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Good afternoon
Three days ago I purchase a Toyota Camry 2019, it was pr-owned car . the day i bought from Don McGill Toyota located at Kirkwood and i10. the day i purchase car i start getting issue with car. Within 24hour i took the car back to dealer and complain about problem .Rather then listening to my complaint they start avoiding me and keep telling me you bought used car, when i ask them to replace it they said we approved you for this car only. so i took the car back home but again next day i start getting noise from car and i called and complain but they ignore my call . i again visited them but they start talking rude, when i tell sales person i am spending $22, 000 on car i should get some respect and customer support but he walk away and came back to me after 10 min and was telling me we got the solution . he took me to the financial manger and over there the manager told me if you are having problem with car then leave the both keys and walk away. when i ask him don't you change the vehicle to solve the issue he rudely said no . just leave the keys . so after 3 days of purchase car they ask me to leave the keys and walk away empty hand. ( i work for Amazon delivery, Uber and Doordash, my old car was flooded and i was really looking forward to have this car but their rude behavior hurt me and humiliate me ) please help me out .how can i feed my kids without car.
Thank You
Mazhar Ali

Oct 05, 2019

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