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Mar 24, 2021

TurboTax - turbotax free edition 2020

Initially this year I was thrilled since so much more information from the prior year got imported.

Then I tried to enter my disability income from insurance carried when I was a pastor. I spent hours trying to get the form to accept it, to no avail. It can't go in the retirement income section because it doesn't come with a 1099-R, there's no place for it under miscellaneous income, and even though the IRS says to report it as "Wages, salaries, tips, etc" TurboTax won't allow that because it only takes income from a W-2.

Last year this problem didn't occur; I had no trouble entering my disability income -- though I recall that the year before that it was impossible as well and I had to use a work-around which I forget.

Under retirement income there should be an option for "Disability Payments to Ministers of Religion", which is the official form sent out to people with that kind of income, or perhaps under disability payments there should be a set of boxes including "1099-R", "Award Letter", and "Other".

And under "Wages, salaries, tips, etc." a W-2 form shouldn't be required; instead there should be boxes such as "Wages (cash)", "Wages (W-2)", "Tips", and "Disability".

If I were to give TurboTax a rating this year I would give it half a star.

TurboTax - I signed in on free tax return and at the end of the session it said you were charging me $30.00

I signed on for a free tax return. I have no income except Social Security . I thought I would have a better chance of getting the stimulas check . At the end of the questions it says I owe 30.00 ? I didn't go any further. It says it will come out of my refund. I am not getting a refund, which I knew when I started this. So what now. Do I have to start filing complaints with the IRS and online with facebook twitter and so on. 03/23/2021 [protected]@att.net

Desired outcome: do not charge and do not send

TurboTax - TurboTax Premier 2020

On about March 1st, 2021, I entered most of the tax data for 2020. When trying to retrieve this file a couple of weeks later, it says the file is corrupt. I re-installed TurboTax, refigured my taxes again and the same thing happened. I installed TurboTax on a different computer thinking perhaps the problem resided in my computer. I entered enough data to create a file and tried to retrieve that file and once again it said the file was corrupt. My son used the same TurboTax disc to figure his taxes and had no problem.

Desired outcome: Fix problem and refund my money. I purchased this product on Amazon.


TurboTax - Premier

I continually receive a message that the file cannot be auto saved because the file is locked and/or I don't have permission. I'm using an iMac. I checked File Info and the file is not locked. I have duplicated the file and also saved onto the desktop. When I reopen the file it has my data; however when I attempt to e-file I am unable to transmit the return because the same message pops up. I note that I have paid to e-file 2 state returns.

Desired outcome: Advise how to work around this problem

TurboTax - Turbo Tax Business

Just spoke with a rep who was defensive and obnoxious. I called about their software not yet being compliant with the most recent legislation regarding credits that we should be eligible for on unemployment benefits received in 2020. He was disrespectful, rude and laid blame on the IRS. WOW! I don't know how Turbo Tax could be helpful with taxes or audits if their representatives behave in this manner. This CS Rep's name was Kevin.

Desired outcome: Turbo Tax should consult with the IRS and get their software ad forms updated asap to help people affected by COVID

My guess is they hire any rep applicant who wants a job, give the newbie a morning's worth of training, and put him in a cubicle to take calls in the afternoon.

TurboTax - what happend to FREE FREE FREE!

False advertisement, was supposed to be free then charged me 60.00 and when I paid with my credit card the slapped on another 50.00 that was not mentioned in the before payment. It made me buy the deluxe instead of giving me the option of changing my mind. Also they waited till I spent 2 hours doing my taxes myself to tell me this. If you go to their website and see the reviews all the reviews on the first pages were 5 stars but if you go to the other reviews from backward to forward all were 1 star and complaints. they don't want you to see the bad reviews because most of them are bad! I will never use them again what a rip off! This is the first time in 5 years I have ever had to pay. Also they tell you oh we will take your payment from your federal review FOR AN ADDTIONAL 40.00 PROCESSING FEE. TO MANY HIDDEN FEES!

TurboTax - Turbo tax software 2020

The I.R.S. would not take my E-file, so I had to mail it in instead. I was still charged $20.00 for the E-file; after an hour on the phone tree I finally got ahold of someone at customer service, who referred me to a link to file for a refund of the $20.00, which I did and it was declined. NOW, I will NEVER use Turbo Tax again and I will be sure to tell all my family and everyone I know on Social Media not to buy it either. Customer service is a nightmare with the automated phone tree trying to talk to someone, and I would never do it again. Keep the $20.00, It's going to cost you a lot more than that in lost business.

