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I was sent two packages by ups ground mail from my college for my homework and I waited four weeks for them to be delivered and everyday when I left for work I left a note on the door that I was at work to please deliver to the management office or the apt. across from the office if the office is closed and they will be signed for. I informed the manager it was on its way if it comes please sign for them. I return home on Tuesday Feb. 23, 2010 at 6pm pst. an there is a UPS info notice stating that I missed them and they will return on Wednesday Feb. 24, 2010 to try again. My note is still on the door.So I make sure I put the note on the door again and let the manager know that I have a delivery on the way again can she watch out for it she says yes. So this time I get I return from work at3:30pm pst. and I go to the office and the manager says no ups has come and no ups has walked pass, so I get home my notes still up so I go online and try to track it and on there it says that they came at 3:56pm pst. Mind you it's only 3:30pm pst. how did they already come and it isn't even that time I'm so upset I call and in the notes of the driver he says he came to the door and left another note. Now something doesn't add up and I'm very upset with ups I'm not going to use ups anymore I was a faithful customer but they messed up a lot for me those packages were very important and now I'm on the verge of failing my courses.

worst service / delivery company ever

Worst service / delivery company ever (I will hate your commercial when i see it now)! Didn't deliver on...

lack of attention to detail

Cliff notes:
1. UPS memo request me to leave a cheque payable to shipper in order to receive package
2. A cheque is made out to shipper
3. I come home and see my package
4. Receive another note requesting a cheque
5. Receive another note stating I need to make a cheque out to UPS, not shipper
6. I leave cheque payable to UPS
7. UPS guy calls me saying I need to make cheque payable to UPS. I say I did.
8. I get an invoice requesting money for UPS
9 I call CSR, she asks how I want to pay. I tell her the situation. She tells me her notes say a cheque is being processed.

Conclusion: UPS made mistake, keeps asking for money. CSR is careless, almost made me pay them twice.

Long Version:

I had a package delivered to me when I was not home, so the UPS guy left a memo stating that he would leave the package the next day if I write a cheque for customs brokerage. It stated, “Make cheque payable to the …” and he checked the box that said “shipper” and not “ups”.

I prepare the cheque to his request, leave it out along with the UPS memo for him to pick up the next day. When I come home from work, I see my package at my door.

Couple of weeks later, I get another UPS memo on my door stating that I need to pay for customs brokerage. It did not state any other details. I ignored it, since, I got my package and had given ups a cheque. A week after, I get another memo, this time the UPS guy gives me the details: “You had made a cheque out to the shipper, we need the cheque payable to UPS” “We will return on: Monday” So now I realize that the UPS guy made a mistake the first time and chequed the wrong box. I made a cheque out to UPS and left it and the memo out for them to pick up.

One week later, a UPS guy calls me stating that he had left a note for me and he had not received the correct cheque from me. I fully explained the above. He said OK and hung up.

Recently, I got in the mail and invoice for the custom brokerage amount. I called UPS Canada, they asked me for the invoice number. After I gave it to her, she asks how I would like to pay. I explain the situation above. Then she IMMEDIATELY says that her notes say that a cheque has been received and is being processed. I can’t believe how she had not payed attention and was so close to making me pay twice.

In the end, it was a not a detrimental experience, but the lack of attention to detail, carelessness or incompetence has made me think twice about trusting them with any package or payments. Next time I will use DHL or Fedex just for less headaches.

PS They still have my cheque that was made out to the shipper. If they like driving to my house so much, they should drop it off so I don’t need to worry about it getting cashed out. Also still wondering if the correct cheque will ever get processed.

rude and arrogant service

Why are all the drivers always so super angry? Unfortunately this is not the first time a UPS driver has taken it too far but this time was one of the worst. He left 30 boxes in front of my garage making a perfect barrier sp that no car/person could get in or out of the garage. He was so angry that our side walk way was was blocked by a car so when i volunteered to move it, he said "sure..because i have all day" (sarcasm). We then got into an aggressive verbal argument that lasted for at least 5 min; it was painful. He got so angry at one point that he banged a box with two of his fists. I thought he could have hurt me. He said "ill be back in one hour to move these" and left.

