U-Haul Internationalissue with owner after renting a uhaul trailer

May 6-7th

I do not have a client number as no paperwork was received.

I rented a trailer from your company in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada at 3:30 on Monday May 6th. Everything went well. The gentleman assisting me was excellent as always. (This is at least my 3rd rental from this location in the past 2 years). I did specifically ask when the return time was and that the rental for sure was 24 hours.

I received a call at 11:49am May 7th from Charlottetown Uhaul accusing me of keeping the vehicle beyond the agreed to return time. She was very upset and rude, telling me that I called to reserve the trailer (I did not) and that I called to extend the term at 12:42pm (I did not and it is even before the time that I rented the trailer.) When I told her that I specifically asked that question and that I had the trailer until 3:30 as agreed she told me that I had no agreement as she was right there and that was not said. I told her I did not appreciate being called a lier. (She unbelievably told me that she did not call me a lier. I do not know what her definition is) I asked her at this point to go ask the person who waited on me. She further berated and bullied me so I told her I will bring the trailer back right away even though my work was only half done and that this was a 30 minute drive in the middle of a job.

When I arrived at Uhaul in Charlottetown the lady from the phone (who was not even there that I saw, the previous day) comes out after I was half way of removing the trailer. She told me that it was an employee mistake.. No apology. She was continually rude. I told her I was very upset and that not to lose the tape of that phone call as I planned on making a complaint. She then lost it, told me that I was going to be classed as a rude customer, that I would never rent from Uhaul again and slammed the door as I was reaching for my cell phone to tape this unbelievable tirade.

When I have rented from uhaul before, I was asked to come in to finish any paperwork. Needless to say this did not happen. It has left me with great concerns about my responsibility with regards to the trailer. Could she charge me further? I realized there was a camera so at least it would show me returning the trailer so she could not charge me with theft.

I have never ever been so rudely bullied. There is no remedy for that.

I would appreciate firstly confirmation that there were no additional charges made and secondly a full refund, (even though this is minor amount - more the principal of it) as she broke the contract by terminating the contract early.

After reviewing the web site it looks to be one of the owners who I dealt with who made the phone call and returned the trailer. So sad, but I will never return if she is there!

May 08, 2019

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