Time Warner Cable Pay Expressonline payment is a rip-off!

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I have been using Time Warner Cable's PayExpress service to pay my cable bill online. I thought it was an electronic method of payment, but a recent payment was "lost" by Time Warner employees because they manually enter the payments submitted online. They incorrectly entered my checking account number so that the electronic check was not found, so they charged me a collection fee and a late fee totaling $15.25. When I received my next bill, I called Time Warner about these charges, they claimed to send me a letter stating that my bank -Chase, returned the electronic check. I never received the letter. I called my Bank and they never received a request for an electronic check from Time Warner. Time Warner charged me for their mistake. They did not contact me by phone or by letter.

I suggest that everyone refrain from using company websites to pay their bills online. Instead use your Bank's Online BillPay, or better yet use the old fashioned method of mailing in your payment, because even the US Post Office is better at getting your bill payment delivered than private companies online payment "electronic" manually entered centers. Even better, the USPS will not charge you late and collection fees for their mistake.

For two reasons I dropped Time Warner Cable because they are not interested in providing the best customer service. The first is detailed above. The second reason is I was a TWC Roadrunner high speed Internet customer from the very first when they provided this service in Austin for eight years in Austin, Texas. I payed the full 44.95 per month for 8 years. They offered discounts of 29.95/month to new customers for 6 months but never offered this discount to their original first time loyal Roadrunner Customers. I now subscribe to another high speed internet provider, and another TV provider.


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    Scott L Mayo Jun 06, 2007
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    Get this - I have been paying my TWC electronically from my bank and it goes out each month automatically. So this February (2007) it went out as normal but Time Warner says they didn't get it. So I get the next month bill with the missed payment plus a late fee so I phoned.

    They started out by saying no problem we will enter a payment search and find what happened to it. Then I get this not-so-nice letter claiming that I screwed up some how and needed to pay this bill again. Excuse me, but I didn't change anything.

    So I called the numbers that were on the letterhead and all of them had been disconnected. Okay so who made changes? So I dialed the toll free service just to wait on hold to talk to a totally useless first line customer service person. Not trying to put any one down but there job is simply to get information they have absolutely no authority to correct any problem unless it involves collecting money. So after my third CS person I demanded a supervisor and after 3 days I finally got a call back.

    Then I was accused of ignoring a second letter that requested the actual bank statement proving that I paid the bill. The letter never came! I have no intentions of giving out that type of information but did copy and paste the needed information to help TWC to find their mistake. They wouldn't accept my document and demanded the actual statement. So I said no problem send me yours then I'll send you mine. The phone got quiet but they light finally came on.

    So they took the information I sent and I received a letter at the end of May finally stating the found the problem and have corrected it. Yeah, but the story don't end there.

    I get my June bill and it claims I didn't pay my May bill which of course I did just like February. However, when I called to tell them what happened again the CS personnel said my cable would be shut off on Friday unless I make a payment. I said I did make the payment and he stated I would have to send in a bank statement. Oh My God didn't I just go through this.

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    jerald anderson Sep 24, 2007
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    Payexpress is just a TWC run-around. I wish there was some way to talk to a person with knowledge.

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    Aromal Lilly Jan 03, 2008
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    I just now canceled my Time Warner Digital Cable+HBO after a heated argument with customer service over late fees. I have been using the Road runner and Cable for more than a year here in Columbus, Ohio. My monthly utilities include cell phone, land line, electricity and cable. I use my chase bank account's pay bill facility to pay all these bills at the beginning of the month. The land line and electricity bills arrive in my email every month, so it is easy to just type in the amount through the chase pay bill for these items. For cell phone, I log into the account and pull out the amount and pay it through chase. Time warner has this stupid pay express which will not allow you to log into it for weeks. So I missed paying for one month since the amount varies by little every month and also due to some deals we pay the regular amount after the deal period. Next month also the pay express has the same logging issues. So then onwards I started paying $178.14 (2x$89.07) for the missed month and the old regular amount of $89.07 monthly even though I didn't know what the exact amount was. But they started accumulating the late fees and it reached $15 by the time I noticed the new bill through pay express. So I called and explained to them that I have been regular in paying my all other utility bill and that this happened because of the pay express logging issues. But they agreed to waive only one month's late fee of $5. I did not want to pay $10 extra for no mistake of mine.

