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lack of service

US Postal Service Main Office Columbus, Ohio Today I had a very unpleasant experience with OUR US Postal...

lack of judgement

I received a package from a chocolate company, on the box it said keep out of heat, this end up and a return label stating that it was chocolate company. the box was left in a car in my driveway with the windows rolled up, it summer right, my child knows not to leave things in a sealed car. any other time a package comes in the mail even if it fits in the mailbox a note is left and i have to go to the post office to pick it up.so go to the post office with the package lumps of melted chocolate and the manger saay their not liablecause i didnt insure it well insurance wasnt offer at the time i order online.the company i ordered formwill replace it for cost and half cost so they will send a re order for half of what i payed for the first order. SO HERES ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF FEDERAL EMPLOYEES WITH NO ACCOUNTABILTY. I'M OUT 40 BUCKS IM'M SORRY 37.40 TO BE CORRECT and THE MAIL MAN GETS HIS LAUGHS. EVER WONDER WHY THE POST OFFICE IS GOING OUT OF BUSSINESS? THOMAS D WERY

  • Ki
    KixStar Jun 23, 2010

    You're out $40 for not insuring your packages. You should have placed your order over the phone and had them insure it.

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  • Ki
    KixStar Jun 23, 2010

    Woahhh... I missed that part. OP left it in a car with the windows rolled up?! Holy crap. You got what you deserved then!

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  • Hu
    Hurley114433 Jun 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Post Office going out of business? Where did you read that, exactly? Cus last time I checked, they're pretty damn secure considering everyone needs things mailed.

    Anyway, you're responsible. It says on EVERY SINGLE ORDER WEBSITE that if you are expecting a delivery and you won't be there, leave a note to have said post-man leave it at a neighbor's. And I highly doubt that this chocolate company offers no insurance on items such as these, in fact I'm pretty sure they have to because of the Better Business Bureau's standards.

    And how, exactly, did a mailman leave it in a closed car? Does he have a key? Because they can't, and won't, open private property.

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pathectic service and attitudes

Postal workers attitudes need to change. No wonder they are going broke.
Our lovely post office in Wheaton MD is a disgrace. They are disorganized and lazy people. They need to clean up their act.
More importantly, clean up the entire post office. They removed the self help stamp stations.
They charge me 64 cents each for a small thank you envelop because they could not run it through their sorting machine. Sure would have be nice to know this before i stood in line for 30 minutes on Saturday morning. I had 30 of these envelopes and had to pay an additional 20 cents each to mail a smaller envelope. Typical USPS, charge you more money to mail a smaller envelope. Hope they do go broke and then maybe they will change their attitude standing in the unemployment line. Then again, you have to remember who works for the USPS. A bunch of lazy jack ### who voted for Obama.

  • Ki
    KixStar Jun 19, 2010

    So you're whining because there's a business who will hand deliver your mail for you, for a measly 64 cents? You could A) Send it UPS or FedEx, possibly costing you several dollars more than 64 cents, B) Take the mail yourself, possibly costing thousands of dollars, or C) Stop complaining because the USPS is ridiculously cheap considering the amount of work that goes into mailing your precious packages.

    And what exactly tells you that it's "lazy jackasses who voted for Obama" that work for the USPS? If you feel that way, maybe you shouldn't live in a town that's 12 miles from DC. Move out into the middle of the country where the rest of the republican hicks live.

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non delivery due to neighbors actions

Years back our neighbor relocated his mail box... our mail was discontinued, then we advised the USPS that...

their employees are lazy and demonstrate poor people skills

I recently moved from Maine to Florida and have to say that Florida USPS totally sucks. For the most part, these employees in Florida are lazy and demonstrate poor people skills. The mail may or may not be dispersed with on time. In Maine, all mail is one day. Down here, it varies from thre days to two weeks. I even sent a letter via priority and was told it owuld be delivered in two days. It took two weeks! I hope the feds tank the United postal service and farm it out to competition based private companies.

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usps is so incredibly disappointing

USPS is so incredibly disappointing. Unlike UPS or Fedex, they will NEVER leave a package with your neighbor and/or super, or anyone else you may trust. I made an online purchase because I didn't have time/want to go to the store. They made a delivery attempt on 01/21/10, and on the website they say a notice was left. THERE WAS NO NOTICE either on my mail box or by my door. I had to make several phone calls just to find out where my package was.

After trying to pick it up without success, I was only able to schedule a redelivery for tomorrow. Two days later. On the day the package was supposed to be delivered I left a note by my front door asking for the mail man to please leave my package with the neighbor (that ALWAYS works with UPS, and most of the time with Fedex).

