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Resolved unreasonable shipping times

I can't stand the inefficiencies and rigid shipping procedures of UPS. They're not customer service orientated at all. I live in a dense urban environment (Harlem-NYC) where packages can’t be left at my doorstep. I had a roommate who agreed to lookout for a package due on a Monday while I was at work. However, the apartment number was missing on a package, and I was able to see this "Exception" added to the online tracking page. It was within the hour of the Exception being added, so I called the Bronx shipping center real quick and tried giving them the apt. number so I could hopefully catch the driver while he was in the neighborhood. No dice...the SENDER has to alter the address. Fair enough, since this is probably to prevent fraudulent activity.

So I have the sender contact them immediately after calling, again, to hopefully catch the driver before it was too late. However, they were told that UPS "won't do same-day redelivery attempts" and that the package would be scheduled for tomorrow, even though the driver was still close by! They offered to hold it for pick-up, but it's a 119 lb. package so I simply couldn't do that.

I work a full time job, and tomorrow was no good since no one would be here. Complicating things even more, they refuse to give a time period any narrower than 9am to 7pm (all day), and they wouldn’t let me reschedule the package for Saturday delivery since it was sent out via UPS Ground, which only operates during weekdays.

I told them I wasn’t going to be home on Tuesday, but that Wednesday would be better. They said they'd have to make an attempt tomorrow regardless (Tuesday) and if no one is home, they'll try again Wednesday! But I'm sitting here TELLING you that no one will be there Tuesday. "I'm sorry sir, that's our policy."

So because of a missing apartment number, which could have been checked and corrected before it ever became a problem, I have to miss an entire day of work because they have such a huge window for delivery times. 9am to 7pm! And if you don’t schedule delivery times, why are there narrower window periods on your “sorry we missed you” slips?!

Here's a clue: why not try delivering packages when people are actually going to be HOME? Or at least offer that option for an additional fee?! And how about letting customers arrange for Saturday deliveries? Even if it’s for an additional fee, I’m sure this is better than having to miss a day of work. It’s infuriating.

avoid at all costs

On November 2, 2009 I received notice from Nike that my order was shipped UPS. I called UPS that evening to hold delivery until 13 NOV as I was away on military duty (unplanned departure after order was placed). I was told that could not be done but that three delivery attempts would be made and then the package held for five days so I could arrange delivery when I returned. OK, so the package could not be held for delivery and I would have to make arrangements on MON 16 NOV. On MON 09 NOV I received notification from Nike that the package was delivered Friday 06NOV, although UPS had said the package would not be left. I called UPS and arrangements were made for the package to be retrieved the next day so it wouldn't be sitting outside for a week, and arrangements for the package to be redelivered FRI 13 NOV as I was returning home that evening. I arrived home and there was no package, only a notice that a delivery attempt was made but the package could not be delivered as all of a sudden it required a signature. There was no date or time indicated for the next delivery attempt, so I signed the form and left it for the UPS delivery person. I arrived home MON 16 NOV afternoon and found another notice which stated that a delivery was attempted but a signature was required. I called UPS to ask why the package wasn't left as arrangements were agreed upon the previous week for the package to be left FRI 13 NOV (and a signature was provided on the delivery notice). I was informed that it was now driver discretion that signature was required upon delivery otherwise the package would not be left. That wasn't the case the previous week when the package was left although a call was placed to hold delivery, and the driver returned to retrieve the package which was still there so obviously if it wasn’t stolen after sitting outside for 72 hours a couple of hours wouldn’t endanger the package. Why all of a sudden a signature requirement at time of delivery? Once again there was no date or time indicated when the package would be redelivered, and the agent on the phone said it could be delivered any time the next day. So I'm supposed to sit at home all day waiting for delivery of a package which all of a sudden required a delivery signature? That’s worse service than COMCAST! Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of free time to sit around all day and wait for some sneakers, so I was told that after the delivery attempt on TUE 17 NOV I would have 5 days to pick up the package from UPS distribution center 30 miles away, because all of a sudden at the driver discretion a signature is required at delivery. Why there is all of a sudden a signature requirement by the driver, when there wasn't one on the original delivery after UPS was notified no one was home and was requested to hold the package? This is ridiculous. I informed Nike of the delivery problems which contacted UPS to request them to just leave the package, no driver discretion required. UPS said no, once the driver determines there is a signature requirement when delivered it cannot be lifted. A bit of a contradiction there, as the package was left (for 72 hours) during the original shipment without the signature requirement. So that was changed but common sense could not change it back. Not to mention UPS has been delivering packages here for 15+ years with driver discretion never invoking a signature requirement. I asked UPS for an explanation and all they say is “driver discretion.” More like driver idiocy, if you ask me.

