University of Phoenix [UOPX]did not allow me to finish school or graduate

D Jul 18, 2019

University of Phoenix took my money and when I got close to finish they said I owed them $2, 000 dollars and they had me applying for loans to give them the $2, 000 dollars i never re received and kicked me out of classes and would not allow me to finish. They want me to pay $40, 000 dollars in loa s when I never got an opportunity to finish and they would not give me a copy of my transcript in order for me to go to Junior college . They have kept me from getting my degree. And I am sicker now more so then I was then and was fighting to finish. They took everything from me and my mother she wanted to see me graduate but died not being able to because University of Phoenix made sure of that. Please put me in on the Class action lawsuit. Debra Sapp debra.[protected]

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