United Parcel Service [UPS]delivery driver

J Nov 16, 2017

1. UPS delivered a package that was not mine. The name and address were nor even similar to mine and the other person lives almost a mile away. I was nice enough to deliver the pkg to that person, as I had the hardest time trying to find a way to report this to UPS.
2. I live in a small cul de sac with only 5 houses on the entire street. Today, I happened to be on my porch and heard someone flying down to the end of cul de sac, turned around and sped up the street. There was a toddler playing in front of their house and this driver was OBVIOUSLY agitated, the way he was driving. With only a few homes, the distance to read the end of street isn't far, so he had to have be stomping on the gas when he took out turn. He passed by a parked car so closely! The speed limit through here is not 50 mph and maybe it was the same careless driver who dumped the wrong package on my porch last week and nearly got another kid walking in the neighborhood. The next time I see him flying through here, I'm calling the police and or filming it to report to the news station. I can give you specifics on dates and addresses, if anyone reads these messages. I had a family member who was killed by a person driving recklessly on the job, so I don't take these things lightly and neither should you

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