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They are disgusting

A number of complaints about them may terrify. Don't risk your money and never subscribe for their free...

Completely useless!

PeopleSmart is totally useless!! I needed to find a persons address and other contact details so I decided to try this website. I paid $5 for the service and found nothing. There was a phone number which did not even work!
When I contacted PeopleSmart customer service they said that if I need more detailed information I have to pay some extra money. I asked how much it was and they said $50!
What a scam!

Service for finding addresses and background checks

I opted for a one time only charge of .95 cents with a free 7 day trial. This company charged me 19.95/mo. when I caught up with them for several months. I called my bank, blocked them, and canceled my card. I just found out that they are recharging me using my new card. The bank allows auto withdrawals to come from wherever you have money. They didn't seem to understand that when I canceled my card, I canceled them. I thought that they were scamming me out of a monthly charge, but when I called them, they said that it is in the contract that I okayed. I would never have and I mean never have opted for a call to cancel deal! I mean NEVER! This is a very devious business practice. They finally cancelled me. The bank went into dispute over the charges, but did say that it was up to People Smart. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!

unauthorized charges

I woke up sick one morning and had to contact my supervisor, but didn't know his number. Unfortunately I used my credit card to pay a dollar or so for a one time info lookup. It wasn't much help. Now almost a year later I discover they have been charging me $19.95 per month for membership. I called the number and they agreed to refund as much as three months but insisted I had signed up. She pointed out that they had sent an email each month before charging me, but the emails look like solicitations to join and don't mention that I'm already a member. One says that I can join for about three dollars a month. When you search the web for you get almost all peoplesmart company sites.

  • Di
    Diana Arnold Dec 10, 2016

    I accessed people smart .com website and canceled order within 7 days and they have charged my account 19.95. I want the fee renmbursed to my bank immediately. Do not take any further fees from this point on.
    Diana Arnold

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They get your credit card number and they will bill you 19.95

Reverse phone number lookup shoyld be called reverse phone number lookout. If you want to determinbe who owns a number, t his web site says you can do that with a 95 cent charge, , , , 90 % off the normal 19.95 month subscription price.. If you opt to do the the fine print at the page bottom, This is really a 7 day trail offer and if you dont cancel the service in 7 days your credit card willl be billed 19.95. The scam is: they get your credit card number and they will bill you 19.95 ffor a longer term subscription which you probaly do not want. This type of info used to be free on the internet and now this comnpany is taking advantage of someone wanting to lookup one number... and many will not read the fine priint or will not call back to cancel...Not illegal here but irresponsilble sales tactics.

  • Jo
    John man Feb 13, 2014

    This company has been charging my paypal account $19 a month without my permission thier last charge resulted in insuffiencent funds in my bank account

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Stay away from this website

Was looking for an address for onetime charge of $1.95 on feb. 13---got charged for that. On feb 20 th --- was charged for $39.95 . I want the $39.95 taken off. I only wanted the one address .

  • Iron Muffin Oct 25, 2012

    if you're incapable of reading the terms and conditions of what you are agreeing to you should staay away from the internet.

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False Advertising -Scam

I paid 39.95 for a full Background Check on someone but received only past addresses and false employment history for the person I was requesting it for; a service that was advertised for $1.95. The person I was requesting information about spent time in prison, but the Background Check said no criminal record. It also gave false information about her employment, as if they took someone else's information and just pasted it in. I will definitely report this company to the Better Business Bureau and will monitor my bank statements carefully to make sure I'm not billed $39.95 twice for a $1.95 service. I only wish I would have read these complaints BEFORE using People Smart!!!

  • Ch Jan 02, 2012

    Hi Gloria,
    At PeopleSmart, we use the top data providers and public records sources, but even these sometimes fail to include full information about a person, for a variety of reasons. We have issued a refund and emailed a confirmation to you. If we can be of further assistance, please contact our friendly customer service team directly at [email protected] or 1-888-813-0008. Sincerely, Chelsea –

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  • Te
    Terry Laney Jul 28, 2015

    Payed for 1 month service $!9.95 8/28/2014 used 1 time found out they have been charging me every month since then up to 7/28/2015 without my consent called them said they could only refund up to 90 days which leaves me out $159, 00 for a service I never used and never signed up for RIPOFF !. Filed complaints with FTC, as well as California Attorney general and Americans with disabilities since I am crippled. They out right embezzled my money. For a non service Asked then to check there servers guarantee my IP will not show up proveing I never used the service after the initial payment.Terry S. Laney

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Tried to charge an annual fee

I paid the 1.95 fee for a report to which I never finished the process of getting the report. After reading these comments, I called them and told them that I did not want the report because I din not want my credit card charged for the annual fee. I proceeded to tell the man on the phone that I thought this was a scam and that they should make things clearer about the annual fee. I asked him about the 7 day Free Trial and he said that I had to register for the trial:. I thought that was what I did when I paid for the one report;. I proceeded to tell him that the company should not scam people like that|. He told me that it is stated twice in the initial activation?. I would consider myself a smart person and do not see how I ncould have missed it both times along with so many other people whom I'm sure are just as smart|. Long story short, I told him I did not even want the report or anything to do with this company and he was very nice and immediately credited my account he said, . I have not received the money back yet but will be checking daily'. My advice is to not subscribe to this company as they are too misleading!!!

