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Truist Bank (formerly BB&T Bank) review: Truist, a bank stuck in the early 90's: the hunt for a 10 day loan payoff

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It's sad, how difficult Trust is making a simple form request be.

Called on the 11/9 at 16:00 and was told that I had to fax a formal request, and in that request I could specify it to be emailed to me (like every other form of commination in 2021) since individuals typically don't own a fax machine at their home. Request sent after hours, confirmation received.

Called on the 11/10 at approx 10:00am. Was told that the process doesn't start until 14:00 and I should call back at that time. Called back at 14:30 and was on hold for 30+ minutes. Decided to call tomorrow.

On the phone 11/11 at 10:45 was on hold for 35 minutes. Told that the office that does the loans is closed for the holiday. This is 2021 and Truist is a worth $199 billion dollars doesn't keep one person in office to process forms?

Every customer support person I dealt with wanted to pass the responsibility to someone else. There were no reference numbers, notes on my phone calls. I had to update everyone I talked to from square one.

Because of this companies incompetence, I was unable to buy a car on time.

Will be closing my accounts and never be using SunTrust Banks, BB&T, or any affiliated association ever again.

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