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  • Valerie Apr 09, 2008

    I first had to wait 16 minutes on the phone last Thursday to schedule a move service (moving downstairs to upstairs). The earliest they could get here would be Tuesday. They cancelled my service Monday and I needed it for my Vonage phone and my internet. I called them. Waited on my cell phone for 26 minutes before I got disconnected. I called back in to see about getting a credit for the $30 they were going to charge for the move. Figured that was the least they could do. Dominique Diruba in their call centre in New Castle, PA could do nothing like that for me. Just an apology for all the time on the phone and for being out of business for the day. Nor, could he give me his manager's name. I hate dealing with industries that have a monopoly! You have to deal with crappy service and accept what you get. Totally un-American!!! And, there is no one else I can complain to. Their website doesn't give you any of that contact info.

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    China Brooks Apr 21, 2008
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    The same thing has happened to me. I'm having trouble logging in to Pay Express as we speak and I was charged with $25 in fees a few months back because there was "insufficient funds" in my account. Uh, the bank has no idea of this and they didn't charge me anything on their end, which they would have, and I had plenty, and I mean plenty of money in the bank at the time. I sincerely wish I could get some other kind of dsl here where I live in Studio City, CA but TW Roadrunner is the fastest and has a nasty monopoly on the place. I went in to dispute the charge (they told me I had to drive to a location to deal with it in person!) and the lady who helped me was not very nice, to her I was just another annoying customer even though I am like you guys; always trying my very best to be polite and compassionate. And like I said, now I can't log into Pay Express and TW hasn't been sending me any notices telling me to pay my bill either by email or online. TW sucks!!!

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    heather Apr 24, 2008
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    i spent an hour on the phone yesterday with these clowns...and now i've been on hold for more than half an hour, already. and this time i had a name and an extension.

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    Bee Nov 04, 2008
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    Channel 57 Fox News---Signal breaking up---for 2 weeks--

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    bill Nov 06, 2008
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    I'm in Niagara Falls, NY with Time Warner. My Fox Business HD channel has been breaking up for months, just the sound, the picture is ok. TimeWarners customer service is NON EXISTENT.

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  • Ma
    Mark Dec 31, 2008

    I have had intermittant cable outages since July 8, 2008. It is now New Years Eve and they still haven't fixed anything. Everytime I call them they hang up on me and give me the run around. If I had an option of another company for service I would have left Time Warner ages ago. They sent a technician out 3 times. All three times the technician just says that it is working and leaves, not even staying 5 minutes. Their service is so bad that I have been so stressed out that after 5 hours of trying to call their service office and getting the run around and hung up on that my blood pressure went up so high that I was taken to a hospital in an ambulance. These people have given me worse service that I can even imagine.

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  • Ku
    kue Feb 15, 2009

    Roadrunner charged my $20 for some porn movie i never rented!!! i called and asked them what was going on and they said that someone must have rented the porno since they say that nobody can rent and charge to your account, i guess i have casper the ghost in my home renting pornos

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  • Da
    Darren Mar 16, 2009

    This company is awful. I had them for a year before moving to a condo that is directly underneath my old condo. After I moved I had my cable transferred downstairs. That started the whole problem. After numerous trips and 8 cable/DVR boxes later they finally were able to get my service to work. But they still could not get the On Demand for my HBO/Showtime to work correctly so I cancelled those items. Well that was two years ago. Now I just received my current billing and I have $952.00 adjustment on it. There was nothing that explained the charge so I called their customer service department and they told me it was On Demand movies from my old account that had not been paid for. I said no it wasn't I have all of my old bills and it shows exactly where I paid for the movies that I ordered. They could not give me a list of the movies or tell me when they were ordered.
    They suggested that I go to my local office and they would have more information. Well I have now order a new service that will be installed this weekend and I plan on going to the local cable office with my DVR and Cable box in my hand for the adjustment and tell them I will not be doing any type of business with them ever again.

