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We have been receiving harassing phone calls from a company called US Pharmacy off and on for about two years now...these individuals (who all have middle eastern accents) are attempting to sell phamaceuticals to our household. The calls come in from early morning until evening time...I have received up to 7 - Yes, 7!! - calls in one day. I have demanded that these people put me on their Do Not Call list - but they never do. Today, after hanging up on the individual, they called back twice; I let the call go to voicemail...the actually left messages, making lewd and X-rated vulgarities toward us - it was unbelieveable! Then, the "manager" called, threatening to call both the FBI and police on us, and threatening to take me to court because he didn't like the way I spoke to his employee. I wish they WOULD take me to court - they I could finally find out who they really are and SUE THEM!!! We can't block their calls from our lines bc their numbers are always "unavailable". This is America...why can't we do something about this???? How in God's name are these people getting away with this? Has anyone ever bought from them? If so, please share anything you know about this company (address and phone number) so we can stop this people! What they are doing is AGAINS THE LAW!!!


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    Donny122 Apr 20, 2012

    By the way, I know lot of these individuals are from India or Pakistan (Majority from India). This is a good way to tick them instead of just cussing. Tell them that you just F*** their COW today and also had a good steak - COW is sacred in India to them and almost like GOD they don't eat it and worship them so this will tick them. Another if that doesn't work tell them that you will sneak pork in their food considering they may be from Pakistan instead.

    Also, if you don't want to mess with them since they called and if you have their good number call them from GMail phone so your actual phone number doesn't show and mess with them. They are probably using GMail accounts to harass you as well that is why the numbers are awkward.

    Below are some numbers I have recently compiled - Feel free to add to this list and have fun calling these people from GMail or Skye as you will be anonymous. Some of these numbers will work so lets all turn the tables on them!

    In addition, to help others keep collecting their numbers and posting here and block all these numbers on your phone (if your phone has the capability to block):

    more numbers added from other complaints...

    509 221-3648

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  • Ba
    BANK DEFENDERS Feb 20, 2018

    @Donny122 ADD 3146669790

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  • Sc
    Schana Taylor Mar 06, 2018

    @Donny122 Add 412-368-0069 called me today. It was an unenthusiastic American female.

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  • Ti
    Tiffanye44 Jul 12, 2018

    @BANK DEFENDERS I get about 5 to 10 calls from them daily. I tell them to stop calling me. They will hang up and call me from a different number. I am so tired of them. This a harassment. ADD numbers 201-487-6256 and 201-472-25889.

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  • Me
    Melis1001 Jan 31, 2019

    @Donny122 Most of the numbers they call off of do not work when you try to call back. They left a voicemail with a number that does work. After many many phone calls to them to let them know how it feels my calls have stopped. The number that works is 929-999-1215. I would give it a try but be prepared for threats and course language of the worst time until they realize they can't scare you off and try to apologize.

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  • To
    Todd Jacobs Mar 18, 2019

    @Donny122 "Tell them that you just [censored] their COW today and also had a good steak - COW is sacred in India to them and almost like GOD they don't eat it and worship them so this will tick them."

    So you're strategy is to utilize incredibly juvenile antics and also offend someones religion... Let's instead respond to these phone calls as adults instead of idiots.

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  • An
    Annette Upson Jul 27, 2019

    @Donny122 831.211.4509, 747.212.5847, 916.212.7485, 442.212.9286, 719.211.4957, 239.212.8745, 310.211.8527,
    310.211.8527, 567218.8194, 567.211.8594, 471.294.5163, 417.294.2182, 417
    935.1992, 816.927.4237, 832.551.8094, 757.724.6887. I guess we are not the only ones having so much fun answering the phone. What the heck can we do??

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  • St
    steve rodgers Aug 07, 2019

    @Donny122 I receive at least 10 calls a day from us pharmacy. I finally starting calling one of the main numbers 707-662-4090 every time I receive a call from one of their bogus numbers. It is the cell phone of one the their telemarketers. I keep telling them, that I will call them everytime I get a call, unless they remove me from their list. They havent removed my number yet, however they are getting extremely pissed getting my calls. I even send a fax a few times a day to that number just to annoy them. then text them asking if they are ready to remove me yet. Its only been a couple of days, but I'm actually glad to annoy them like they annoy me. I think everyone that gets daily calls should join me in harassing them back

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  • Fu
    F***USPharmacy May 03, 2012

    Yeah I get these calls daily asking if I want Viagra or some other type of pills. Ive asked to be removed from their lists. I've explained that I'm a very healthy 30+ man not in need of their drugs, yet still get a phone call 5-9 times a week. This past week they have been calling from a NY 212 number. (212) 777-3456 -- it's annoying and I'm not sure when the calls will ever stop.