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    concerned citizen still Jan 16, 2011

    A sex offender is a UPS driver

    Mike Fechter is a sex offender who is still allowed to work at UPS as a driver. Beware of him! I don't know how he is able to still work there after the crime he committed!

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  • Mo
    Moragi Feb 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had this same problem repeatedly. Sometimes the package is left without any problem. Sometimes the driver requires a signature and then refuses to leave the package after the signature is received. There was no date when the practice changed - each of the two options have happened intermittently over the past 14 years. Some drivers claim my area is unsafe, even though many packages have been left here with no problem at all - not one has ever been stolen. Nevertheless, some of them feel it's fine to require that I drive across town after dark (I work full time during the day) to a warehouse district where I have to negotiate a poorly lit parking lot and manhandle even large boxes back to my car without assistance. I am 61 years old, 4' 10" tall, and if they think the area where I live is unsafe, what do they think that warehouse district is? Ir I am supposed to take their word for it that that area is safe, why won't they take my word for it that my area is safe? I certainly don't feel safe out there by the UPS office, and I have refused to go back. (And BTW, Stealth Pilot, that refusal is a favor I'm doing UPS, because if I should fall or get mugged out there in the dark, where I would not ordinarily be, just because a driver wouldn't leave a package worth maybe $20 total on my front porch, UPS would certainly be liable for any injury I suffered.)

    I cannot accept that a UPS driver has any legal right to countermand both the shipper's and my stated requests about the delivery of my package, which is my personal property. I know my home and my neighborhood far better than any of them do. Some UPS drivers in Albuquerque, IMHO, are using this poorly defined "driver's discretion" policy maliciously. If they are not going to leave the package anyway, why bother to request a signature two days in a row? It's become a form of harassment.

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ups driver was very courteous and left my package on my front porch

I have a delivery man that delivers my packages in front of my garage. My front porch is up steps to the right of the garage. I wish he would deliver my packages to the front porch. My driveway is on a hill therefore if you do not know the package is in front of the garage you may not see it until it is too late. Also, when he delivered my package to my garage, he didn't even ring the doorbell to let me know that a package had arrived. The doorbell is by the garage! I had a package delivered yesterday and a different UPS driver was very courteous and left my packageS on my front porch!

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    Tarheelgal7 Apr 26, 2010

    I work for UPS, just wanted to let you know, due to production the Big Wigs of UPS decided several Years ago to take pkg's to the nearest door and leave. Company also tell drivers that they do not have to knock. Again a whole 2 seconds towards production. That is if they just knock. Some people like small talk so it can hold a driver 2-3 min. At the end of the day it adds up. Not that I agree with it but this is how drivers are trained to the least amount of time at each stop. If you call you UPS center or stop by and explain your situation they will inform your reegular driver to start leaving them at the door that you want. Like I said, not that I agree with how everything is ran. But Corprate America only cares about time and money. But they will work with you if you call or go by the center. If that is out of the way, leave a nice note for the driver and he will work with you. The drivers I work with are really good about working with the customer. If they dont work with you file a complaint.

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Resolved horrible delivery service

UPS continually, almost every other package says they can't find my house (which has been here for over 50 yrs) and then when you call to find out the problem you are told you can't call the local center, but they'll have somone contact you which is a 50/50 shot that will happen. Then who knows how many days later your package arrives and I guess they figure if they finally get you, your package it's ok. Well it's not ok and I for one will be and specific any package I have delivered in the future not be delivered via UPS. Hopefully they don't actually rely on customers to stay in business as they have absolutely no customer service!

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    missy Mar 18, 2009

    UPS is the worst delivery service out there. I had a guaranteed delivery date for a package which was to be delivered to my work place located in a mall and residential building. I looked at the tracking information and it said they had already tried to deliver but there was no apartment number they didn't even question that there are businesses in the building. I called a half hour after they attempted delivery and they refused to redeliver that day!! The driver was probably still in the street. It was only 12:30 and they deliver until 7pm. I work at a gallery that specifically will not use UPS for this reason. We have had the same issue with several clients and UPS is never helpful or do they go out their way to resolve a customer service issue. We will pay more for other delivery services that will actually get the packages delivery on time no exceptions. Hopefully they put UPS out of business. WE never recommend their services to anyone and I would advise the same to everyone else.

