United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ups kuwait mess

M Aug 13, 2018

Hope my email finds you well.

I have a shipment coming from Brazil to Kuwait via UPS, I am receiving shipments from Brazil monthly.

The same shipment every month, I am paying shipping fees to the sender with every order, and when I receive my shipment in Kuwait I have to pay fees again ( handling and customs ) as per UPS Kuwait customer service.

UPS charges me 5 or 10 KD for every shipment, which really does not make sense cause all my orders are the same, but UPS charges ... I don't know according to what they are charging people.

Now for my last shipment, and by the way it is the least shipment I have ordered in weight and cost, UPS wants to charge me 15 kd !!!

Shipment cost and weight is less than every shipment I have ordered before, so why I have to pay more now ??

I believe there is no regulations for UPS Kuwait fees because for months now I am receiving the same shipment and they charge me different fees.

Kindly find the attached copy of my order receipt which already includes €55 as shipping charges, and by the way I am dealing with Aramex and FedEx for 10 yrs now, and they charge me fees also but I always have to pay them a maximum of 5 kd whatever my shipment is . UPS Kuwait has a completely different unreasonable fees.

We really need your support here.

Your concern and kind cooperation are highly appreciated.
Warm regards

ups kuwait mess

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