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  • Jo
    JOE ROSSI Mar 23, 2009

    I have lived in Cotati Ca. for 8 years and Comcast On Demand Cable has always droped a signal there is always something on the screen that urges you to call them. Then you have to stay on the line while it the automated system asks you if you would like to upgrade your phone, computer service? Why would we up grade service when On Demand does not work? This week we will be discontinuing service I feel I have been more than patient with Comcast and I am thankful they do not run National Security.
    Perhaps GOOGLE should buy out Comcast Cable at five cents on the dollar so someone can correct the long over due problem?


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  • Jo
    JOE ROSSI Mar 23, 2009


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    Ms. T May 18, 2009

    I have been paying my Time Warner Cable Bill online through automatic paymennt since September. In March of this year, I cancelled my automatic payment and Time Warner Cable put the payment through anyways and caused my checking account to incur NSF fee's and now they don't want to make good on their mistake and pay for my NSF fee's. I am in the process of emailing them back and forth & continueing telling them of this problem but they continue to say it wasn't their fault. Well guess what, it was. So until I get some satisfaction, I will be fighting for a long time. I am not going down w/o a serious fight. They will pay me $62.00 for those fee's. Since the supervisor's don't want to help me, I will be going to head of the company. Somebody is going to give me my money back!!!

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  • Ti
    Time Wiener Victim Jun 05, 2009

    I agree Time Wiener is horrible but in San Diego they have a monopoly in certain regions. If you live in one part of town you can only subscribe to Time Warner (or Wiener as I prefer to call them). If you live in another part of town you can only subscribe to Cox. I just purchased a house in the Wiener Only Area and, their service is so terrible I may like to move when the economy picks-up just to get away from them. So far it took them two months to provide us service when we moved in. Then it took another few months to actually get the services we were paying for. Now, they keep wanting to increase our bill for no apparent reason. Also, they are forcing us to use the pay express and now I have no idea if the payment went through or not or when the bill is due. (Due to a glitch in their system I am not able to see my own account.) I told them of the numerous errors with their web site (which it seem you wouldn't have if you were an internet provider) and they act like I'm an idiot that doesn't know how to use a computer. I'd like to say for the record I am an Engineer with a Professional Engineering license and I know when your software program is [censored]ed! Each time I call to complain it takes an average of 5-6 hours on hold. No wonder they are being sued by the City of LA for messing-up the City phone system!

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  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in WRITING.

    If TimeWarner were a person it would best be described as a pathological liar: They will say one thing and do whatever is most convenient for them.

    I have made a hobby out of rescuing people from TimeWarner. They screwed me out of $1000 so I plan to cost them orders of magnitude more in customer loss.

    Send ALL letters to "the office of the president" for your territory.

    If you continue to be defrauded by TWC file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"


    remember you CAN also sue them in small claims court. In most jurisdictions the filing fee is about $60. WHEN you win your case you will recoup this investment.

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  • Kh
    kh torg Aug 10, 2009

    I have used check free successfully to pay my TW and other bills for years, TW, is forcing me to use their pay express and no longer accepts Check Free. For the last several months before informing me they no longer will be using check free, they would loose the payment and give me the run around, meanwhile charging late fee's etc. They suck for sure.

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  • Fi
    files Sep 22, 2009

    Time Warner had a promotional for either $300 of gas or groceries. I chose groceries and followed the rules according to Saveology.com and sent in my groceries slips for the month. Then I went on the net to get the voucher for the next month and a message came back that they were bankrupt. We have never received anything. We called twice and got duplicates of the original offer twice. I think that we should get some reimbursement, but can't find anyone to talk to that can do anything but repeat what's already happened.

    Don and Nancy Files

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  • Lo
    lobbyx Nov 04, 2009


    email: [protected]@hotmail.com for more details and/or status.

    Time Warner Cable / PayExpress

    Should you have problems with TWC try mailing OR emailing
    their head honchos if you don't get results at the local
    yocale level. Happy Trails!