I don't think that UPS quite understands the concept of customer loyalty.

delivery rules & regulations

UPS is the LEAST user-friendly/customer oriented company that I have ever dealt with. I live in the city. I...

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employee horror story

I have been reading many of the complaints that are included in this site and would like to share and...

harass costumers

The delivery person lie and misrepresent the status of the delivery .They have been harassing me now for a month by msreprenstng information on the webste by mentioning comments like" Customer was not avaliable for sugnature" without even comng to my place .

Second time the mentioned that as per customers instructions the packet should be picked up at the ups store .
The company sucks in delivery and a strict action should be taken against them ...

big mistake!

My dad died in Indianapolis. He had a small chest of drawers my grandfather made in 1971. It was made of solid wood by a career cabinet maker. I wanted the chest, so I double wrapped it in bubble paper, put it in a Staples box and shipped it to Seattle via UPS, through a Staples store. Big mistake! First, UPS can't deliver in snow in Seattle. Apparently the chains they put on their trucks don't work in residential neighborhoods. The shipment was 1 1/2 weeks later than their own planned arrival date.

When the chest arrived, the bottom of the RH side was crushed. Clearly the chest had been dropped on that side. I attempted to file a claim through UPS only to totally get the run around. They absolutely would not deal with me as far as filing a claim. They told me it is up to me to work it out with Staples, which is who their contract is with. Any reputable company would actually desire to keep customers. Apparently not UPS.

Lesson learned, don't ship via UPS if possible to avoid. Especially don't ship through a "contracted outlet" like Staples or the UPS Stores.

  • Jo
    Joshua Wells Jul 16, 2013

    UPS use to damage all of my outbound shipments. Now I use Fed Ex. They are way better.

    UPS driver's are lazy and careless.

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ups stole package

UPS employees stole my UPS package. A family member shipped a brand new handbag worth $2, 600 via UPS 3 day guarantee. The package was packaged properly with the handbag wrapped in cloth, then placed in a small box. This small box was then placed in a larger box. The larger box contained styrofoam and padding. When I received the UPS package, the packing tape on the bottom part of the box looked frayed. In addition, while the top and sides of the box were taped with many layers of packing tape, the bottom of the box was only taped with one layer of packing tape. Also, the box was very very light - as if nothing was inside. I opened the box and inside was the small box. The small box was empty - only the cloth remained. Someone at UPS had opened my package en route and took out the contents. I have contacted UPS but they are being non-responsive and uncooperative. UPS just keeps on telling me that "they are sorry this happened" and that "they are looking into it". UPS should take responsibility for this because it is one of their employees that stole and committed a federal felony. I will never use UPS again and will bring an action against UPS in small claims court.

  • harry_palm69 Jan 31, 2010

    If i may say, refrain from accusing anyone unless you have proof that he or she have committed a crime.
    Contat UPS and ask for a claims supervisor and request a complaint form. I'm sure you may be able to find that on . You may (also) contact your local police department and verify if you can file a stolen property report with them.
    Good luck.

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non delivery of parcels

I can't believe what a bunch of ###s work for UPS, They claim that they delivered a package to me on monday afternoon, and left it on my porch. Which is fine, but I was home and nobody left anything on my porch. This isn't the first time that UPS has screwed up. I had a package overnighted to me from Phoenix, and it took mr five days to get it. Their excuse? They could'nt find my address. That's funny, the pizza guy does'nt have a problem. Fed-Ex does'nt have a problem. Everybody on the face of God's grey earth does'nt have a problem just UPS. I'm under the impression that these jokers are blowing me off. They are a totally unrealiable company and their so-called guaruntees are pointless. " What can brown do for me?" Apparently not much. D. Jewell

no customer service/ nonsense

I was sent an package that need to be signed for. After UPS dropped off the call tag, I went to the website to change the delivery to will call. I received an confirmation email that night. The next day, another call tag from ups at the door with a "final attempt for the third try". I called ups phone number on from their web site and after giving my information was hung up on. I called back and restated the information, than was proptly dialled over when asking for confirmation and hung up on. The follwoing day I went to the will call location and showed both the first and second call tags left by the driver. The package could not be found, even though the ups call number staffers assured me it would be at the will call location. I proceed to the delivery destination, home, and found the day three call tag on the door, with the box checked return to sender. Great customer service and pride of having a paying job from all ups folks I interacted with at ups.

