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I hooked up with a woman consensually and the next day told her I didn't want to see her again because we weren't compatible. She complained to tinder that I was a sexual predator (she told me this later) and I got banned for violating Tinder's terms of service.
I wonder what I violated exactly. The fact is, I wasn't comfortable seeing her again for 2 reasons:
a) she pressured me to drink alcohol when I kept telling her I didn't want to
b) At the end of a date, she wanted money, like payment. This was shocking to me because we never discussed payment (I don't pay for sex) other than my paying for her taxi (and I paid for the drinks as well). Doesn't that violate Tinder's terms of service??
According to Tinder's terms of service, do I not have a right to stop seeing someone for the stated reasons? I believe I have that right and I did not violate the terms of service. And no one ever complained about me before.
But it seems on Tinder, it's easy for anyone to weaponize banning for because Tinder never asked for my side of the story. I wish they had.


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      Sep 29, 2019

    Just go on the Play Store and report the app from the top right, if all of us report it, maybe Google will remove it from the store as it is indeed a dangerous scam company.

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