I live by myself and am usually not home during the day. So what is my option to receive mail from USPS?? This company should either be closed down or get seriously restructured.

  • Mz
    mzbee28 Mar 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i can definatley can relate..ive been trying to get them to redeliver for the last three because they say they left a note when they didnt and said they was going to look into and had to wait at least two days for somebody to contact me.just straight ###...and trying to get your package without it..is more of an headache...there just the worst everrrr

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not getting my mail

I am having a problem with getting my mail delivered to me the post office is sending certain publication...


We had company whose car was blocking our mailbox (it was past 5:00). Rather than get out of his vehicle or...

incorrect information by rude employee

This was the first time I was using the USPS service being new to the USA. I wanted to send a package to an international destination (India). It was extremely important to have the package delivered to India in no more than 6 business days.

I asked the post office employee for the fastest delivery service. He told me it was express mail which would reach in 3-5 business days. I had heard somewhere that there was an option to ensure that the package would reach in exactly 2 business days, so I asked the employee about it. He rudely responded to me saying that the information hadn't changed in the last one minute and I may be in need of updating my English comprehension skills. I was quite taken aback but sent the package nevertheless. The package hasn't reached India for two weeks and I have had to suffer some losses owing to that.

I later found out that express mail has no time guarantee by itself but the employee did not give me that information. Moreover there exists a global mail service in USPS which guarantees delivery in exactly 1-3 business days (with guaranteed service).

Again, the employee gave me no such information.

In my opinion, this is an example of gross incompetence and rudeness on part of the employee. It isn't a serious enough thing to be reported to the Inspector General, but it has surely been a very humiliating experience for me. Moreover I have lost nearly 30 dollars in exchange for that humiliation.

  • Aj
    Ajit2010 May 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ladyscott: Thank you for your detailed response. I appreciate your effort.

    I did check the USPS website though, and India (and that includes the specific city I wanted to send my package to) IS one of the destinations listed for the service I was requesting.

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  • Aj
    Ajit2010 May 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    This is the document giving all details for Global Express.

    http://www.usps.com/cpim/ftp/pubs/pub141.pdf (it's a reasonably large file)

    The link to this file appears at the bottom of the following page:


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lied to me and refuse to deliver my packages in a timely manner

Last 2 places I've lived they have lied to me and refuse to deliver my packages in a timely manner. Lately this has been what's been pissing me off, I live in an apartment complex now, right, common sense would be ok take it to the leasing office. No, this lazy bum decides to leave a sorry we missed you note in there, because they cant take 30seconds to walk across the damn street! On top of that, I called for an hour straight for nothing but a busy signal, and when I did get through, it's musical phonelines and they say oh we'll have it redelivered for you such n such day. I stayed home all day waiting on the so called promise and the package still isn't here!!! My last place, I worked at night so I was home all day and they had no excuse, they were too lazy to come down the driveway and give me my stuff. You'll quickly leave junk in the box no one cares about, but you won't give me my stuff that is actually important. and they wonder why people email everything or use UPS or FEDEX, THEY ACTUALLY DO THEIR DAMN JOB think about it!!!

stop being jerks

I arrived at my apartment complex mail box area, to find the USPS delivery man still slinging mail into our boxes, at 5:45 PM. I kindly approached the gentleman, and asked if I could get my mail from box# blah. He didn't remove his earplugs to hear me speak; he simply turned around and said, "I can't hand out mail." Mind you, I didn't ask him to hand me anything.

A kind mail delivery person might have locked the main door, and let a woman who has been at work all day, gotten out of her car in the rain to check her mail before heading home, and found that the mail had not yet been completed, unlock her box and check her mail. (I could see the small package I had been expecting all week sitting in my box). But because he "is busy, and behind already." "Alright, I'll wait, " I say. Then he, with a down-speaking tone, said "you'll be waiting a long time." I asked if I could please unlock my box and retrieve the mail that had already been placed in my box, and he said no. I told him I had never been treated so rudely by a USPS person (and that's a feat in itself, as they are routinely rude in every post office of which I've ever been a patron). I told him a formal complaint would be filed, and he cockily spouted off his name and route number, and said "I don't care if you do."

I sat in my car waiting for the guy to finish his already late delivery. Several others arrived to pick up their mail, and were turned away. Meanwhile I was calling the USPS service center for Raleigh 27612, trying to reach a supervisor or answering machine, but it just rang and rang.

What must have been 20 minutes and 5 gallons of gas later, a woman gets out of her vehicle. She approaches the mail man in much the same manner I had 30 minutes prior, and asks to get her mail.

He pushed the main door to the boxes closed and allowed the lady to unlock her box and retrieve her mail.