I contacted the sender and paid to have the package reshipped through Fedex, and... no more hastle, picked up at Fedex will call location 1st time. I love Fedex, they get it right the first time.

I hope Fedex buys ups and straighten's them out!!

  • Se
    seb garabedian Jun 28, 2011

    This is what UPS did to my car because the driver doesn't put on the parking brake!!! idiots.. Now my insurance going up cause of UPS, ty I appreciate that.

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poor service

I just bought something online and the company I bought the items from chose to ship the items by UPS BASIC...

delivery damaged goods

I just placed another order for a washing machine motor that was damaged in shipping. The first time I received this package, the seam was split open and the internal packaging consisted of an 14" piece of 6" wide bubble wrap around a 12 pound motor. The electrical connector was broken & not safe to use.

Today, the motor was delivered with a broken mounting leg and the plastic electrical connector broken off the housing. Internal packaging was upgraded to the SealPak foam in plastic bag, which should have been adequate for normal delivery. The service rep I talked to assured me that it was inspected and in good condition before it was shipped.

This is not an isolated incident. I rarely receive a shipment of CD's/DVD's without some damaged cases or discs. The UPS delivery here in the western suburbs of Chicago is absolutely terrible, lately.

Just last spring, I had to have a sump pump reordered 3 times from Home Depot Online before I got one that wasn't damaged during shipping. Complaining to UPS does not appear to have any effect. If anything, I seem to be getting some shoe prints on external packages now.

Enough is enough. I will not accept having my orders damaged by UPS shipping.
If there is no other option, I will order from another vendor. I refuse to have UPS deliver anything to my address. I would encourage others to do the same, until UPS can get its act together.

delivery damaged goods
delivery damaged goods
delivery damaged goods
delivery damaged goods

never again

Being disabled, I've furnished my entire house with merchandise I've bought online. It's not an exaggeration to say that I've bought at least 5, 000 items (all my furniture and appliances, a 46' flat-screen TV, a 52" flat-screen TV, computers, etc) through the internet. So I've had a LOT of experience with shipping large items by freight and have never had a problem that couldnt be easily resolved...until I had to deal with the UPS Freight office in Houston TX.

On two separate occasions, online sellers shipped via UPS Freight. Both times I had the same problem: no one at the Houston office ever called me to schedule delivery. One time the girl said she had called me and that I agreed to a certain day/time. That never happened and the poor deliveryman showed up when I wasnt here. Both times I had to go through he!! to call the UPS Freight office myself and schedule the delivery. I was told, by a former worker there, that the office personnel are overworked so they often lie and just say they contacted people to schedule deliveries. Is that any way to run an organization?

Now, whenever I order large merchandise, I ensure that it will not be shipped via UPS Freight. mm

  • Po
    PotatoX Jun 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    UPS scheduled the delivery of the package on 3/21/2011 between 12 - 5 PM. However, the delivery was never made. When contacted UPS indicated that they truck sent needed a loading dock and the package could not be lowered off the truck. Therefore, the package would be placed on a smaller truck and delivered the next day. The package was then delivered the next day. However, the package was heavily damaged and the product inside was damage (photo's can be provided as necessary). In addition weeks later after the delivery I have begun to receive bills for an 87 dollar redelivery charge; for the redelivery due to their error. When customer service was contacted I was told that I must pay this fee as it was not paid by the shipper. However when reviewing the manifest it appears the shipper paid a residence delivery charge...? Further I am the recipient of the package; at no time have I agreed to pay any fees... any! Had fees been requested at the time of delivery I would have turned the delivery away. One hell of a business model UPS has going here. Deliver things to people then charge them for whatever they like. The original delivery date was on 3/21/11; The Driver was----; trailer 92-8392 Freight bill number: 971-080-389 Shipper: ----Industrial Dr., West Chicago, IL 60185

    I want the billing error corrected; a letter of apology; and a statement explaining the error which I can use to close the issue in the future should I begin receiving un-substantiated bills again. In addition I am seeking $200 for the shipping damaged to the $1800 pool heater. Again, I can provide documentation and photos as necessary.