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  • Br
    brucew2222 Jul 18, 2012

    *** These 'people' are RUTHLESS. They are SICK and NOT to be trusted whatsoever. I just received ANOTHER CALL from them TODAY, on JULY 18th, 2012 (numbers they have called me from are listed below). I ALREADY have 3 different attorney names who handle HARASSMENT cases like this. I am PLANNING to SUE them. As others on here, I have ALSO told them to TAKE ME OFF their Call List and they do NOT. I am HAPPY to ADD ANY INDIVIDUALS who have ALSO been HARASSED by 'U.S. Pharmacy, ' to FILE a CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT with me. I WILL CHECK BACK to see ANY replies regarding this. Thank you. ***
    AREA CODES and NUMBERS they have called me from ARE:
    (201) 340-1017
    (201) 340-1013
    (201) 340-1026
    (201) 340-1010
    (706) 805-1173
    (908) 581-0317
    (981) 952-527 (NO last digit)

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  • Br
    brucew2222 Jul 18, 2012

    Please Note regarding MY ABOVE COMMENT: I did NOT swear and DON'T know why there are CHARACTERS in my 1st Sentence. Here is what my 1st Sentence Says: "These so-called people are RUTHLESS. They are SICK and NOT to be trusted whatsoever."

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  • Re
    redhawk14821 Feb 23, 2015

    Here is their direct number 831 387 1726 feel free to call them repeatedly...

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  • El
    Elizabeth Whitler Jul 27, 2015

    I am even on the "Do Not Call List" and still these cretins still call. I wish I could spray bug killer into my phone and erradicate these infectious insects.

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  • Je
    Jea Perry Aug 05, 2015

    I too receive these calls on a daily basis. The calls seem to have gotten worse after my mom passed away last December. I have cursed, screamed, been calm (in the beginning), and nothing seems to work. For lack of a better words, these people are you know what. Yes, they are foreign. They definitely do not like it when you call them names. I read a comment above to make comments about meat. I'm going to try that. I have reported all these numbers to the FCC and apparently, they can't or won't do anything either. Yes, this is the U. S. and you would think something could be done, but NO. I have even thought of changing my number. This harassment is enough to make you stress out and sick. If there is a real company called U S Pharmacy, you would think they would push to try and do something. I would not be surprised if they have hired a call center in India (so the you know what said he was from). I am at my wits end.

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  • Jo
    John Gra Oct 08, 2015

    These swine have been calling me for 15 years! Ive tried everything you can think of to get them to stop. One of the guys told me straight out, that they cannot remove me from their list and they will not stop calling me. I told them Id file a complaint with the FBI and they laughed at me. One would think at this point, that one of our government agencies or officials could contact someone in India and get this stopped. Maybe someone should gather as many government officials phones numbers together and offer them up to USAA pharmacy in India and see how quickly they put a stop to these swine. What is very sad, last week I received yet one of their many calls and hit redial. The out going message I received was from someone in Texas whose phone number they hi-jacked and were using to block their actual number. The man gave a complaint number to the FCC but it doesnt seem there is much anyone can or is willing to do at this point.

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  • Po
    Poop! Nov 05, 2015

    The point where I started looking forward to these calls was when I realized they were a captive audience, and I was an "actor". Now when they call the person interacts with my "characters"; a Southern Baptist Minister, a very old, very hard of hearing octogenarian, a parent who mistakes the US Pharma person for their son (or daughter). It has become a most delightful acting exercise, and my blood pressure no longer goes skyhi when they call.

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  • Re
    Reviewer56257 Dec 02, 2015

    I have been receiving phone calls from several phone numbers out of my area they say they are US pharmacy. A recent number 214-810-9912 has been calling several times I explained to them I have complained to authorities and am on the national do not call registry. They are rude and then hang up. This is violation of my privacy we need to stop them from harassing people day in and day out.

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  • Al
    Alma Perez Jul 07, 2018

    @Reviewer56257 I Agree! I am a 16 year old girl. It is so uncomfortable receiving calls from people trying to sell me medication.

