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Toyota  -  The car had engine trouble right off the lot. I can't believe the seller didn't know.

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On Sept. 10 my son bought a 2013 Lexus CT at Fox Toyota/Ford Motors in Cadillac, MI. The check engine light came on while driving it home to Grand Rapids. It took a while to work out appointments to have it checked. It also started "leaking" coolant. Turns out it was burning coolant in the engine. We had purchased a power train warranty, only to find out later that the gaskets are not covered.

We finally got it looked at on Oct. 16 in Grand Rapids at Harvey Lexus. They said they couldn't find a coolant leak, but it needed some engine work and new brakes. We declined to have that done because they brakes should have been new from the dealer. And at the time they thought the engine work would be covered by the warranty. The car kept shaking while being driven. But we would have to set up a new appointment to have that done.

On Nov 18 the car blew a tire on the highway! So, Harvey Lexus took care of that but recommended 4 new tires to the tune of $700!

Finally got an appointment scheduled for Dec. 8! Meanwhile the check engine light was not just on but started blinking. My son was constantly adding coolant to make up for what was disappearing. Also, a friend mechanic of mine in Grand Rapids took a look at the car. All he did was remove the oil cap and saw foam in the oil. Diagnosis, the anti-freeze is leaking into the oil, causing the cylinders to misfire. We get the impression that they sold us the car knowing that those issue were there. How could you miss foam in the crank case when they changed the oil as the got the care ready for resale?

At Harvey Lexus they said they have to repair the head gaskets. But we kept talking to the Fox dealer here in Cadillac too and they said they wanted to make it right. If we could bring the car back to Cadillac, they would see what they could do about the warranty. We returned the car to Fox motors in Cadillac on Dec. 10. They have had it ever since. On Dec. 17 they said it's probably a $3000 repair and it's not covered under warranty. That was the last we heard from them until today, January 13, 2022.

Now they say it needs a new engine, that the coolant leak bent a piston rod. $8000! to install a used engine. I just can't afford that kind of money. They called me back later and offered to "repair" the current engine best they could, but it would not be perfect and there would be no further warranty of any kind, for $4000!

This has been a nightmare! I don't think they should have even put that car up for sale! I would love for them to take it back and forgive the debt. I'd even be willing to start over and get a different car from them to make this right. But I'm just a pastor, and my son is only 24 and just getting started. Neither of us have significant savings to pay for this. And we do not think it is fair! The big corporation can suffer this loss way more easily than we can! You even get a tax write off as a business loss. But I don't.

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