    Its obvious... if you are a bussiness or work for a bussiness look to ship somthing... DON'T PICK UPS!

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  • Da
    Dave Shepard Apr 02, 2018

    UPS Freight is an absolute disgrace in the shipping world. They should close down all their terminals and get out of the freight business. We ordered two Air Conditioning machines from Snap-On Tools. UPS freight picked up the machines on the 8th of March and lost one of them. It's taken dozens of phone calls from Snap-On and myself to track this down. It's been almost a month now and still no second machine... wtf. When I called UPS I got the proverbial BS line, "I checked with the dock supervisor and they will call you back." Funny thing, UPS called us on last Thursday to see if we were open last Friday. Today on Monday UPS isn't sure when it's going to be shipped because of weather delays, Seriously...UPS is a F*ing joke. I will never recommend or use UPS freight EVER!!! Oh did I forget to mention, we can't charge A/C in our customer cars without the machine, yes UPS you clowns, you're costing us money right now!!!

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delayed my dad's funeral

My father passed away and in his will, he specified that he wanted to be cremated and his ashes spread into...

ups working conditions

I worked at UPS from about 2000 until 2007. Originally, I started working in a better, smaller hub that didn't have a lot of toxic dusts and diesel exhaust. The working conditions were tolerable and the work was reasonable for the pay. However, in 2004 the place was closed down and we were transferred to a bigger hub, more common to what most UPS employees would be accustomed to. There the working conditions were much worse. The work was pretty ardous and the conditions were abysmal. If it was an ordinary office with ordinary workers that voiced their complaints more easily and freely, there would have been some drastic changes. But maybe because of the people that are hired there or the culture of UPS, the employees don't seem to voice their complaints or note the poor working conditions. It's hard to write this without sounding like a whiner or complainer, but I strongly regret working there. And I would encourage just about anyone else to avoid working there and consider working somewhere else.
Once, I was transferred there in 2004, I was an unloader in the back of dusty trucks, inside a dimmly lit hub. The hub is poorly kep with dust swirling all over and there are UPS package cars driving in from a day's work and the package cars are emitting diesel exhaust. And the trucks are started up during the shift to be moved to other spots throughout the hub. As I worked there for the first eight months, I didn't notice any symptoms, but after having worked there for about eight months, I began to feel chest tightness and made this throat clearing noise. I would have difficulty staying asleep at night. I saw some doctors early on and they didn't suspect it was cause of my working conditions. But I had a suspicion early on that it was. Some doctors thought it was GERD, but eventually that was ruled out. I eventually saw an allerigst and he was pretty certain it was a result of working at UPS. This is about a year or two after I first began feeling the symptoms. I was in a bit of a bind, I now needed the health insurance for the symptoms, but I was only being insured by the company that was causing these problems. Needless to say, this was pretty frustrating. In 2007 I eventually quit and sued UPS, but won a very small settlement. I have already spent that money on the medications and treatment. I continue to have the asthma and allergies from having worked at UPS and I'm just hopeful that my condition in improves. There is so much I would like to do, but I feel limited by the chest tightness and the medications I'm having to take.

I would encourage anyone to strongly consider your health before working at UPS or working anywhere else for that matter. Make sure the working conditions are safe and won't cause a reaction. Knowing what you're exposed to is helpful. You can ask for the MSDS to find out what you are being exposed to.

If anyone else has worked at UPS or is continuing to work at UPS and is experiencing breathing problems or a condition that is similar to mine, perhaps we can contact each other or if there are a few of us or if you know of more that this kind of reaction to having worked at UPS, perhaps we can file a class action lawsuit against UPS. It doesn't feel fair that these kinds of conditions can lead to a chronic health problem.

Please, if you have experienced something similar from working at UPS, please contact me at [protected]

Thanks, and hopefully we can build a case.