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  • Fa
    Fallende Jan 26, 2016

    I just need them to stop! They keep calling from different phone numbers and even after asking them every single time to take me off the list the calls continue.

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  • Je
    Jeff Hartman Feb 03, 2016

    I am finding after years of harassment from them that if you insult them and use vulgar language the calls are tailing off.

    When they identify themselves, I ask them if they like f***ing cows, and if they eat the cow after they f*** it> They hang up on me, and I think "that person" will not call me anymore.'s just a matter of insulting enough of them until they all stop calling.

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  • Ro
    Robert LoPinto Feb 09, 2016

    I have been receiving ph. calls from these no good, unethical, slime bucket Indians ( most of the time US Pharmacy) for approx. 2 years . Sometimes 10 -15 calls a day. I continuously curse at them and they curse back at me or laugh. They have promised to take me off there phone list but they LIE. I will not give in to them and change my phone #.I still can not believe this is happening to Americans in our country and nobody is taking any action. If anyone knows of an attorney to take on this Drug co. for harassment and am willing to go in with them. Please get in touch with me, [email protected]

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  • @#%&?? Jul 07, 2016

    My husband passed away 9/25/14, I have told them this, offered a death certificate, cussed them, told them it upsets me because I'm his widow, told them repeatedly I don't take medication, even said I was him & they call 5+ times a day! They have assured me they will take me off their call list, offered their condolences & today told me it is computer generated so there is no way to take me off their list!! I think I'll try the f*** cow thing!

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  • Mn
    mnlmomie Dec 01, 2016

    I started receiving these calls for the past few months, all from the exact same person, the first call the man told me he had my Viagra script and I told him I didn't have one, as he was insistant that I did I told him I would be okay if he wasn't to take it for his own personal use. (not thinking anything of it and hung up the phone) A few weeks later the same man called me back calling me by my first name, I replayed with that I didn't have time for his nonsense and hung up on him again. I few weeks later he called again, Mind you all were from different numbers as I wouldn't answer when he would call back with the same number. He has done this every few weeks. He no longer talks about medication but yet his obsession with me. He even went as far as telling me that he wanted to F*** me! I was in shock that some person that I have no clue who he is was speaking to me this way. I hung up on him and he call me 4 other times in a row. he called a few more times on the in between, yesterday he called me again and for the first time my other half happened to be home, granted I heard him coming and decided to keep the guy talking to me until he got into the house... My husband then proceeded to tell him to never call our house again and all these other not so nice things, all the man kept asking was how does he know me and asking if he was my brother! He called 4 other tames in a row after my husband hung up on him. He called again this afternoon from the same number so I didn't answer, and then another 4 time while I wasn't home but he spoke with my husband! This man will NOT leave me alone and if freaking me out to the max!! He even went as far as telling me that he was watching my facebook and Instagram! I know neither of that was correct, because my Facebook is set to private and I don't do Instagram! Anyone have a creeper quite like this one??? I am in hopes that this isn't just my luck, and that they guys get off on making young house wives scared! He told me that he took my name and number out of the system so no one else could call me other then him! I am freaked out and not sure what to do! I have contacted the local police and the phone company but not sure what else I can do. Anyone have any advise?

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  • @#%&?? Dec 02, 2016

    My husband died 2 yrs ago, I offered a death certificate to take him out of their system, begged, told them how upsetting it was for them to keep asking for him. I was told they couldn't take him off the call list unless they talked to him, I wished them luck with that! There is an app now that the # in caller id can be different than the # called from! WHY is this legal in the USA? WHY can nothing be done about these harassing a-holes? I have started asking if I can pray for them, I'm sorry they can't get a real job, they hang up but don't stop calling! Do Not Call List doesn't work on them! If ANYONE can advise us PLEASE DO!

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  • Le
    Len Kowalski Feb 17, 2017

    I get called everyday, at least 3 times. I have asked the FBI to help but they say they really can not stop them. How about our phone companies. They can tell these calls are coming from overseas. Why can't they do something about the #### hiding their phone numbers? I do like the idea about cows. I am not a rude person and I always ask them to take me off the list, but it is a waste of breath. I think the US government should help get these people stopped. My neighbor ordered a lot of VIAGRA with a fake charge card number. He never said he was buying anything so he made sure not to break any laws. He gave an address to where he worked and they sent the product to them. No return address and no phone number included. The charge card he gave was a combination of numbers and letters so anyone who has a charge card knows that it is a fake. The peddlers were so happy to get an order they sent the pills without checking the card. My neighbor took the pills to a pharmacy and found they were sugar coated candy. He sent all the info to the FBI but that was a year ago and he has heard nothing. So, he changed his phone number to stop the calls but guess what, he got a call the next day from US Pharmacy anyway. The phone companies have to get involved. They are the only one who can help.