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  • Ti
    tigersharkdude Sep 14, 2009

    ups sucks, i will from now on use fed ex

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  • Sc
    scooby111 Apr 04, 2011

    2 words. The Worst!

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Resolved customer service

I tried to send this email. I will be calling again tomorrow: To Whom it May Concern: I sincerely hope...

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Resolved nothing, but problems

I had ordered a nutritional supplement from a company and UPS was to deliver it. When I placed the order on a Monday, I did give them my correct address so they knew where to deliver it to. It was to be delivered the next day. On Wednesday, UPS called me and they were in a previous town that I had lived in 2 years ago. I gave him my correct address and it was to be delivered the next day. I get home and there is a note saying they could not leave it because someone had to sign for it. I called UPS because the time that they had checked from 1-3 when they would re-deliver was not good because I would be at work. She said that I could not have a specific time even though there were times that could be checked on the slip. I work Monday through Friday and don't get home until 6pm. So, after working all day, I get to go drive an extra hour to pick up my son's nutritional supplements because they can not deliver it to me. I will check with the company and see if Fedex can deliver it or I will go pick it up myself. UPS is a JOKE!!!

  • Ta
    Tarheelgal7 Apr 26, 2010

    I can see where your frustrated. But just wanted to give you a little heads up for furture orders not matter who delivers them. UPS and FedEx driver have drawn up routes. Each driver has their own area. They are told how each area should be ran for the best production. This is for days that the driver is so busy that they is hardly nough time in the day to get all the stops delivered. So if you need a pkg 3 hrs after they left that certain area it is impossible for the driver to back track. If the driver is extremely heavy then he will be running behind and he will be later than the time he usually comes by. Everyday they have different stops and different amount of stops. This makes it very hard to narrow a time down. They dont try because of the possible failure to make it at the time. the best thing to do when ordering anthing to be delivered especially if time sensitve is to ask the Shipper (Company you are ordering from) if all pkgs are Signature Required. If it is a option then ask them to make sure it is not signature required. If it is a Signature Required it mean the shipper has had a lot of damaged pkgs go through the UPS system or their products are stolen often, or if there is a certain age limit by law that can purchase the item. For example any alchohol has to be signed for. If Signature Required it is best to have sent to work address or somewhere someone close to you can sign for you. I know things like that are very frustrating but just some tips that might help in the furture.

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Resolved somewhere a village of idiots has gone missing... and they are wearing ups uniforms

Below you can see the days and most of the incidents written out to the customer service department via...

deceptive business practices

Unfortunately, the only shipping option for several oversized items ordered from a farm store was UPS. Since UPS delivers after 5pm at my residence, I surmized that there would likely be a small risk of delivery difficulties. I obviously underestimated the situation to a vast degree. Unique to these items, UPS refuses to deliver them at the normal scheduled delivery time for the area and insists they be delivered between 9am-12pm. Much to my chagrin I'm not independantly wealthy and must work, so daytime delivery is not going to happen especially since UPS is requiring a signature for these items. There is "allegedly" the option to change the delivery day online, but interestingly each time a patron tries to select that particular option, the UPS website yields a pop-up indicating that "selection is not available at this time". It doesn't make a difference what time the patrion attempts the online change; 6pm-1am, 4am-5pm, I've tried it all and at anypoint during the day the same pop-up rears it's ugly head. Of course you can call UPS to change delivery schedule, but of particular interest is the fact that the fee to do so via phone-in is costs more than if the change is performed online. To validate my hypothesis that a scam was afoot, I called UPS to inform them of the online issues with the "change delivery" option. Initially they vehemently denied there was a problem, since they obviously "had no problem getting into the system and changing delivery day options" from their system. At my insistance that they try to access their own website externally like the "average joe", they found much to their "surprise" that they couldn't access that particular option online either. Website malfunction, or purposeful deception to increase monetary gain? You decide. To add insult to injury, UPS call center reps indicated there is no way to change package delivery to Saturday, although that option is clearly stated in the terms on the website with the fee for doing so specified.

Needless to say, the items ordered will be going back to the original supplier due to failure to obtain the delivery signature that UPS requires. I also have informed the supplier that I will not be ordering from them again until they provide another shipping option... I'll be [protected]@mned if I use UPS anymore.

