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U-Haul / Unauthorized credit card charges/ poor customer service

Richard Oracin on May 1, 2017
Manager on duty did not not resolve my issues and contacted me 13 days later. The corporate office told me on 4-15-17, 4-21-17 and 4-25-17 that someone would call me from the local store but never did until i called a 4th time. The customer service was terrible, the wait time was terrible...

Uhaul / Rental of truck and equipment

Gordon Cowley on Mar 29, 2017
I reserved a 26' truck for March 24, I received a call that morning saying that the truck was unavailable at my location but that I could drive 20 miles to pick one up. Which was totally out of the question since I had people lined up to help. They told me that I could get a 20' with a...

U-Haul / Negative experience

Mike on Aug 26, 2016
Rented a truck via www.uhaul.com which never showed up. I made my booking two weeks in advance and contacted them several times asking if everything was ok. They assured me everything was ok and I'll get my truck on the estimated time and date. Well, on the estimated date they contacted me...

Uhaul Repwest Insurance / Storage unit

angela lambert on Jan 7, 2016
ON October 14, 2015 I submitted a claim to Repwest Insurance company as I was told to do by the manager at Uhaul storage. The insurance company had removed furniture, beds etc. from our unit without our permission. They contacted us after they had done it asking us to meet them at Uhaul to...

U-Haul / Took a tow dolly without calling or anything while we were still renting it.

Caron Kilkenny on Oct 6, 2015
On Saturday, October 3rd we rented a U-Haul truck and tow dolly to move my aging 78 year old Mother from Oregon to Washington State. It was due to be returned on Monday, October 5th. We arrived to my residence that night (the 3rd) in Washington state. The next day we unloaded her little...

U-Haul / Equipment, customer service & broken promises

LauraHen on Sep 14, 2015
I sent the President of Uhaul International and the holding company President at AMERCO a letter on August 24, 2015 hoping to resolve my issue with them. On August 14 I rented a truck from Uhaul. It broke down after only about 20 miles of travel. This is when my nightmare started. On their...

Repwest Insurance On Behalf Of Uhaul Inc. / Claim for Property Damage caused by Uhaul Renter

DissatisfiedClaimant on May 8, 2015
Summary of occurance: On Saturday, 28 March 2015, at 2:20pm EST, a Uhaul Rental Truck #TT4138D, Arizona License Plate #AE-16685, operated by Ronald W. Lajeunesse of 338 Runyon Avenue, Middlesex, NJ, on the property of Eastern PA Self Storage Facilities, located at 3813 Hecktown Road...

Uhaul / rude customer service

J Sch on Apr 30, 2015
I stayed in line for 15 minutes waiting for help, there were 2 guys busy, so I understand that. However the other 2 that were in plain sight of me actually carrying on a conversation that was not business related. I have worked in the customer service industry for years, a look up and...

Uhaul Truck Rental In Bellevue Wa / truck rental switch and bate

Woodie Halvorson on Dec 24, 2014
I showed up on time to get the truck only to be told that I would have to pay 2 days rental because they were closing at 3:00 instead of 5:00 and I need to return the truck at 4:00 as I stated on the reservation. I did not have enough money to rent the truck for 2 days. The business owner...

U-Haul / Overcharging

Rashida Patience on Aug 19, 2014
I rented a 17" truck from U-Haul on 8/16/2014, returned it on 8/16/14. I traveled 35 miles and charged for 96.6 miles. When we picked up the truck, it as at 115153.3. When we returned it, it was at 115188.3. They claim the mileage was 115249.9. In addition, when we picked up the truck it...

Uhaul / Poor customer service - fraud

GH1974 on Jun 30, 2014
I reserved a 14' truck on June 28 @ 11:15. The manager had some trouble working her computer and so I was not off the lot until almost 11:30. She asked that I bring the truck back by 3:30. She called me at 3:15 and said, "Please tell me you are on your way." I replied that I was, in...

U-Haul / Terrible Service

MCaud on Mar 24, 2014
I am so angry right now after dealing with the inept Daniel McAleese of U-Haul Coram. You would think U-Haul is a brand you can trust, this is not the case with the Coram branch. Not only did they fail to carry out a simple task of adding a trailer hitch to my car, they left me waiting for...

Uhaul Ubox / Now they refused to refund the money

Glenne on Jun 19, 2013
This complaint is still on-going. My fiance has gotten the run-around from UHaul for the past few weeks trying to ship our things. After doing her research she cancelled a previous order made with Uhaul Ubox. Now they refused to refund the money for shipping they haven’t done.

Uhaul / ticket

Sisterh on Jun 6, 2013
I rented a u-haul truck in Dec 2011 and returned it and got my deposit back less charges I owed. In Dec. 2012 U-haul sent me a letter stating $50 for a ticket. I did not receive a ticket from anyone for anything, I sent a letter to U-haul informing them that did not get a ticket and to...

Movinghelp.com Uhaul.com / Useless service and customer service

yuk on Jun 5, 2013
I found Movinghelp.com through Uhaul.com. But there is no information on the people who will be moving your things except for a rate they charge and a few reviews. I called movinghelp to find out what kind of insurance a specific mover had, and was told they have no information about their...

Uhaul Lumberton Texas / Manager stole money from U-HAUL

Brandon Ceaser on Dec 4, 2012
Oscar the Manager of the Complaint listed address stole money from my account and Uhaul.The Company Uhaul contacted me about him stealing money he deposited or took money for services not used with Uhaul or his Store Company.Oscar has failed to refund or deposit money back to me he basically is considered a scammer also for.

Uhaul.com / The $19.95 rental ended up costing $98.00

Tereso on Aug 21, 2012
Rented truck in Oakland California. Customer service was good and there was no problem with the truck. However when you see 19.95 advertise on the side of the truck you believe the rental is $19.95. What is not mentioned is that you are charged .89 a mile, which is acceptable, except you...

U-Haul / Horrible Employment

Anonymousey on Jun 29, 2012
I want to start by saying that the reason I'm posting as anonymous and not giving the specific location in Houston Texas, is because I need this particular manager to give me a good job review when contacted in the future. He promised to tell the truth about my performance and say I...

Uhaul / service

vcole5859 on May 21, 2012
U haul rented us a truck in the afternoon and we discovered that when you drove it on the expressway, it spit hot water at you through the heat vents. When we called Uhaul they directed us to call their garage. A guy at the garage told us it was drivable and that we needed to drive it back...

U-Haul / Unprofessional & Awful Customer Service

antonym on Feb 13, 2012
Renting wise everything was fine but customer service was awful. First we had to listen to the employees complain openly about other customers on the day we rented the truck which was Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 12:55pm. The next day is when the issue happened. We we're told since...

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