Fuming, I get out of my car and in front of both individuals I ask "Can I try this again and get my mail since you just allowed another person to get theirs?" He replied, "Did you come up here to argue with me or to get your mail?" To which I replied "I intended to get my mail 30 minutes ago, but when I asked kindly, you were rude to me."

Not liking my telling him exactly how everything had played out, he opened the door again, and said "you won't get your mail now at all." I restated that he had just let someone retrieve their mail in front of my very eyes, and that I didn't understand why he was being such a dick to me. In those words.

He became even ruder stating that he had called his supervisor and that he would be arriving any minute. I said that I would gladly speak to his supervisor.

Suddenly he appeared, took me aside and listened to my experience. As others approached their mailboxes, the supervisor kindly explained that the mailman was still delivering but would be finished in about 30 minutes, and they appropriately said, OK I'll come back. The supervisor then walked back around the corner, retrieved my mail, brought it to me, and apologized for the encounter. I told him that had the worker not been so rude, I would have walked away as others had. But at 5:45PM on a 10 hour work day, in the rain, the mail man had met his match in me. YOU DELIVERY MAIL TO THE PUBLIC BUT MAKE MORE MONEY THAN MOST OF IT. DON'T BE A JERK.

  • Ki
    KixStar Apr 29, 2010

    Wah. People like you who ### about the USPS are the reason they are going bankrupt. Don't ###, and start using FedEx or UPS for your precious packages.

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the worst delivery service i've ever used in my whole life

The worst delivery service I've ever used in my whole life!!!

Stupid seller used USPS to send me the goods (international shipping), and absolutely no progress have been updated on their website for the past 4 days!

I don't even know if my item has left USA.

And whenever I tried to call them (mind you, I am making expensive‘International phone calls’ here), the stupid auto-voice-recognition answers it, and I never get to speak to any of real people.

I've tried to email them and of course, they are saying 'email is temporality unavailable'. What am I suppose to do with this horrible service?

Definite the worst!!

customer no-service

Only 1 very slow clerk "DONNA" working the counter out of 5 available, only saw 3 other employees slowly walking around once in awhile.

The line was to the door (about 25 people) this is UNACCEPTABLE! especially for a large major city. I waited about 1/2 hour just to send a small package.

I POLITELY asked the clerk if it was like this every day about this time, she said it was.

I said that your manager really should have more staff at the counters to service these waiting customers, at least til the line goes down.. she actually told me "do not complain" I said excuse me? I cant complain? i then informed this woman I would make a formal complaint and notify her supervisors (who should better know the busy times of his branch!

If you would like any more information
my name is Marc gwilliam
call me at [protected]


I live in Northern California near Sacramento. I sold a book through Amazon.com to someone in San Diego. I...

they don't care about customers

I moved here 4+ years ago.After 2 years of some packages being stolen, "I live in a 6 unit apartment building with my unit being 27 stairs up from mailboxes.I asked USPS to simply "hold my packages there" and leave a package pickup note.You would think this would make their job easier considering they don't have to carry them.Not the case here.One simple request.They were holding "some" packages, "the samples I receive".When it comes to expensive packages, they decide to deliver them to the doorway downstairs.I placed the "hold package order" 2 years ago.Depending on who my mail carrier is that day is whether my packages will be held for pickup.I have been lucky enough to make it to mailboxes to retreive packages until last Friday.I had yet another package "with a tracking number" stolen.I had called USPS office when I saw it arrived at the office that morning as tracking number stated.I called to see if I could just come pick up my package that has the hold order on it, meaning, don't deliver it, leave a note.It should never have left USPS office that morning.The male voice said that I had to wait for the pickup slip to arrive in my box.I waited and "no slip".Later in the day, I went into the office where the desk clerk looked and couldn't find it, said it was probably yet to be delivered.I came home, went online to check tracking number.IT WAS DELIVERED TO THE BOTTOM FLOOR AGAIN.I had been checking this tracking number all day.Come to find out, it was delivered at 9:53am, about the time I originally called and before I went in.I called USPS office and asked to speak with supervisor who took my number and stated "he" a male would call me back with more information from the carrier.That call never came.The next day I called again and asked to speak with a supervisor AGAIN.This time I got a female.2 supervisors but can't get it right.This lady stated that "by law", they are "required" to deliver packages even with hold order.This left me stupified.I asked the usual common sense question of "what can I do to keep my packages safe"?She stated basically nothing.She told me that I was upset and diddn't want to speak with me.I stated "of course I am" I had to pay for a package that I will never see, let alone the time I waited and will have to wait for a new order.She diddn't care.it was "my problem".After all of this I called customer service at the 1-800-ask-usps number.They took my complaint, gave me a complaint number and stated that somebody would call within 2 days.That was 5 days ago and still no call.USPS does not care what happens to you and unless everybody complains about the cruelty and carelessness they have experienced, they never will care.If anybody else in the country acted in this manner "THEY WOULD BE FIRED".Maybe this is why we all see the shipping rate hikes, because people don't want to lose their purchased items.I have learned from this to ask the people I order from and am forced to deal with USPS to send with signature confirmation with cost at my expense to ensure I get the items.I got my first notice today.A slip telling me that I can pick up my package in 2 days, "the carrier doesn't even know the date"lol.I called and asked if by chance my package was at the usps office and of course, "it's on the truck".Why is a package with a signature confirmation left at the office when the carrier REFUSES to come up the stairs and knock at my door?Now it just seems like punishment, it doesn't make sense.I am going to do the useless protocal of sending a letter to postmaster general but really don't expect anything more than what I have been getting because "THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PACKAGES".Even the mail comes when they feel like it.I know this because when their are 6 boxes without mail, somebody got mail that day.I hope the people get wise and make a stand to FORCE their tax dollars to work for them.In fact, they should give me the route here.I can do this job without even thinking and I would even know the date.lol.It really isn't funny though when you work for your money and buy things by doing your job and they flush your hard earned money down the drain.Oh, and to the person who stole my package, enjoy because what comes around goes around.I just want to make sure that you enjoy my hard earned money.In the meantime, the punishment from my local office, I am certain, has just begun because I complained.What can you do?There is nobody at USPS who cares.

