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Traveler HelpDeskAirline Ticket

I booked my flight with the company and then I canceled the ticket due to Covid-19, so now I was supposed to get a refund for my ticket from the airline. but since I have booked it through this business, the airline was supposed to issue voucher to the business in the amount of refund so that the business can refund my money through the same mode of payment. Upon checking up the status of my refund with the airline, I found that the voucher was issued a month ago and the business still wants me to hold as they have no record of the refund from the airline. The airline has provided me with the refund reference number and an email to ensure that they processed the voucher to the business. I am getting different answers and situations every-time I call their customer service. Their service is very disappointing.

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    Traveler HelpDeskSold a ticket/non operating airline

    My husband bought a airline ticket with traveler help desk to go to Nicaragua and they sold him a ticket from copa airlines and it wasn't even operating. We asked for a refund and we only are getting $200 back when we paid $700. They lie to customers. Disappointed. They didn't even bother to let us know the airline wasn't traveling so he wasted 1hr and 30 minutes to get to the airport and to come back.

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      Traveler HelpDeskReembolso

      Compre un voleto de viaje con esta agencia en Mayo para Houston Texas en esta agencia estafadora y por motivos de covid19 la aerolínea Spirit me cancelo el voleto hace 3 meses luego un supervisor me llamo para confirmar si la aerolínea me habia cancelado el voleto le confirme q si, espere 15 días para llamar y esperar mi reembolso nunca me lo hicieron llamé algunas veces contestaba y me ponían excusas, la mayoría de veces no contestaban les envíe muchos correos electrónicos con captura de el reembolso que la agencia Spirit había hecho y aun no me reembolso mi dinero.

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        Traveler HelpDeskRefund not given

        American airlines canceled my flight from amsterdam to orlando april 24, 2020 american airlines credited traveler helpdesk with my refund of $1320.58 on april 3, 2020. I have called many times about 2x a month and been told even by a supervisor that my refund would be issued in about 2 weeks. That was way over a month ago. A resolution of this matter would be an immediate refund

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          May 20, 2020

          Traveler HelpDesk — Fraud/bait & switch

          Travel Services [protected] CC. California Governor Gavin Newsom To Whom it Concerns, RE: R8763E Your...

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          Nov 10, 2019

          Traveler HelpDesk — ticket booking

          I booked a ticket from US to ME. I put my CC info. after 10 hrs my CC keeps getting charger 0 USD every 10...

          Traveler HelpDeskpurchases some tickets without getting my 10 % commissions

          Flight channel
          Booking references N6KC2N and NSCUP9 dated 6/29/2017 and 6/30/2017
          Other ref :NSM7AU and NBYQEK
          Amounts 1766.94 Dollars and 1746.94 Dollars
          My name is cheikh wane who booked both
          Address 540 w 145th street apt 6h
          Newyork ny10031
          Phone [protected]
          I never received my commission I been play by the lead of the dealership
          I was surprise by that action I am an retired airline agent that live with kind of service

          purchases some tickets without getting my 10 % commissions

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            Oct 14, 2019

            Traveler HelpDesk — cancelled reservation

            This is the worse travel agency I have every encountered. I reserved a flight from Nigeria to Australia, and...

            Oct 13, 2019

            Traveler HelpDesk — traveler services we paid for and didn't receive

            We purchased an airline ticket thru these people and they gave us incorrect login information so we were...

            Traveler HelpDeskairline ticket fraud

            This "site" is far from helping!! My cruise was canceled in Florida due to hurricane dorian so therefore i am trying to cancel or get a voucher for our flights. I was given a confirmation code after booking LCQ3ZF. Well upon callin to change my flight customer service told me to call my airline. As i did this i came to find out my family of 4 are not reserved for any flights. Sept 1st 2019 "flight 927 from chicago-ohare to orlando-mco" and return date sept 6th "flight 912 from mco-orlando to chicago ohare" were no where to be found. I am livid and distraught. My $800 was taken as i only got fake flight information!!!

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              Traveler HelpDeskscammers