    Also, read about what else is happening when a utility
    becomes too big and needs to be disassembled into a
    million pieces to ensure corporate monopolies are not
    allowed to abuse patrons.


    Time Warner Inc.
    One Time Warner Center
    New York, NY [protected]
    United States - Map
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Web Site: http://www.timewarner.com

    Citigroup, Inc.
    399 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10043
    United States - Map
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Web Site: http://www.citigroup.com

    Cabela's Inc.
    One Cabela Drive
    Sidney, NE 69160
    United States - Map
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Web Site: http://www.cabelas.com

    Sun Microsystems Inc.
    4150 Network Circle
    Santa Clara, CA [protected]
    United States - Map
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Web Site: http://www.sun.com

    Citadel Broadcasting Corporation
    7201 West Lake Mead Boulevard
    City Center West Suite 400
    Las Vegas, NV 89128
    United States - Map
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Web Site: http://www.citadelbroadcasting.com

    Dell Inc.
    One Dell Way
    Round Rock, TX 78682
    United States - Map
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Web Site: http://www.dell.com

    Mr. Jeff Bewkes, 56
    Chairman and Chief Exec. Officer $ 9.35M $ 1.74M
    Mr. John Martin Jr.,
    Chief Financial Officer and Exec. VP $ 3.15M N/A
    Mr. Paul T. Cappuccio, 47
    Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel N/A N/A
    Ms. Patricia Fili-Krushel, 55
    Exec. VP of Admin. $ 2.60M N/A
    Mr. Robert K. Shaye, 69
    Co-Chairman of New Line Cinema and Co-Chief Exec. Officer
    of New Line Cinema

    [Language/Communication Barriers/Blunders]

    Time Warner Inc., a global communications leader in media
    and entertainment with businesses in television networks,
    filmed entertainment, publishing and interactive services,
    uses its industry-leading operating scale and brands to
    create, package and deliver high-quality content worldwide
    through multiple distribution platforms has failed at its
    most elemental level in spite of a recent Sept 16th
    webcast and participation in Goldman Sachs�¢ï¿½ï¿½
    Communacopia Conference in New York.

    The FCC may be surprised by a firestorm of criticism drawn
    recently by darling Timewarner Cable when news leaks out
    that not only double billing issues but unprofessonal
    employee misconduct in discriminatory practices against
    spanish-speaking paying clients detriments TWC
    communication industry credibility.

    In spite of fifty-two percent of Hispanic population
    online activity, representing 23 million users, surpassing
    the two year old figure estimates predicting Hispanic web
    population would not exceed 20 million until 2020, TWC has
    tapped the sleeping dragon with discriminatory practices.
    Shame on Timewarner Cable and its subsidiaries. Today the
    growth of US Hispanic Population on the internet
    has accelerated exponentially per Mediaweek published

    Still, TWC has been reported as not only double billing
    spanish-speaking clients, but adding insult to injury when
    spanish-speaking clients arrive to be called by number and
    are mistreated as second-class clients when forced to wait
    longer as no spanish-speaking representatives are
    available to accomodate them. Disgruntled schedule-
    conscious bilingual clients in need of returning to work,
    taking kids to school/daycare or attend classes are
    wonderng when TWC wll get their act straight. TWC is in
    seriously deep doo from a range of discriminatory
    practices to sever business blunders. Just how is TWC
    expected to grow in this economy when its rank and file
    are in such disarray (and to the dismay of stockholders).
    A never ending slippery slope. However, there is hope. The
    FCC works with TWC alongside Latin based forums and
    educational organizations towards improved billing
    practices, upgrading against anti-discriminatory practices
    general TWC representative sensititivity training and
    interpersonal communications upgrades especially in
    nationwide Hispanic regions. TWC is expectd to
    deliver by year's end in the form of scholarships,
    improved service, etc. etc..

    090909 [T] 8:37 AM Went by Timewarner Cable to pay phone
    bill previously spoke with Diane via phone on Friday re:
    inaccurate amount accoridng to regular biling cycle.

