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Uhaul / rental of uhaul vehicle

Jan Soares on Sep 18, 2017
My daughter arranged for a uhaul online to be picked up at a location near her father and I to drive her moving items to nyc from nashua nh. This was done 2 weeks in advance. A day before the pickup she received a text that there were no vehicles available at the nashua location and that...

U-Haul / wilton manors u haul storage location on dixie highway

Barry Daiiley on Sep 1, 2017
I would first like to thank you for taking the time to read the following letter. My situation and my compliant relates to my frustration with the inability to get a simple issue resolved, and due to continued attempts unanswered on my behalf has reached unprecedented levels. My company...

Uhaul / uhaul and john lau at corporate customer service

Sanford Brian on Aug 30, 2017
Let me first start this off with my family and myself have been renting Uhaul trucks/trailers since I can remember. We have never had any issues with pricing or attitude. I placed a call to my local uhaul dealer here in Long Beach Ca. They promptly transferred me to ubox once they knew I...

U-Haul / unauthorized credit card charges/unethical behavior

nicole.mcintire on Aug 28, 2017
I rented a UHAUL from a hole-in-the-wall location that had two trucks. A walkthrough was never done when I rented the truck. Right before I began my move I noticed a damaged speaker. When I returned the truck, I paid the bill I was presented and brought the speaker to the attention of the...

U-Haul / truck rental - nashville, tn / charlotte ave.

Tony on Aug 22, 2017
I've held a reserved /confirmed rental for a pickup truck rental at this location, near my home, three times in less than three years. Each time I've arrived exactly on time, but no truck was available, although ... some larger truck was. Each time, I was also told they might be able to...

U-Haul / truck rental 8/19/17 contract #90645281

Gloria Baack on Aug 21, 2017
Reference case file #1519664 PHX, AZ-San Jacinto Hemet, CA Went to pick up our reserved truck, first of all the gas tank was empty and no blankets the guy in PHX gave them to someone else and told us to go pick them at another location. Then when we went to turn the truck back in, Hemet, CA...

U-Haul / changed "reservation"

Bb777777777 on Aug 11, 2017
I made a reservation for a trailer 10 days in advance over the phone. Less than 24 hours before I needed it, I got an email changing the time and place of pickup. This was not acceptable to me so I called them. They were rude and surly, and did not understand why I was upset. I got no...

U-Haul / charges

Jennifer Guay on Aug 10, 2017
I used U-haul in May 2017 and paid by credit card. Then, months later in July I noticed they charged my chard $6.90 without any notification they were doing so. I called to inquire what this was for and they didn't have a documented reason but the person I spoke to thought it wa...

U-Haul / propane refill complaint

Sinbad110 on Aug 4, 2017
I went to a uhaul store to refill propane tanks 1001 canal st Syracuse NY 8/4/17 manager crystal told me she couldn't help me because she couldn't leave the store and it was store policy. to walk 30ft to propane refill area and after I asked her could one of the two other employees there...

U-Haul / car transport/ leaking truck damaged contents/no refund

rettam on Aug 1, 2017
the 16 ft truck was NOT powerful enough to use a car transport for my ford explorer, truck would not go over 40 mph! the truck leaked water inside when it rained causing damage to my items including mattress and boxspring, never received a refund of any amount for car transport which wa...

U-Haul / service

Lorettaharrison on Jul 31, 2017
On July 27th around 3 pm I made reservation on line for a truck Friday afternoon 330 pm for 24 hrs. I was picking up at 48th and Powell. At 330 pm July 28th I called the uhaul on 48th and Powell to confirm and let them know I was on way was running a lil late. They said it was fine. When I...

U-Haul / service

St. Snider on Jul 31, 2017
The U-Haul on 10105 State Hwy. 64E. Tyler. Tx. 75707 should be closed down immediately. There is one woman working there who provides no assistance to hooking on trailers. She doesn't even have knowledge as to how to do it. She handed us a jack that didn't work and a direction pamphlet...

U-Haul / auto transport, car dolly

Christian j on Jul 31, 2017
I pick up a auto transport and a car dolly in Pennsylvania.During the course of the road trip down south, i expierence alot of issues with the strap. They kept coming very loose. These equipment are very bad maintained and very unsafe. At the end of the destination i had to put a big fuss at...

U-Haul / fraudulent insurance scam

Jf-w on Jul 25, 2017
I rented a U-Haul truck a month ago and just received a letter from the U-Haul insurance company stating I damaged the truck and they need my insurance information. I did not damage the truck the truck was damaged when I rented it. When I dropped the truck off lady that inspected the truck...

Uhaul / tow equipment and untrained staff

Michelle Granillo Patton on Jul 21, 2017
on 07-20 went to pick up truck to load and then return to uhaul for them to put tow on as it was explained they prefer it this way so to much such it is done correct. There was only 1 person working during a very busy time. We load the car and get down the street the strap has come undone...

U-Haul / rented a u haul truck and it stalled.

Stacy Ramirez on Jun 7, 2017
Hello please look into this online because all our info is there. Me and my husband Harold Ramirez went in to your U haul office to rent a truck so we can move some furniture in our new rental home. OK we did. Then we did our first trip got back to our home to unload. We parked in our...

U-Haul / reservation: cargo van

Grace Anim-Ansah on Jun 3, 2017
My husband and I made a reservation for a cargo van at the Uhaul location in Ajax for pick up on Saturday June 3 2017. When my husband arrived to pick up the cargo van ge was informed that there is no cargo van available. Apparently, the previous renter extended their rental time. There...

U-Haul / auction storage without notice and have no records

Ms. Abraham on May 23, 2017
The uhual in Waterbury, CT on bank street is where I had my storage. My last name is Abraham. I had been behind on some payments, but I did manage to get an agreement set up with management at this location. I was grateful for that. I believe the ladies name was kathy or katie. I had an...

U-Haul / unauthorized credit card charges/ poor customer service

Richard Oracin on May 1, 2017
Manager on duty did not not resolve my issues and contacted me 13 days later. The corporate office told me on 4-15-17, 4-21-17 and 4-25-17 that someone would call me from the local store but never did until i called a 4th time. The customer service was terrible, the wait time was terrible...

Uhaul / rental of truck and equipment

Gordon Cowley on Mar 29, 2017
I reserved a 26' truck for March 24, I received a call that morning saying that the truck was unavailable at my location but that I could drive 20 miles to pick one up. Which was totally out of the question since I had people lined up to help. They told me that I could get a 20' with a...

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