Resolved perfect example that ups and crawford insurance are committing consumer fraud

After selling an expensive item that I purchased insurance on with UPS and shipped item thur UPS (tracking # 1Z610X754219780041). When buyer received item it was destroyed, buyer returned item to me in original packaging and inside of original box and put box inside of another, after recieving item back I contacted UPS and was refused by UPS to have the item investigated. After numerious phone calls for 2 weeks and 3 attempts of sending pictures of the damaged item and packaging to UPS's insurance (Crawford) I was told by UPS and Crawford (UPS Insurance) that the bubble wrap I used has small bubbles and I should of used large bubbles and the claim was denied. I have been shipping thru UPS for about 10 years now and I check the UPS online requirements quite frenqently espacailly when sending expensive items like I did in this case. UPS online packing requirements says nothing about when to use what size bubble wrap. It has been one excuse after another from UPS and crawford Insurance not to honor the claim for the insurance they sold me..This is a perfect example that UPS and Crawford insurance are committing consumer fraud..

  • Pa
    parlor Jul 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What I suggest that you do, is to keep on houding Crawford. If they do not pay your claim, contact U.P.S. Headquarters and get to their LEGAL dept.
    It will yake a awhile, but let them know you PAID for Insurance and you will not accept a Deined claim. I hope you have Kept E-mails dates, name and time of everything. If not start doing it now, and write down every number you call and the tiime on + off the call Person talked to etc. Write EVERYTHING.
    If it all fails. Go to the Insurance commisiolner in your state.
    I sure hope this helps !
    Good luck it will work for you!

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  • De
    DeepPurpleTulips Jun 02, 2011

    UPS is the WORST air courier I have ever used. UPS has serious problems in their internation systems and employees (especially in India and China). They don't investigate or find the mistakes they made first. They only know how to annoy their customers by jeopardizing the relaiontion and reputation between the receiver and the sender. Even though the one size (receiver) has already paid the payments, UPS still sent the bill to the other side (sender) to pay the payments. They don't listen to customers' explanation or watch the proofs. They just want to double charges the bill. Fortunately, after long bothering process, my India customer decided to cancel their UPS account. However, cancelled the account doesn't mean the annoying joke can be ended. UPS still do the stupid job to call the sender to say the bad words about the receiver, and reqeust the sender to pay the same bill again.

    If UPS' business drops tremendously, don't be surprise! Their poor and unprofessional services shall lose a lots of customers for sure!


    ~from My honest and helpful advice to everyone~

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  • Da
    Dawson Hale Feb 02, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Similar but different situation. They've (Crawford) has made me jump through countless hoops. UPS Corporate Security Consultants requested proof a check was cashed. After providing the evidence on January 2017, they noted the check was cashed after being asked about it. Check was cashed back in November 2016. Security Consultants stopped talking to me after they got caught in that mix up. Now I have to sue the Franchise which was who sold me the Declared Value addition to get my computer replaced. They even made up some story about me "Fixing a computer for a friend." It was a brand new computer, nothing was to be fixed.

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Resolved dishonest delivery practices

UPS... is unreliable... I have been working on the delivery of my 3 day select package, which should have...

Resolved stealing

I ordered a &479.99 Sprint phone on 3-23-10 and it was shipped UPS 2 day air, scheduled to be delivered on 3-25-10. About 2:15pm on 3-25-10, the UPS driver stopped in front of my neighbors house across the street. I then went to my front door to wait for him to come to my door. The driver put packages on my neighbors door step, then got into his truck and drove off very fast, stopping at the house 2 doors up. I ran after the truck in my shorts and t-shirt yelling for him to come back. He then backed in front of my house stating that my phone was not on his truck. I stated, how did you know it was a phone, he then started saying my package. I got very upset then and told him not to leave until I contacted 800# UPS. He got on the phone and told them that my package was never put onto his truck. Now the UPS sytem showed my package scanned into the warehouse the night before then scanned onto the UPS truck a 6:23am 3-25-10. It took me to go to the UPS warehouse in Landover to speak to a supervisor about this issue. She informed me that my package scanned into the Landover UPS location and onto the truck but never scanned off. I contacted Sprint once I receive my replacement phone and I was informed that the stolen phone was activated on 3-31-10 about 7am. How stupid can they be to activate a stolen phone that can be traced. I was also told by a worker in a sprint store in my area that alot of their stores phone orders never show's up coming from the UPS Landover warehouse. UPS Landover warehouse are under investigation from UPS and Sprint.

