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Aerobics and Fitness Association of America

1750 E. Northrop Blvd., Suite 200
United States - 85286-1744

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Plus Complaints & Reviews / group certification practice test

May 09, 2019

I have my Group Fitness Instructor exam scheduled for tomorrow, so I am of course going through my practice exams. AFAA should know that there is a huge mistake in one of their questions: Which of the following is a function of blood? Select one: a. Immunity b. Filtration c. Digestion d... / no customer service

Apr 08, 2016

There is absolutely no customer service! I called them many times almost every day regarding my issue and they never picked up! I wasted so many time just trying to get in touch with someone from Afaa and when they finally picked up the phone the rep was very rude and impolite. He told... / fake promises about refund

Mar 13, 2014

I applied for aerobic courses on the website But due to personal and health problems, I needed to cancel this and contacted the owner and coach. He promised to return money, but he didn’t provide any confirmation email I already contacted him, but he only promised to...