TurboTax - I was charged for help, was told they would contact, 4 days later, they never did!

Saturday night, March 13th, I was trying to complete my 2020 State IL 1040 & Federal 1040SR income tax forms. Starting on the Federal, I was doing ok until I got to the EIP portion. I rec'd the 1st payment of $600. I did not rec the second EIP but rec'd a letter saying to take it as a 2020 EIP credit, which I tried to do but the system kept changing my $600 to $1200. At the end, it said that I would rec a $1200 refund from IRS, which I know is not correct. I sent it anyway because I didn't know what else to do. I sent the forms on line on March 17th. Initially I signed up for help on line, Turbo Tax charged me $73.99 for this so called help----that I never did rec. THEN I got to the State, it said I owed $665, no penalty no estimated ta payments, nothing. I know that is incorrect as well, which means IRS will be down my throat because I did not follow protocol.

Desired outcome: Since they have caused this headache, they should at least refund the $73.99. Realistically, I would like them to go in and correct my filed taxes but I know that will never happen!


TurboTax - TurboTax Online

Do NOT use TurboTax. Only after paying for their service and submitting efile and it getting rejected, was I then told by Turbo that I would have to submit my taxes myself along with a form that I would have to complete and file with the taxes for solar energy. I should have been given this information prior to submitting file my taxes and paying. MORE importantly, when I reached out both through Live Chat and on the phone, I was given the run around and in the end received zero help. NO LONGER A TURBO TAX Customer!

Desired outcome: Refund


You and me both, AngelaWhite9. I've dealt with some ill-managed companies before, but TurboTax goes right the head of the queue. I wish I'd read these complaints first.

TurboTax - TurboTax 2020

I've been using TurboTax for years. I ran into several glitches when I entered my tax info yesterday.

1) When entering 1099s, TurboTax didn't show two columns, this year and last year. After editing the 1099 imported from last year and completing, TurboTax kept telling me I hadn't entered 2020 info?

2) After running the Federal check and saving my return, my refund was
$ 1156. When I reopened my return my refund was $51?


Desired outcome: that TT works as previous years

Mar 17, 2021

TurboTax - Software and cust sv

So here's the story of $ spent. Buy turbotax preimer (I have rentals and need preimer) $69.00
Pay for an out of state tax form you need to file for that state - $45
And then... When you try to e-file they want an extra $44.99 to e-file. But of course they never tell you that until you buy the first cd to begin with.
When you call to get info about it, the tech who's opporating out of their home finally answers (after 30 min. Wait) her the phone equipment is so bad you can't understand half of what she's saying... Then she either hangs up on you or the call is dropped! And... Because i've used tt for 7 years I have to get it each yr. Because of being able to transfer a lot of data from the previous year. Never again!

Desired outcome: pay me back for original $ spent 69.99

TurboTax - TurboTAx customer service

I have spent 3 weeks and multiple hours on the phone with TurboTax representatives trying to get my pasword reset. No one knows what to do.
When I try to use their password / user name change app nothing happens. I am supposed to get an email with a code. No email ever shows up.
Yesterday a rep got me to a cite that is supposed to be the tech department. She promised me I would hear from them by 8pm. No one ever got back. On another issue, I needed to pay for my business state tax forms. I continually stated that these were state forms for BUSINESS. She charged me and then sent the for for Individuals. I can't deal with these people anymore!

Desired outcome: Honestly, I don't know. I may just ask for a refund on the software and go somewhere else

TurboTax - Payment not received

I have been using Turbo Tax for years and have never had a problem until this year. When I login to my account (after I have filed), it says my payment should be here 3/8/21. Here it is 3/16/21 and crickets...When I email, they tell me it is on it's way. I haven't called yet but I plan on doing so tomorrow but from the reviews I have seen, I'm not expecting anyone to answer. I also have not received a stimulus payment. I can't remember how I chose to receive my refund but I think it may have been on their debit card because for some reason I couldn't have it deposited into my account as I have in the past. When I login to my account, it is very confusing and I can't figure it out. Just frustrated as hell. Lesson learned...H&R Block from now on.

Desired outcome: Would like to know where my refund and stimulus are

TurboTax - TurboTax Standard Download

RE: Case # [protected]
Income Tax associated with Split Income is not allocating properly which was reported on March 9/2021. Todate this problem is not fixed.
Go to form T1032 to see that the spouse which is receiving the split income has not allocated any income tax

I am beginning to wonder if this program was verified before release.