Resolved ups store # 1511 sucks

Ups store # 1511
1799 w fifth ave
Columbus, oh [protected]
Phone: [protected]
Fax: [protected]

I'm in columbus, ohio.

On 3/23/10, I visited the ups store #1511 on 5th ave.

I had a package to ship, and I wanted to insure it for $600. So this amanda person (Owner's daughter) charged me around $15 for insurance of $600. So the total came out $165.47 (Shipping alone costs $150)
I filled out the custom form. This amanda and her brother checked the form and said it's ok.

However, when I looked at the copy of this form at home, I found something fishy. First, it's a usps custom form... According to the clerks, I thought it was a joint ups-usps thing... Moreover, the "insured amount" was blank!! — usps clerks always fill the damn "insured amount" for you!!!

3/24 morning, I went to the store again. This time, the ups store owner jim (Older guy) was there. Hours later, he called me and said my package was not insured although I paid for the insurance, because his daughter did not put it in and did not find the blank!!!

I'm furious. What if my package is lost??? It's $600!!!
Jim also said it's a usps package, so he had nothing to do with it... Oh my god!!! I cannot believe he can be this un-responsible!!!
Jim said he could refund me the $15 and said "if you want take $15, take it; if not, just xxxxxx" (I didn't hear the xxxxxx very well). You think jim is a nice person, right? No!!! He is just trying to get out of the responsibility of my $600 worth of package!!!

Later I find out that was just a usps priority package!!!
Damn it!!! It's way more expensive than usps could charge!!!
Ups store # 1511 sucks!!!

I don't understand why this amanda (In ups uniform, looking like a professional - fooled me, at least) is so incompetent - she either doesn't know what she is doing, or she just simply doesn't care.
I dont' understand why this jim, the owner, could be such a rude person.

It's a utterly bad experience dealing with ups.

Resolved they lost my package!

On Feb.23 I asked for a scheduled pickup through It was a package that was supposed to be picked up from a hotel in Orlando, FL and sent to Miami. The guaranteed delivery date was Feb24.Tracking the package on the 25th, I could see that it hadnt been delivered, so I called ups. The agent scheduled another pickup and said that I shouldnt worry, that I'd get my package on the following day. It is now March18, and ups lost my package.Ive spent over US$100 on the phone with UPS, since I'm calling from brazil and they said that with the tracking number I have they cannot see where the package is and that they are deeply sorry but cannot do anything else.They've contacted the pickup location themselves and got a confirmation that a UPS driver did get the package. I have people waiting on the package and this has been a really uncomfortable situation for me, having people call me everyday wanting to know where the package is.
Some UPS agents say that they see a request for a pickup in brazil, which is wrong. When i called to ask for the pickup I confirmed the pickup location address and i have a print screen document confirming that.
I have print screens confirming my order, package type, guaranteed delivery date and everything else.

Please help me...i cant just let UPS say that they lost it and thats it!
My email is r.[protected]

Thank you!

Resolved ups boxes always opened & retaped

For four years now, almost every package delivered by UPS to my house has been bent, crushed, opened, and retaped. I complained to the company about this after about 20 packages and my next delivery from them was completely bent, open at all seams, and not retaped.

UPS = bad service
UPS = bad delivery
UPS = opened, damaged, retaped boxes
UPS - a bunch of thugs in brown uniforms?

Resolved wrong destination

I orderd a package and after waiting longer than the expected date, I decided to check the status. UPS delivered the package but just dropped it in front of someone's door. Wrong address apparently. Reading is FUNDAMENTAL. The postal system is too sensitive for human error. Why would you just drop something off in front of someone's door and not to mention the WRONG DOOR!!!This company is ridiculous.

  • De
    Debora randall Mar 14, 2011

    Same thing happened to me. I went online to check my status to learn that they delivered my package but gave it to a woman, how you just going to give my merchandise to someone on the street not knowing if they really live at that address.

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Resolved very rude ups female driver

I was cut off at 11:20am by a very rude UPS female driver. The truck number is 147513.This happened on 6/15/2009 on Sawdust Road near the HEB market. This driver was honking and driving up so close to me she nearly hit me. She was also trying to force me out into traffic so she could inch by me instead of waiting her turn.If this is the kind of people UPS employs I will Never do business with you again.She used the UPS truck to intimidate another driver.