              If you google the term scammers the definition to it will he travel help desk!!!
              Worst customer service and experience of my life.
              Booked my tickets through and lead to everything seemed fined purchased my tickets at 9:09 am 7/26/19 within less than 30 minutes I got an email to call back to arestravel to confirm since the purchased had been flagged (the cardholder was different than the reservation name) I called back right away.. They did take long to take the call maybe like 25-30 minutes.
              God the issued fixed and received my confirmation with the united airlines issued tickets. I checked on the ua app the confirmation code and everything seemed perfect.
              Moving forward with my departure day 8/04/19 (my departure was at 4:09 p.M.) around 12:45 p.M. I'm at church and kept getting a cal from san diego, ca, I stepped outside to answer and there's this man talking in spanish asking for me about a flight I had scheduled (the informatioin he was giving me was legit but asked him for my confirmation number and it wasn't the same I had gotten from arestravel I really thought this was a scam) he kept telling me that if I wouldn't pay a difference on my flight he was gonna void the ticket, so I told him I would give him a call back or he could call be back within 20 minutes to leave church. He never called back, but I called to ua and sure enough they voided my ticket that day. I called to arestravel and they said they don't do air flight tickets and gave me a number to call, I call back and they tell me that they voided my ticket and I needed to pay.. I kept telling them and asking them for an explanation because I had received a confirmation and my ticket was issued.. I was on the phone for over 3 hours trying to resolve the issue.*worst but I mean worst of the worst to the worst to the millionth power*
              Spoke to sergio, it was unbelievably ironic how long he would take to check *anything* he would ask if I could stay on the line for a 2 minutes and then he would take at least 15 minutes... He had me like that forever, they changed my departure city so I had to drive 40 minutes (still not having a ticket issued, by faith) he would tell me he was trying to find fares, and times... And once he charged me the difference he said he would give me a call back with the issued ticket number and ua confirmation... The whole drive to the airport it took him to call me back.. I kept calling to get a hold of him, and they would just tell me that he was working on it that he would return my call. At some point he calls me back i'm a minute away form the airport, trying to get a confirmation and he wouldn't issue it until he asked if I had made it to the airport once I said yes he tells me there was a mistake on my last name, he *on purpose put it on the cardholders last name... He said that he needed to cancel the flight and re book it.. I kept setting a point that there was no way he had done a mistake for the pre-confirmation had my name correct and didn't get him out that he needed to cancel and re - book, he gave me two options to change my flight to a later one and arrive to my destination until the next day at the same price or cancel *because I couldn't afford to pay* if I wanted to leave at the 4:09!!! That's when I couldn't take it anymore and asked to speak to a supervisor, he didn't wanna transfer me until I repeated myself like 5 times *I just wanna talk to a supervisor* as he put me on hold I decided to get off and got talk to united airlines (its past 3 pm) I tell them my whole situation and they're like "you're that famous person who's name appeared today and went from one last name to another" they got on the phone with ua and started helping me after 20 minutes of waiting they transfer me to a "supervisor" *rohan* I told him ua would help me if they wouldn't and that's when he released the confirmation.. They lied the whooooooleee time!!!
              Fast forward to 4 days ago I called because I contacted ua, read all the terms and conditions and now read a lot of the reviews and what they did is injustice, steal and scam. I called and they said they would transfer me to rohan and after waiting 20 minutes they said he was busy that we would call back within 30 minutes if not the latest 24 hours and if they wouldn't that they would fix my whole problem.. He never called back... I called right after the 24 hrs and supposedly that he was out and he wasn't aware.. I told him they mentioned that if he wouldn't call me back within a period of time I could ask to speak to a manger, and he said they were all gone for me to try the next day, he said he would try to help me and said he could call me back since he was leaving for the day.. I asked him to call 3 pm pacific time since i'm central time... Yup did not care and called before that.. Called him back and after trying to get help from him that took over an hour... After me not tolerating the fact that he was so rude and they all start yelling and raising their voices, I told him what sergio said about me not affording to pay for the flight and re worded to something different and said that's what he meant.. No he said it clearly... I even told him they had my permission to go back and listen to their recording... He finally caved it and transferred me to ray (his manager) rude as well, they kept arguing that I didn't know how it worked and the terms and conditions are not very detailed because it would take someone like me months to read and understand it... He came to the agreement into being refund only 300 out of the 530 that they stole from me... Horrible experience with these scammers.

              I've already contact bethel and told them the whole story so they can no longer link them to get any flights from them.. I even sent them this link so they can read all the bad reviews they have.

              If I had an option to put negative stars.. That would be my rating because one is waaaaay to much fro them to deserve!!!

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                Jul 02, 2019

                Traveler Help Desk Phone: +1-877-251-1691 — airfare price increase.

                Good afternoon. Today, July 2, 2019, I was booking a flight for my son, Xavier Ortiz Franco, confirmation...

                Traveler HelpDeskcomplete lack of knowledge in customer service agents

                The customer agents have no clue about baggage policy of the flights. They provide inconsistent and incorrect information. I was told while booking that infant is allowed a check-in baggage. Then just days before flight that info. was refuted.
                I spoke to the supervisor and there was a rude undertone to all his responses. He provided me information which was deprived of facts.

                My flight had multiple segments operated by multiple airlines. Hence, it was imperative for agents to provide me with consolidated information.

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                  • Updated by Hussain Kapadia · Jun 13, 2019

                    The supervisor called me promptly after receiving new information, my complaint is resolved.

                  May 08, 2019

                  Traveler HelpDesk — plane ticket not used

                  On March 23, 2019 my family's flight going to Minot from Denver Colorado got delayed. Instead of calling...

                  May 08, 2019

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Traveler HelpDesk — airline tickets

                  They are all the same company... They are scam! They charged me almost $800 dollars for tickets that wa...

                  May 07, 2019

                  Traveler HelpDesk — reimbursement not received

                  Dear Sir/Mam: On April 3, 2019, I purchased the round trip ticket KBNEFP from Dominica to San Juan. You can...

                  Jan 31, 2019

                  Traveler HelpDesk — flight booking

                  My mom passed away suddenly and I bought three tickets for me and my girls. For some logistic reasons, my...

                  Jan 19, 2019

                  Traveler HelpDesk — my flight

                  Hello there, My name is sumit gajurel. I never thought the tickets i bought from you could make me in so...

                  Jan 12, 2019

                  Traveler HelpDesk — you charged me twice for tickets.

                  On November 26, 2018, I unknowingly booked tickets through your agency because you misrepresented your...

                  Traveler HelpDesk — unfair practices

                  Hello! My name is Nina Krakovna, I am from Toronto, Canada. December 3rd 2018. I had a very bad experience...

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