    Looked like double billed account for client. Told Diane,
    client advised he had not received bill until double
    billed amount on 08/31/09. Would clear business on [T] DUE

    At TWC Office on Tuesday, picked ticket. While waiting for
    turn, observed TWC representative's
    discriminatory practices in setting aside two spanish-
    speaking clients on two seperate occassions.

    According to their questions, these two spanish-speaking
    clients had the same double billing issues.

    However, their turn and time were usurped by TW reps lack
    in communication skills providing them service only
    because they were spanish-
    speaking and the TWC rep was not so they were moved to the
    side. TWC failed to accomodate this protected class of
    spanish-speaking clients and were informed that a
    representative would not be available until hours later.

    Essentially, TWC representatives failed to provide TWC
    finest home phone service and instead provided
    unprofessional misconduct that not only failed to fulfill
    TWC standards of excellence in home phone service, but
    instigated an inconvenient, time-wasting introduction to
    an uglier side of TWC discriminatory practices and
    uprofessionalism that left one sensing one was not in good
    hands with TWC. When a simple business transaction
    escalated to the point of a client being maligned and
    harassed by other lobby client bystanders who had no
    business interfering with initial client's private
    transaction and TWC representative allowed this verbal
    assault on initial client to continue without correcting
    perpetrators led to a mob mentality escalation against
    someone standing up for their turn in a private business

    Secondly, TWC representative was not in compliance with
    Privacy Acts protecting a client's information and had
    issues with maintaining client's privacy while
    collecting client's personally identifiable information.
    The representative failed to properly respect client's
    confidentiality regarding private informaton. And even
    after addressing the importance of confidentiality, TWC
    representative failed to exhibit care. To secure client's
    privacy, client representative clarified informaton sought
    was on the TWC information sheet previously presented to
    representative. Requested representative not voice
    confidential information out as the data could be heard by
    lobby bystanders. [Incidentally in prior bill pay
    experiences, TWC representatives were informed of a person
    sitting in a lobby with a laptop computer who was writing
    down social security numbers and phone numbers that were
    voiced out by the TWC representative for each client that
    came through the lobby doors.] TWC security was lax. TWC
    was irresponsible in security breach, was not securing
    that private information was not easily accessible by
    strangers or non-TWC employees in an age of identity theft
    you would expect a communications giant could at least
    manage this. While explaining double billing issue to
    representative, representative asked for the "mailing"
    address of client. Told representative it was on the
    form, again, and pointed to form and reminded
    representative not to voice out information. The
    representative asked for "physical" address. Told
    representative both mailing and physical addresses were
    the same and were on the form. Representative said they
    weren't. Repeated for the third time the information
    requested was on the form. The TWC representative was
    most likely referring to the "billing" address. Which
    possibly had just been upgraded on the computer on Friday
    when double billing issue was discovered via phone
    conversation with TWC. When clarifying if representative
    meant "billing" address and not "Mailing" or "Physical"
    address which was what representative had asked for, then
    why hadn't representative asked for "billing" address
    information as this caused confusion.

    TWC representative failed to acknowledge error and denied
    asking for mailing/physical address information. I
    mentioned to TWC representative that alongside failure to
    graciously accept constructive criticism, representative's
    lack of empathy and negative and unimpressive attitude
    [which stunk] was not helping clients and was detrimental
    to TWC customer representative service relations [not to
    mention the discriminatory practices observed two clients
    before with the spanish-speaking clients who were put
    aside without merit.]