  • Km
    KM Teeter Sep 20, 2011

    Same thing happened to me. I always read these things and assumed the $1.95 was for the phone/name search access. Then all of a sudden $39.95 (annual membership) shows up in PAYPAY for PeopleSmart. Disputed charges with PAYPAL and charges were refunded to PAYPAL account. Did not like the lack of clarity in the PeopleSmart site. This has only happened to me this one time in all the years I access these services, CAUSE I READ BEFORE CLICKING. They got me this time, but was resolved by PayPal. Thanks PayPal.

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did not deliver unlimited access as promised

purchased this service that promised unlimited reverse phone look up and was charged 34.95, then I was given only 25 crediys which was good for 1 look up, and it wasn't the person I was looking for, but a dead lady passed away 5 years so obviously they are vulturing old records and unable to provide anyone with legitimate current info, plus it is more money each time you want to look, not unlimited as they advertise! any internet business associated with CLICKBANK ( the hidden affiliate is a SCAM SCAM SCAM

Ripped me off

I also was looking for someone and never signed up for the membership and ws charged $1.95 four days later i was checking my balance online at my bank and was also charged $35.40 now i have to file a dispute with my bank im glad i checked or i would of had overdraft fees along with the 35.40 i should of not been charged.i also reported People Smart to the BBB.they are people smart alright when it comes to ripping people off.i hope somebody somehow puts a stop to these people before they take advantage of more people like us.if i would of know i was going to becharged 35.40 i would of never used this company.people beware .

Background Report

PeopleSmart is fundamentally dishonest in many ways. The website claimed I would be given a full background...


I got ripped off too, but I called [protected] (number listed in someone else's post below) and when I...

Unauthorized Charge

I checked my Pay Pal transaction history and I found People Smart had made an unauthorized charge on my account. On 01/27/11 I made two authorized payments to People Smart totaling $69.90 for a one year unlimited search. However, on 02/03/11 an additional charge of $35.40 appeared on my account with no explanation.

People Smart has agreed too refund $65.35. I am no longer a member but they still owe me $39.95. They have offered no explanation why they made that additional charge. Pay Pal has no explanation why they okayed that unauthorized transaction.

  • Ka
    Karl123 Feb 16, 2011

    I was searching for an address of a friend of mine. On the internet I found Peoplesmart... this is an information company. You can be come a member for ~$40 or get a single address for $1.95. I used paypal to pay $1.95 for a single search only. Their web site clearly said:
    Don't want to become a member... That's okay. You can view the results ... by purchasing a one time report.
    One week later they charged me ~$40 via my Paypal account.
    I always thought, that someone needed my password to authorize a payment with paypal... apparently not. does NOT have my password, but apparently anybody can draw money from my Paypal account for any or no reason. This is very alarming, since Paypal deduct this money from my bank account. Someone can steal every penny I got and there is nothing I can do about it.
    I have attached a Word document, which clearly shows (screen shots) that Peoplesmart is stealing...

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  • Ka
    Karl123 Feb 21, 2011

    PayPal refunded my money, but they sent me this e-mail:
    We’ve finished our investigation of your dispute.
    This payment is an authorized transaction of a billing agreement.
    We have issued a refund of the payment(s). The credit will either post to
    your PayPal account balance or the credit card used to make the payment.
    Because this payment is the result of a billing agreement that was set up, we suggest you contact the merchant to make sure your account with them is secure.


    Despite the fact, that they refunded my money, I am not satisfied.
    They called it an authorized charge... I have overwhelming proof, that I did NOT authorize the charge.
    Unfortunately this complaints board does not allow me to upload higher resolution images.
    Obviously now I cannot use PayPal any longer, because they called me a fool and a liar.
    I also urge you to be careful, your Paypal account is NOT as safe as you think. A company can charge you without your knowledge or your password... just like a credit card.

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  • Lo
    LOBECK May 02, 2013

    I too was shocked when this company had opened an open ended account through my Pay Pal account. To add to this they accessed my linked checking account which was not my preferred method of payment, my more secure credit card was. I had only signed up for a one time search for $19.95 . I found their report to be outdated regarding addresses and work history and totally useless not worth $19.95 not to mention because of them opening an unauthorized open ended account with my Pay Pal I am beyond alarmed . Pay Pal needs to drop this merchant for their deceptive about safe and secure transactions!

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  • Zo
    Zosimo Largo Sep 26, 2015

    On 9/25/15, I called your office concerning my email, 6/15/15, please read it. She, Amy told me that I am still a membership of People Smart until I told her to cancel it. In that letter, I asked for a full refund of $240, the fact that all certified and regular letter I sent to 3 different people were returned to me for incorrect address. My membership was cancelled on 6/10/15, also when I asked for a full refund my membership ceases.

    Therefore, I've been paying $24.95 monthly (including double membership fees) from November 2014 until October 2015 for a period of 10 months. It is understood that my email on 6/15/15 was ignored. Calculated to be $240.00 (plus 3 months 3x$24.95 equals or 74.85) or $314.85. For this reason, I am asking a full refund. Send to me in money order address: 2510 Leprechaun St., Houston, TX 770127.

    Zosimo Largo

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