Turkish Airlinescustomer service diabolical

D Jul 19, 2019

I am currently sitting in Istanbul airport totally amazed and shocked what I have encouraged
I am a freelance journalist who work for a few different travel mags in the uk
I flew out last Wednesday from Birmingham via Istanbul to Bangkok then on to Cambodia to review a new hotel opening
All fine no issues
But today I flew back via Istanbul if which I am still here
I am a diabetic and missed my meds on the flight from Bangkok to Istanbul not normally a major issue but one landing at Istanbul I felt very tired and fell asleep at the boarding gate for the 725 am flight back to Birmingham
I woke to find it was 740 and the plane had left
I went to your ticketing gate and explained the situation to someone who was not at all helpful but insisted I had to pay £258 to get on the next flight
I told him I did not have my cards as they where in my luggage but he then said pay cash £238
I told him I need to get some money transferred from uk but I had used the 15 free internet connection and Needed to get on the net. He replied this was not his fault but he could get me on flight for £170
How can this change in space of 15 min
And I managed to use another persons hot spot and got the money transferred
And bought the ticket

I am now feeling extremely unwell as I have not had a sugar intake for over 6 hours. I go to your desk and ask if I can get some water and sugar I am told no I must go to desk d and speak to them
I go to desk d and the lady says she can not understand me so I ask for a manager
Or someone who can help me
A lady called olive she refused to write name down as I said I was not happy and wanted to make a complaint she then laughed at me as I could feel my body closing down and started talking in Turkish under her breath

This is appalling customer service
After getting no where I managed to find your vip lounge where the gentleman can down and bought me water with sugar in it
Not before i passed out at the bottom of the stairs
He offered to call a doctor and was very helpful but I explained I just needed sugar levels replacing

I am now in airport £170 out of pocket and need to say I have traveled the world with every airline and never ever had such bad service

I was laughed at spoken about under my breath offered 3 prices told no one in authority could assist and could not even get me some sugared water knowing my situation

I look forward to your reply as I am currently still in Istanbul

Many thanks

Darren Tyler

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