Tire Kingdomterrible service


On June 28th, 2008 I visited the tire Kingdon store located at 4125 West 16th Avenue Hia, Fl, Invoice # [protected] and purchased a set of 4 BFG tires for a Grand Cherokee Jeep, I also purchased at the time the King Royal Tire Service and wheel alignment from Moises M Medina, total purchase was $726.23,

At the time he gave me a "Prepaid Card Offer Certificate" for a Visa Prepaid Card worth $50.00 on purchases of over $500.00 which I quickly mailed in to The Kingdom Prepaid Card Redemption Program, P O Box 2110, Carlisle, IA 50047. The forms indicated that I should receive my prepaid card within 6-8 weeks, it is now 10 weeks and I have yet to receive the prepaid card.

This is another disappointment with Tire Kingdom, since I already logged in a complaint regarding the tire balancing which took three trips to the store to have then corrected, them Mr. Medina called me to tell me that he was mailing me some coupon for a free oil change for all my inconvenience which I have yet to receive.

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