This is the SECOND problem I have encountered. On March 5/2021 I called to report that the RRSP contribution LImit was not being carried forward (problem solved 3 days later)

Mar 13, 2021

TurboTax - Intuit Turbotax

I have used TurboTax (TT) for several years and had never had any problems. However, this year, in filing my taxes and my family taxes we had problems. This was due to the stimulus entry in your application. I entered both entries as requested, but I feel that when this portion was programmed into the actual return it was not done correctly. I completed my return, got "Low Risk" error, and I completed and sent. It should be noted that my return, as well as all my families, are simple since as we are all retired. Well I sent my returns back in January. IRS is working my sister's return, from which has adjusted for $600 and will being mailing refund within 2 or 3 weeks. My return is still being reviewed and it is also being adjusted by $600. I still have 3 more returns that or in the process of being looked at. I have other friends that have used TT and filed their taxes in February and have received their return in less that 1 and half weeks. I could of gone on site and used the free tax filings, but I felt more comfortable with TT. However, when I called your office to report this problem; this refuse any apology and stated it was used error. I feel that this is not right, and disappointed with the application and now service. Looking forward to your response.
Tom Guer

Desired outcome: I feel that a monetary refund is due, since TT did not prove the service as reported and paid for, the delay in receiving my tax returns, and the poor customer service received my reporting this issue.

Mar 10, 2021

TurboTax - TurboTax 2020 Premier

I have had nothing but problems trying to file a state return electronically. The turbotax system doesn't accept credit cards and I was told to speak with Technical Support. Unfortunately, I couldn't get anyone on the phone. I was on the call one day alone for 2 hours and still on hold. The tickets I opened are:#[protected], [protected](not able to process credit card payment and today's case, can't file state tax return and select take out of state return. [protected] (Note:Someone just came back and informed me you can't deduct your filing charge for state from your refund even though I have more than enough to cover the $40 dollars)

I have been a turbo tax user since 1999, never have I spent some many hours on the phone trying to get your product to work (aka pay for a state filing)

Also I had to purchase premier because no one could tell me when deluxe was avaliable.

Desired outcome: refund of some of the cost of turbotax premier

TurboTax - Expert preparation

I signed up for tax preparation and spent parts of six weeks sending them data for a return. As near as I can tell they did nothing. When I complained, they closed my file without any notice to me. Afterwards, I spent 1.5 hours talking to nice people that could not help me. They promised to assign another person and did nothing afterward. They are incompetent.

TurboTax - EMail again! GONDORM

Last week I completed my 2020 Tax return. TurboTax Announcement:. Gratulation! And did not return my product until I paid $120.00 even though I had selected the free version.

Then they found 2 small errors after closing but gave me no option to go back. Finally, with the help of one agent I got back, fix the errors on a form not used and got again to "Ready to file" .

...but not before to pay $120.00 again. - I need to file the tax return now before the deadline,

Please help!

TurboTax - Filing taxes

On February 12 of 2021 I got onto my Turbotax account, which I had not been on since the 2020 tax season. When I logged on it said "Congratulations, you have filed your taxes." But I had not entered any information or even started filing my taxes. I called and called and no one could give me an answer as to why or how this happened. So now my taxes are filed without me EVER filing them. Beyond frustrated with Turbotax and will NEVER be using them again.

Mar 01, 2021

TurboTax - Turbotax card

I have been trying for a week to get a double charged atm withdraw off my balance the phone number is 3 ads that it makes me listen to then the third one asks you to buy insurance 5 times then it says press pound when you press pound it hangs up if you answer any of the three ads it sends you to an emergency center selling neck monitors and is no help
The chat rooms say they are there to help to ask your questions then just sit there and never answer the questions asked and this chat is closed pops up on the screen. I have dealt with many Visa card centers this is unprecedented there is no way this is a legal way to handle customers i also have posted in the chat rooms about it with the 2000 other people who all have problems as well with no hope of getting them fixed all I need is a simple transaction voided it is so obvious I had 12 dollars left and it made my account negative 170 dollars and change no atm would have given me any money with a negative balance if that were the case TurboTax will be bankrupt in weeks from all the atm withdrawals not sure who or how but someone please help me here thanks

Desired outcome: Credit balance

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