Resolved non-delivery

I was sent two packages by ups ground mail from my college for my homework and I waited four weeks for them to be delivered and everyday when I left for work I left a note on the door that I was at work to please deliver to the management office or the apt. across from the office if the office is closed and they will be signed for. I informed the manager it was on its way if it comes please sign for them. I return home on Tuesday Feb. 23, 2010 at 6pm pst. an there is a UPS info notice stating that I missed them and they will return on Wednesday Feb. 24, 2010 to try again. My note is still on the door.So I make sure I put the note on the door again and let the manager know that I have a delivery on the way again can she watch out for it she says yes. So this time I get I return from work at3:30pm pst. and I go to the office and the manager says no ups has come and no ups has walked pass, so I get home my notes still up so I go online and try to track it and on there it says that they came at 3:56pm pst. Mind you it's only 3:30pm pst. how did they already come and it isn't even that time I'm so upset I call and in the notes of the driver he says he came to the door and left another note. Now something doesn't add up and I'm very upset with ups I'm not going to use ups anymore I was a faithful customer but they messed up a lot for me those packages were very important and now I'm on the verge of failing my courses.

Resolved worst service / delivery company ever

Worst service / delivery company ever (I will hate your commercial when i see it now)! Didn't deliver on...

Resolved lack of attention to detail

Cliff notes:
1. UPS memo request me to leave a cheque payable to shipper in order to receive package
2. A cheque is made out to shipper
3. I come home and see my package
4. Receive another note requesting a cheque
5. Receive another note stating I need to make a cheque out to UPS, not shipper
6. I leave cheque payable to UPS
7. UPS guy calls me saying I need to make cheque payable to UPS. I say I did.
8. I get an invoice requesting money for UPS
9 I call CSR, she asks how I want to pay. I tell her the situation. She tells me her notes say a cheque is being processed.

Conclusion: UPS made mistake, keeps asking for money. CSR is careless, almost made me pay them twice.

Long Version:

I had a package delivered to me when I was not home, so the UPS guy left a memo stating that he would leave the package the next day if I write a cheque for customs brokerage. It stated, “Make cheque payable to the …” and he checked the box that said “shipper” and not “ups”.

I prepare the cheque to his request, leave it out along with the UPS memo for him to pick up the next day. When I come home from work, I see my package at my door.

Couple of weeks later, I get another UPS memo on my door stating that I need to pay for customs brokerage. It did not state any other details. I ignored it, since, I got my package and had given ups a cheque. A week after, I get another memo, this time the UPS guy gives me the details: “You had made a cheque out to the shipper, we need the cheque payable to UPS” “We will return on: Monday” So now I realize that the UPS guy made a mistake the first time and chequed the wrong box. I made a cheque out to UPS and left it and the memo out for them to pick up.

One week later, a UPS guy calls me stating that he had left a note for me and he had not received the correct cheque from me. I fully explained the above. He said OK and hung up.

Recently, I got in the mail and invoice for the custom brokerage amount. I called UPS Canada, they asked me for the invoice number. After I gave it to her, she asks how I would like to pay. I explain the situation above. Then she IMMEDIATELY says that her notes say that a cheque has been received and is being processed. I can’t believe how she had not payed attention and was so close to making me pay twice.

In the end, it was a not a detrimental experience, but the lack of attention to detail, carelessness or incompetence has made me think twice about trusting them with any package or payments. Next time I will use DHL or Fedex just for less headaches.

PS They still have my cheque that was made out to the shipper. If they like driving to my house so much, they should drop it off so I don’t need to worry about it getting cashed out. Also still wondering if the correct cheque will ever get processed.

Resolved rude and arrogant service

Why are all the drivers always so super angry? Unfortunately this is not the first time a UPS driver has taken it too far but this time was one of the worst. He left 30 boxes in front of my garage making a perfect barrier sp that no car/person could get in or out of the garage. He was so angry that our side walk way was was blocked by a car so when i volunteered to move it, he said "sure..because i have all day" (sarcasm). We then got into an aggressive verbal argument that lasted for at least 5 min; it was painful. He got so angry at one point that he banged a box with two of his fists. I thought he could have hurt me. He said "ill be back in one hour to move these" and left.

I don't think that UPS quite understands the concept of customer loyalty.