    At this juncture, another lobby bystander spoke out of
    turn and interfered with this client's transaction and
    time to address issue with customer service
    representatve's unprofessonalism and disregard and
    disrespect for TWC clients' privacy. After telling
    instigating bystander to mind his own business and wait
    his turn, two other bystanders chimed in that they had to
    go to work. Wouldn't have that problem with time
    management if the representative had simply admitted
    representative's error and we would have been able to move
    foward without further incident. Instead the problem
    escalated. Timewarner Cable Representatives' lack of
    interpersonal skills further allowed a situation to
    escalate, allowed aggressive bystanders to speak out of
    turn and allowed harassing bystanders to retaliate against
    client for bringing representative's unprofessional
    misconduct, TWC's double billing issues and discriminatory
    practices to light. The verbal assault on this TWC client
    could have been avoided had TWC representative been able
    to take constructive criticism over a simple error easily
    remedied with affirmative interpersonal communication
    skills. Heck, if mega-communications magnate/founder Ted
    Turner can embrace constructive criticism without issue,
    surely a TWC representative has the grace to do as well
    without provocation, harassment, retaliation or incident.

    Thank you in advance for ensuring future spanish-speaking
    clients are safe from verbal/physical assaults while on
    TWC premises and thank you for ensuring TWC employees are
    exposed to sensitivity training and interpersonal
    communications training, while upgrading the lobby area to
    ensure the utmost client privacy is practiced. Finally,
    thank you for ensuring anti-discriminatory policies and
    practices at TWC locations are upgraded before donations
    of personal computer equipment, software and TWC internet
    services are evenly distributed amongst the following
    educational organizations as a token of your efforts
    towards a better future with TWC.

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  • Ne
    NewFoud Nov 30, 2009

    Why are we at the mercy of these greedy idiots? Who is really working for whom? Not only does it take forever to SPEAK to anyone there, but good luck finding anyone that can speak coherently back to you.

    When I tried to reduce my bill (which has doubled since I started using them ten years ago) I was told there was nothing I could omit and that the $99 package is only for new customers. When I asked what they would do to help me reduce my bill and therefore keep me as a customer I was conveniently disconnected. Give me a break. I hate them.

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  • Mg
    mgo Mar 01, 2010

    vandalism. my satellite wires cut by installer for twc.

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  • Mg
    mgo Mar 01, 2010

    vandalism. satellite wires cut by twc installer.

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  • Ki
    kimberlyb83 Mar 11, 2010

    i use to work for TW. They are a crappy company. Between service men not showing up for house calls to employees arguing with customers is horrible. they do have the ability to credit you for the time that you were without service for phone and cable. Tell them you are going to disha nd they can give you even better rates. Good Luck

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  • Ne
    nenc7410 May 23, 2010

    I am having a heck of a time trying to get into PayExpress. Time Warner also said they would be converting to something called MyServices. It is now 10:20 EST 5-23-10 and I have been trying many ways to findout where MyServices is located for about an hour now. Pay Express has been impossible for me to log into for two months now. I have only found MyServices once. I am not a computer savy person so why can't it be simple for folks like me.

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  • Ol
    olbob Jun 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PayXPress is just a scam. Time Warner is so hard up for customers and cash that they are doing anything to find a way to squeeze extra money out of their remaining customers.

    If you didn't follow what happened the real Time Warner (TW) spun Time Warner Cable (TWC) off as a separate company. In the process they made TWC buy all their stock from TW. That cost about 16 billion dollars. TWC had 8 billion in liquid assets so TW sucked all that up. But, TWC did not have the other 8 billion so TW "loaned" them the money. So TWC went from having a nice cash reserve to having a huge debt and no operating capitol. Yeah, TWC is not longer part of TW. They just got to keep the name.

    To make things worse, from their point of view, the cable companies have lost something like 5 million customers over the last couple of years. Most of the loss has been in the last 6 months of so.

    Back to PayXpress... I had an "ebill" set up through my bank so that I actually received a copy of my TW bill through the bank. I could just log into my bank account and pay all my ebills. It was great. Then, TW went to this PayXpress scam. They refuse to send you the actual bill by email. They will send you a notice of where to find the bill, but not the actual bill. So, I just ignored them and used my bank web site to send them payment. Then they told me they would not accept payment through my bank web site...