  • Bu
    bucksmom May 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hmmmm crazy I work for ups and I had been off for over a year due to throat swelling and esophigial closures

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awful company

I have not received a box that hasn't had smashed and torn corners or holes from UPS. They will not allow you to pick up a package unless you call the day before to stop the delivery. Virtually no weekend service. Missed delivery on a Friday that required a signature. I was left an "InfoNotice" which only information was that they would attempt a 2nd deliver on Monday. There was no reference of where I could pick it up. I called the 1800 # after I got home on Friday to find out where the package was so I could pick it up. I was told I could do one of two things: 1) Cancel the Monday delivery and pick it up Tuesday. Or 2) Hopefully receive the delivery Monday, but if I did not I must call before midnight to cancel Tuesdays delivery and pick it up Tuesday. Either way I do not receive my package in time. I could not go pick up my package Saturday or Sunday because of the "processing" required.

Thank god, my prescription drugs are sent via fedex and not UPS.

won't ring my bell

The UPS center at Maspeth is notoriously bad at getting your package to your house in a timely matter. However, apparently there was a change of drivers for my area, and the week before Christmas showed an amazing improvement in UPS' deliveries. The driver actually left giant boxes behind the house, on a set of stairs to the basement.

This week, however, I ordered something with guaranteed two-day shipping. I was not at home at the time of attempted delivery, but I know there was someone there in my place. I came home to find an InfoNotice and proceeded to be frustrated. The driver actually came up to the house, only to not ring our door bell and leave a notice. Now, I have to wait until Monday the fourth because they won't deliver tomorrow, or Friday, or on weekends. I never use UPS willingly, and this just enforces that opinion.

  • Ju
    junebug24 Dec 30, 2009

    I had a great UPS driver in my area in Detroit, Michigan. We got a new drive in November. He left packages by my side door on the driveway, obviously visible by anyone walking or driving down the street. My other delivery person rang the doorbell and if there was no answer, he proceeded to the backdoor.
    The new driver left a notice without even ringing the doorbell if a signature is required.
    I want my old driver back.

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  • Ra
    RabidWolf Dec 30, 2009

    Today, there WASN'T even a slip showing an attempt when I got home today. Then, I checked tracking, only because I remembered that it was scheduled for this week, and the UPS "InfoNotice™" had blown into the bushes! If I hadn't checked, I wouldn't have even known!
    It is covered with the usual scribbles so one doesn't have a clue. (These forms are worse than ever.)
    And of course this means I wont see it until Monday, as they are off Thursday and Friday and don't deliver on weekends. Or even later, as the driver won't take the signed slip, even if I nail it to the door with a body part...

    I now ALWAYS specify any shipper EXCEPT ups whenever I order anything that needs to be shipped. USPS works best, for me, for these small packages. But not all vendors have the option, or only some 'next-day' lunacy.

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bad bad service

So you UPS said they would deliver by the 25th (Christmas). It shipped out on the 19th. I figured, they said...

late deliveries, no information

I am increasingly frustrated by UPS delivery, my last 6 deliveries were consistently 2-3 days late. The driver didn't make any attempt and put a fake entry in the tracking system" Recipient no available". But in reality he never made an attempt as i was home that day/time ( since i work from home) and there was no info notice on the door.

My last delivery was a " 2 day service " and reached me after one week. Even then finally i have to pick it myself from the local UPS facility.

I have lodged several complains about it with customer service, but no body ever returned the call.

Even now when i am writing this complaint, i am waiting for a delivery to happen, but i know it won't happen. Interestingly the system shows delivery happened at some place in IL and i live in CT date of delivery is 12/03.

Tracking Number:
UPS has delivered the shipment.

Residential deliveries that do not require a signature may be left in a safe place, out of sight and out of weather, at the driver's discretion. This could include the front porch, side door, back porch, or garage area. If you have instructed the driver to leave the shipment with a neighbor or leasing office, this would be noted on a yellow UPS InfoNotice left by the driver.

Delivered On:
12/03/2009 5:17 P.M.
Delivered To:
Shipped/Billed On:
.30 Lb

i have kept my last 6 tracking numbers, is there any place i could complain against UPS, i tried calling UPS CS without any resolution.

i have attached two screen shots from their tracking system, i have many more.

late deliveries, no information
late deliveries, no information

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