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  • Li
    linda tedford Mar 01, 2017

    Yes, they are calling from India, on phone numbers that American companies sell to them. The numbers are ones that are put on a dead number list when for some reason the phone company decided that it should not be reissued to anyone here in the US. There are various reasons for doing this. If you and I really want to end this, we should bug the govt. to pass a bill that makes it a federal offense to sell the dead numbers to anyone, especially to foreign countries like India. If you are reading this and know how to write up a petition then do so and post it online. I'll sign it. My grandma used to tell me, if you really want to get rid of a weed, you got to yank it by the roots, If somehow we were successful at shutting this company down, they would restart under another name, plus, that wouldn't stop another company in some other country from doing the same. Nope, they are the weeds in our garden, but they didn't start up, nor could they continue this practice if the phone numbers became unavailable for them to use.

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  • Pr
    Professor 277 Mar 14, 2017

    Everybody read carefully

    ; These calls WILL NEVER STOP! Gather as much information as possible about this company and post here. Buy your self phone number blocking software and enter every bad number...This will reduce calls you receive...become proactive...Report all numbers and information you gather to every regulatory agency, Senator, and Congressperson available

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  • Ge
    Gena Green Mar 15, 2017

    I've had the same problem for over 4 years. No matter how many times I change my number, they get it. I've asked to be placed on the do not call list and they start calling from different numbers. I informed them that they are violating federal law and it is a $1500 fine for each call thereafter, not only did they try to disguise their voice three times when I asked for a supervisor, they also hung in my face and called me back repeatedly at least 8 times in a row, hanging up each time I answered. I am definitely looking to sue for harrassment

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  • Kd
    kdjerred Sep 04, 2017

    I spoke with USPharmacy today. I usually don't answer but had some time to kill. After I answered and talked to "victor" he evidently passed the phone off the a "manager Gene". I didn't realize it because he sounded exactly like "Victor", same accent. He told me of his "deal" and it was a good one. But I told him I had reservations and wanted his web site so I could research. He said they don't have a web site because of some excuse that they were forced to shut it down and only call customers. He mentioned that if I order they would not call me any more and that I would have to call them for reorder. I said "so I won't get 5 calls a day anymore?" He said no, that only he would have my number. I said that to verify his authenticity of the call, I would like to call him back. He gave me his number 1-888-653-1613 and said to ask for extension 182 and that I should call him back right away. I hung up and about 10 minutes I got a call from the same number that he gave me. I did not answer but there was call center noise in place of a verbal message. That definitely is a legit phone number.

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  • Us
    US Pharmacy Molests Cows Oct 11, 2017

    Like everyone else these people call daily. I've gone through all of the emotions. Tried nice to mean, nothing changes. So now when I have time I answer and have a little fun wasting their time. (My favorite is answering my phone "US Pharmacy". Really throws them for a loop.) Today's call actually surprised me with how it went. They asked like usual if I want Viagra or Cialis. I told them I didn't take those. They asked what I take and for a goof I said Vicodin and Percocet. Keeping in mind I'm just messing with them and don't have a prescription for either, they actually offered to sell them to me. $3 a pill but I'd have to send the money Western Union. Even if the company was legit, it isn't, this would be a huge violation of the law. Either it is a total scam, it is, or they're willing to provide opiodes without a prescription. I like the advice about cows given in earlier complaints. I'm actually looking forward to the next call so I can have some fun with that topic. Unfortunately, I won't have to wait long...

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  • Cl
    Clobberin' Time Oct 20, 2017

    Two US Pharmacy staff - in India of course - have "mysteriously" disappeared. Without a body, there can be no crime scene...

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  • Tr
    Tropicat Oct 25, 2017

    Buy a whistle and every time they call, blow into the phone as loud as you can.

