TJMaxx in Portsmouth NHbeing wrongfully fired

A Aug 16, 2018

I kimberly kaplan worked at the portsmouth nh store 0055 feel I was wrongfully terminated/fired. No proif to show why. I was fired by everette beede and helen mason.

I was totally shocked over this. I worked all weekend with everette and he said nothing to me. I came in and opened with everette monday and still said nothing. Mid day monday everette called me in his office abd thats when he told me I was terminated/fired.

Told me several associates told them I bad mouthed them. I never have. No reason to. When asked for proof was told dont want to discuss. Refused to discuss.

Have worked with the company 4 years. Never called out or not shown up for my shift as many employees have done it numerous times and, are still employed. Employees, are always coming into the fitting room to text on there phone or will text out on the sales floor and get away with it.

I have been called in or stayed to fill in for employees constantly calling out or not showi g up. I have always been there to step up and fill in.

If you look at the employees that have left over the past several months you can see that there is a serious problem. About 15 people have left.

There is 1 person (zachary spencer) that used to text my phone while I was at home. He would text when he was, suppossed to be recovering the store or outside collecting carriages. I have the proof plus he took a picture of the parking lot and sent me.

A year ago there was an associate that used to argue eith a manager and it got so heated once that she ended up getting fired. Months later she came into store and got het job back. Thay is so messed up that she is rude to manager gets fired and allowed to come back. I was told I bad mouth associates and get fired.

Many associates pull no shows for there shifts and dont call leave the store short staffed and they are still employed.. So messed up. I should not have lost my job.

I feel everette and helen should have talked to all parties, involved and find out the truth. Ask what the other associates think I bad mouthed them about.

I also felt uncomfortable when helen tossed 131.68 at me and told me that was for working sunday and part of monday. I felt she threw the money at me to get me to leave the store and to never return. Not cool.

I want something done about this complaint and not ignored

I would like a second chance. Others have got second chance for being rude to manager. Texting on phone on sales floor or fitting room. I should get that to. I will do anything to prove my self.

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Kimberly kaplan

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