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A May 17, 2018 Review updated:

Formal custmer complain: toyota egypt

Regarding toyota car with the below details:-
Toyota corolla
Model 2016
1600 cc
Motor 226752
Chase' 52806
Buyer: waleed ahmed ali mohmed
From: toyota agent in cairo - egypt
Branches: main branch at abbasya and sub-branch at new cairo 5th settlement

Dear all,

I regret to inform you that I extremely disappointed from the behavior that I had from toyota egypt since I purchased my toyota car back in april 2016
Please see the below details of my complain:-
* initially, I purchased a car of the above mentioned model back in 1st week of april 2016

* after only one month, I noticed that it's cassette is not functioning properly, and after many trials with toyota agent rep the cassette has been changed after almost 2 months of bargaining and after I did video recording to the fault of the cassette, that was not actually my main concern;

* my main concern, that during may 2016 i. E after only one month from purchasing the car, I noticed very sensible vibration in the driving wheel as i'm speeding up the car. Not only that, I also hearing abnormal noise from the car parts as i'm moving slowly above the normal speed pumps while driving. The car was actually has a clear manufacturing fault

* immediately, I take the car to the agent back in may 2016, and for too many times they try to fix the fault confirming that it's fixed with no actual result. Every time I take the car after fixation, I found the same fault as is until the moment

* moreover, the maintenance team was unprofessionally disassemble the car while maintenance, throwing all part around the place without having the basic arrangement for that (I have supporting video for that, capturing this unsafe/careless behavior while maintaining the car

* the service team was dealing with me and my family very aggressive, impolitely, and completely unprofessional without showing any basic understanding of the customer care

* I raised the case to the custmer complain team in abbasya - cairo represented by mr. Mohamed shams.. With all his initial efforts to support, he doesn't have any power or influence to the support maintenance team. He could show enough care or support to my concern. I did too many written custmer complain that all archived every time I raise it without even getting back to me with any tangible outcome or plan for fixation or even basic consideration to it

* I raised the whole case to the "customer protection agency" who is investing and try all best to support, without any care from toyota agent

* I really regret to have this bad experience with an agent of a very great brand like toyota that has lightening reputation - despite all the time and efforts that I and my family spent to have my new car properly fixed i'm rotating in open circles for more than a year an half with no actual result or even care to my concern. That's why i'm raising this to your kind attention for assertive action and to put end to this nightmare that negatively wasting my time and efforts with very negative impact to my whole life.

* the car still has the abnormal vibration/noise with very noticeable manufacturing fault. To me the solution is to promptly and properly fix this fault or replacing the whole car without me paying any difference for something i'm not guilty on, while I reported the fault after only one moth of buying the car. It badly affecting my mode, my personal life and my work

For you kind attention, investigation and prompt action

Thanks in advance to help sorting out this disappointing experience with your agent in egypt

Waleed ahmed ali
Mobile: +[protected]


  • M
      Sep 18, 2018
    Toyota Egypt - The 1000KM service for the Corolla
    United Arab Emirates

    Hello there,
    I hope you can help me find those who are on top of Toyota Egypt as I have a serious complaint & I really need my voice to be heard.
    Are they are located in UAE or in Africa ? Any contact person or e mails that can help please ?
    The agent in Egypt is breaching our simplest rights & that should not last for long
    Mohamad Saeed

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  • S
      Nov 30, 2019

    Dear Sir,
    I bought a fortuner car from your show room in Cairo, Egypt, 3 years ago.
    I paid the down payment as required. At the designated time to receive the car i was informed that an extra LE 10, 000 is to be paid due to difference of Dollar Exchange rate !!! although we contracted on a specific price. ???
    of course i had to pay to receive the car.

    Couple of weeks ago, I bought the Rush car form my daughter. i paid LE 425, 000 and i insisted to receive the car immediately to avoid the bad situation i faced with your company.

    4 days after i received the car i discovered to my extreme surprise that the car is sold for LE 295, 000 not as i paid 425, 000 meaning that i over paid LE 30, 000.

    When i discussed the matter with the manager i was told that the difference in prices again is due to the Dollar exchange rate.

    So, you made me pay extra LE 10, 000 on 2016 when i bought the Fortuner and again you made me loose LE 30, 000 on 2019 when i bought the Fortuner.

    So it is in face a loose loose situation dealing with your Co. Ok

    I am sending this mail to you to inform you that i shall never...ever deal with Toyota any more.

    Thank you for your honesty with your clients. Thank you for your support.

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