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  • Jo
    John H700 Nov 27, 2017

    Im also a victim of this online pharmacy company. I get 20 calls a day and when I ask them to take me off their call list they just hang up and call me 5 mins later. they have thousands of telemarketers working for them and they have many different business names they go by such us Us Pharmacy, pharmacy online, etc etc. Ive been very cordial to them and this new one called American Pharmacy is from Pakistan, 310-527-9308 / I tell them I am a vet and that I have contacted the US Navy to report them as fraudulently using the name American Pharmacy when they are not American. Nothing stops these companies they share their number with all their affiliates and Im getting calls every 15 mins trying to sell me Viagra etc. Its horrible!. And there is no way out of it, I have tried everything. Since they are overseas and they get a workable phone number from cell phone companies in the US so they can call you all they want.

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  • Da
    Darryl Robert Small Dec 04, 2017

    years of abuse...

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  • Sr
    SRobles Dec 07, 2017

    We just opened a business in October and we get these calls non stop all day. I cant just not answer the phone as we are a medical business and that is not allowed. I have threatened to call the police etc. but, still 20+ calls a day. It is interfering with our business!

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  • Bl
    blanston66 Jan 27, 2018

    If you've priced the ED meds Big Pharma is gouging us with here in the US you should be thankful you can have people calling you to sell you high quality MORE POTENT ED meds at a fraction of the cost. I have never been ripped off and saved a ton of money. I'll put up with the calls. The real crime is what these drug companies in the states are allowed to charge.

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  • Mi
    Mike990 Feb 02, 2018

    One way to harass them is to call a number that they will answer or have a recorded message. I always call with *67 314-666-9790 and either speak with a representative or a voice message. I think that if enough of us spam this number, they will at least have to shut it down...Taste of their own harassment! Please spread the number around. I call and harass at least 10 times a day and actually speak to a person two or three times asking them to quit calling me. They have basically told me to answer my phone when they call me or buy something and they will reduce the harassing calls. I think this is BS and would like to get enough people to start harassing them to make them pay the price of disrupting our lives!

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  • Be
    Beck Fisher Mar 20, 2018

    I have been getting these call for well over a year also. To me it sounds like the same two guys, but they use names like Jason, Dan, David...etc. One of them asked me if he could call me when he got some free time. They are some weird guys. Now if I answer the phone and it is them, I give the phone to my husband. But, they still call. My 15 yr. old grandson answered the phone and they even asked him if he wanted Viagra. I agree we need to sue.

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  • Pe
    Peter Denton Apr 22, 2018

    They are using a phone number generator to mask their true number. The numbers that are being listed have no value to them. The way it works is this: they call you from a randomly generated number and these "call centers" are based in NYC or somewhere else in the USA; when you answer the number, it signals the call center to transfer your call to their Skype number overseas, where they begin to harass you. Unfortunately, it is not illegal to do this in their country, so there is no legal action that you personally can take against them. However, calling your congressperson may raise concern or better yet, contact the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. I personally am on the verge of changing my phone number in order to combat these harassing calls after 5 years of them.

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  • Mi
    Michael C Monios May 04, 2018

    If anyone ever files a class action case they have been harassing me 4 years.

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  • Pi
    Pissed1111 May 21, 2018

    Here is their main number. 314-666-9790. Put *67 in front of the number so it blocks your number. I just call them non stop until I get bored. Help me...

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  • Go
    Goober2011 May 25, 2018

    Obama outsourced a lot call center jobs to India and ever since then I have been Harassed by U.S Pharmacy and the phone numbers they are calling me from are local area code numbers how do you make this stop I haven't a clue cause when you call the number back it is "out of order please check the number and call again" I am on the National do not call list and on a state do not call list so why and how am I suppose to document this harassment if the number don't exist? I block numbers and they just call from different ones and sometimes from different states

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  • Ho
    HomedepoBAD May 25, 2018

    I also get calls from this Co. For over 10 years. They want to sell drugs that are illegal without a prescription. The Government really should look into this horrible company.

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  • Th
    The Black Prince Jun 08, 2018

    Blocking phone numbers from US Pharmacy DOES NOT WORK because they use a different computer-generated number for each call. The calls originate from either Mumbai, India or from Singapore but they use computer, robo-call equipment so that for each call they generate a different number. Sometimes they will use the same number a few times in a row but generally it it either a different number or a number masked by Unknown Caller.

    No amount of reasoning will work with these people. I simply never answer their calls. The FTC do no call list is totally useless. I have decided to change all my phone numbers rather than put up will from 8 to 15 calls a day. For many people this has gone on for 7 or 8 years. This has been going on in my case for over a year. As much as I hate to change my numbers it is the only solution. I have forwarded my calls to my US number to the FTC, discontinued numbers no longer in service and to police departments. They still keep calling.