dont use paypal or buy your postage online for usps, always get the items scanned at po, they will steal them.

Prepaid services via website or Paypal
I use this service and pay over $400 weekly in postage for items shipped from my business, but for the past 4 or 5 months I have been have problems with items not scanned and no tracking information shown on website, it's like i pay for the items to be shipped, i take them and drop them at the post office and they just disappear, nobody at usps know anything about these packages because they don't scan them when u handle them to the agent. So My customers think I don't ship their packages and I end up losing my merchandise and my money because I have to refund the buyer. Plus the hassle of wasting time and money... Its frustrating. If you ship items via USPS take them directly to the post office and but insurance. If you are a company you better take your business elsewhere (UPS FedEx) because USPS don't care about your packages delivered, they are city employees, they don't care about doing the job right, they just do it and get their paycheck. TRUST ME, DONT USE USPS IF YOU REALLY WANT YOUR PACKAGES DELIVERED

  • De
    deepsilencer Jul 26, 2010

    same here i been trying to locate a package for a month now,

    really horrible services!!!

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the lines here are endlessly long, there are never enough clerks and line-jumping is a given

I live in a gated apartment community. When we moved in, we were informed that the office does not accept/sign for, packages, certified mail, etc. What we weren't told is that the postal carrier does not even deliver to the door and there are no package boxes available. Therefore, every item requiring a signature or that is too large for the box means that one has to physically go to the Post Office. The lines here are endlessly long, there are never enough clerks and line-jumping is a given.

I spoke to the supervisor about the delivery issues. He is definitely a government employee - all I got was a lot of double-talk about how the carrier was not allowed beyond the gate, was not allowed to buzz the resident, etc. What?!? I've lived in gated communities where the mailboxes themselves were inside the gate and we always got mail. I still have no clear idea as to why this situation exists. I had to walk away before I said something totally rude.

To add to the insult, postage just went up again.

non delivery of mail

The post master Mr. Bruce Dennis was very rude and try to defend his carrier for not delivering mail to my...

failure to honor insurance policy

I mailed my husband a computer and carrying case from Austin TX to North Hollywood CA with a return receipt...

packages not received

This has happened on four separate occasions. I frequent online purchases and each comes with tracking codes to verify where and when your package is and arrives. The tracking states Arrival At Unit, mail carrier comes, and no package. Finally this last time I decided to call to the Post and see what I could figure out. The gentleman who answers phone checks my tracking number that I relay to him and states that the package is out on delivery. I assured him that he was correct but I did not receive it. He put me on hold and went to find out information, a few minutes later he informs me that my package is still there. He said the carrier couldn't deliver it. I was flabbergasted because both me and my fiance were home at the time and witnessed the mail carrier not even have the package in her hand, nor make an attempt to deliver it. I told him that this was at least the fourth time that this has happened. He said he would see what he could do and hung up.

I'm writing this because this is absurd. I deliver goods for a living and if that was my reply, I would probably lose my job. SOMETHING has to be done and this cannot keep happening. People wonder why the Postal Service is being put out of business by UPS/FedEX and E-mail, this is why I assume.

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