNeXT.
    To make sure it is clear what our service is all about we would like to explain what UseNeXT is and how it works. UseNeXT is an usenet provider which comes with easy and safe software to enter the worldwide network of the usenet. It is fairly simple to gain access: all you have to do is signing up on our website and you can start.
    The first 14 days, the so called trial period, are completely for free and you can check out all about our program. During the trial period you can cancel your membership any time. If you do not cancel, your account will automatically be recharged -in accordance with the terms of the contract - with our smallest yearly package, the UseNeXT 30+.
    It is not our intention to give incorrect or untruthful information on our website or hide anything referring to the trial period or the contracts.

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  • Zh
    zhaojichengreal May 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    but you take me £80.who give you the permission to take me so much money?

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  • Zh
    zhaojichengreal May 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    f*u*c*k the b*i*t*c*h company

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it is not free


auto charging on credit card

Once you sign up you MUST give a credit card. It states you have 14 days to cancel however if you use your...

fraudulent claims

I was charged for a membership for unlimited free downloads to a site for movies and music downloads, and in fact there is no site and the software doesn't even work.

  • We
    web54 Mar 04, 2009

    i was a usnext user for 7 years till i was hit in 1 week with 3 charge each for 250 gig a cost to me of 99$ tring to resolf the problem was inposeble for 3 riesens
    1 first contaced with support truh internet was taking 3 days after the fisrt overcharge the send this
    You informed us that someone might be using your account without your permission.

    We advise you to do the following:

    1. Please scan your computer for viruses. You can use the free software from
    2. Afterwards, change your e-mail address in your member area.
    3. Change the password of your member area ("My details" --> "My password") 4. After you have done points 1-3, contact us again so that we can create a new software password for you.

    Please note that steps 1-3 are obligatory before we can create a new password for your software!
    after following there advice i was charge the same day a other overcharge of 250gig and this with a new pass word with in 24 hours till i contaced my bank there was a 3th charge of 250gig on my account and i was not be able to cancel my account from the software and no way to get in contaced with support the just hung up my calls i think is there a way to take actions some how please send info to my e-mail ad [email protected] .com

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  • Di
    Dizzy473 Aug 02, 2009

    I tried the free trial of usenext over 2 years ago and while ok wasn't exactly what I was looking for so cancelled before the end of the "free" trial.

    A few weeks ago I get an e-mail reminding me I owe them just over £100. Go to usenext and log in to the account I cancelled. Turns out it wasn't cancelled with no way to prove that I in fact cancelled during the free trial. They wait 2 YEARS before sending me a payment demand, no other communication during that time at all. I respond explaining my side of things and asking them to clarify a few points, next e-mail I receive is from a debt collection agency.

    A nice big bill for something I've never used. Save yourself grief and stay the hell away from these cowboys.

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  • Fe
    felix gonzales Jun 28, 2010

    I just got hit witha $101.68 charge from usnext i signed up for the trial 14 days after the first 5 gig it wouldnt let me download any more so i upgraded to the 10.05 for one month and it let me continue downloading so i thought everything was ok WRONG they said i never purchased this i called the and they say i was using the free download mode so then whats the point in being charged 101.68 that you can down load for free, and i never kliked on the free down load mode i down loaded about 35 gigs and they had no record of it they said i only downloaded 5 these guys are thiefs stay away from usenext

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  • Da
    David Rogers Jan 05, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cease and desist IMMEDIATELY sending billing notices or demands for payment to anyone associated with the following email address:
    [email protected]

    further scams will be referred to the appropriate US legal authorities
    David Rogers

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