    The bottom line is that despite pleasant trips to India, I will simply NEVER do any business whatsoever with an individual or company based in India. It is not worth the aggravation. I intend to contact the Indian Embassy in Washington to protest the unprofessional practices the Indian government permits to flourish. It will ultimately put India on a par with the infamous scam artists from Nigeria.

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  • Ty
    Tybalt1983 Jun 09, 2018

    I have tried everything-- from giving them fake credit card numbers to calling in bomb threats. Now I just have fun with them (although the bomb threats were kind of fun). Sometimes I negotiate really hard and get the price down to 40 cents per pill, but I have to buy 500 pills. After I’ve wasted a bunch of their time and they think they struck a deal, that’s when the fun begins.

    US Pharmacy: What’s your name?
    Me: Abrahamaramalamarov Siddhaparushkanityannandasalamahramabob
    US Pharmacy: Can you spell that?
    Me: Uhh. I don’t think so.
    US Pharmacy: What’s your card number?
    Me: 4595640901114508174432298…
    US Pharmacy: Stop! That’s too many numbers.
    Me: Well, you can’t expect the credit card company to fit my name on just one card, do you?

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  • Bl
    Blair Knight Aug 09, 2018

    i just now recieved a call from a company called pharmacy services... my boyfriend answered and handed the phone to me b/c they wanted to speak to me by name... its scary knowing they know my name somehow. anyway there was static on the line and then i heard a noise like they hung up.

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  • Bi
    Big Enough Sep 20, 2018

    I receive these calls in Australia also. The company behind this scam is VE Health NOTHING WILL STOP THEM. I called a number associated with this company at 2am india time and spoke to a guy calling himself the CEO. He was in India.

    If you call the 1800 number in USA at 2am India time it is diverted to him.

    Did no good. I have tried stretching out the call with lots of silence, abusing them, blocking numbers, many other strategies. These calls are computer generated with random numbers for caller ID. These peopl;e are paid to be abused. the more you do the more you lose but they still get paid regardless.

    In my opinion only a concerted effort by all governments will sto-p this. Legislate to bann ALL calls originationg fro india until the telecommunications companies in India track and block access to the system at source. Form a worlwide block to India and the government will be forced to act.

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  • Hu
    Hughmongasboner Sep 26, 2018

    I suggest you place an order. a big one. $800, $1000 whatever. give them your name, address, the whole bit. but change a couple digits on your card. also change your expiration date, and cvc #. I like to use 007. write it down and give them the same fake # over and over. sometimes the shipping and billing dept. will call you back and ask what's wrong. you tell them you get 8 or 9 calls a day, no matter what you tell them about not wanting to buy anything. so, from now on. you will place this order with every call you get and you will give the same bad cc #. tell them you will do this until one of you die. it seems to really piss them off.

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  • El
    ElCheapo Basterd Dec 02, 2019

    @Hughmongasboner I use online credit card number generators to make up fake numbers that are formatted to match a real card. Their computers can't tell it's bogus, the only way they can know is to try to run it. They actually shipped 34 orders totaling over $30, 000! Most of it they shipped to fake names and addresses (also matching real streets with real zip codes). Some of the names I gave them which they shipped orders to are "Arnold Ziffle", "Eddie Haskle", "Jeffery Dahmer", "Norman Peterson", and "Patty O'Furniture". Yet they still call, usually between 25 and 50 calls every day. One day they called 73 times! But they almost never call on a Sunday.

    There is no pharmacy company, of course. The problem is the manufacturer is a company in India making generic drugs often violating patent laws, and typically low quality but real. Then any idiot with a cell phone or internet connection becomes a call center and starts peddling the crap. Half of them are individual idiots and the other half are actual call centers, sleaze bags hiring other idiots to answer the phones when the robodialer calls. Some of the centers use neighbor spoofing, some use random spoofing. some use a real number, but it's a disposable cell phone and they change it every week or two. Most of them use VOIP so even the phone company could only trace it to some server in the US at best.

    The scumbags fight with each other, which can be very entertaining when you get two calls at the same time and conference them together, each thinking the other is trying to steal his customer. But if you tick them off, they add your number to their list which they sell to the other 100, 000 and they all start calling you every day, each using the same fake company name and each with a different spoofed number every time.

    It will never stop unless and until there is pressure put on the government of India to put a stop to it of the telephone systems are redesigned to stop it.

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