    They told me if I wanted to pay on line I had to do it through PayXpress. I told them that if they wanted to get paid they were going to have to accept payment through my bank web site. They refused. After a couple of months they threatened to cancel my service for non-payment. I pointed out that I had paid them, but that they refused to accept it. They said they didn't have to accept it that way. I said that was right they didn't have to accept it. But they also could not claim I hadn't paid them. I told them that they could either accept it the way I wanted to pay it or lose a customer. They eventually got the message and started accepting my payments. They also dropped the "late" fees.

    A few months later I dropped them and switched to AT&T. AT&T was so bad... The service never worked. It didn't do what they said it would do. It sucked. It also took 11 months to get all the moeny they owed me. AT&T charged me for the service for 3 months after I canceled it. Then they kept charging me for the phone lines and Internet for a couple of more months. Then they actually apologized told me they owed me money that I had been trying to get from them for 5 months. Then, 6 months later they sent me a check. One messed up company. But, of course, AT&T has been out of business for years now. Yep, they got bought up by SBC, the former Southwestern Bell Corporation, who fired almost all their management, most of the rest of the staff, and just kept the name, the long distance infrastructure, and some of their R&D.

    I switched back to TW in a week. As a "win back" I got more services than I had before at a cost less than I had been paying before. I'm only paying about 66% of the list price and I got that locked in for 2 years. When that two years ends I'm going back to AT&T. They've now had two years to get the bugs out. And, if their service still doesn't work, then I'll let TWC win me back one more time :-)

    I have to say that over the last two years the TWC customer service has gone from insanely bad to the best I've ever seen from a telecom company. Seriously, I was on the phone with them today and the phone was answered quickly, the problem was handled and corrected in just a few minutes, and the representative noticed a weird problem with my bill and I was handed off to a specialist who identified the problem and fixed it. Total time on the phone less than 20 minutes.

    It is just amazing what actually needing customers and facing real competition can do to a company. :-)

    Anyway, TWC customer service is getting better all the time. OTOH, they are doing everything they can to make their Internet service useless. They understand that once you have high speed Internet you do not need cable TV or telephone. TW figured that out a long time ago, why else spin off, and rape, a major part of your business? Because you know that their business model can not survive.

    BTW, I'm in Round Rock, Texas. Just north of Austin. I was one of the first Roadrunner customers and I've switched my Internet service back and forth between the phone company and TW for the last 15 years.


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  • Il
    ildi Jun 14, 2010

    HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer service.

    The are unreliable, insufficient and lack structure.

    The worst customer service experience I have ever had.

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  • Mu
    Mumarbek Jun 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Time Warner Cable has the worst customer service in there office and by telephone. It is amazing how slow they are. I am sitting on the phone right now as I am writing this and have been holding for almost an hour. All I want to do is see why my phone is not working. In the office they have no respect for someone who maybe on there luncdh hour or someone on the way home from work just wanting to pay there bill. They get in NO hurry aboute anything. They have 10 or 12 registers and only have 2 or 3 people working. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Do something my god!!!

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  • No
    nonbeliever Jun 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh you haven't seen the worst yet. No sir. To see my recent experience, click over to my blog. I avoided the phone because I refuse to be held hostage on hold.
    So I tried chat and email. It does provide the advantage of having wonderful documentation of their complete inanity.

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  • Ed
    Educatingben Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently moved and called TW to move my service. They act as if that is what they are doing, but in reality they are closing one account and opening another. They do not tell you that you will have a different account number. They do not tell you that you will need to re-register on the PayExpress website. The installation appointment went fine on that one. However upon receiving a mailer telling me that for the same price I can have the phone service and an extra HD DVR, I called. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with this guy placing my order. After which he transfers me to an automated third party address verification system. It asks me several questions; Are you of age to make changes to the account, etc. It thanks me and hangs up. My appointment is scheduled for today, 7/13/2010 between 1pm and 5pm. I leave work at 12:30 and head straight home where I wait for four hours. No technician. I call the cracker jack customer care who informs me that the verification never went through and the order has been cancelled. They further informs me that they tried to contact me yesterday but couldn't reach me. As if we don't carry phones on our person in this day and age. I mean really? That is the best excuse they could come up with to cover their general incompetence? I told the "Supervisor" that I lost $25/hr and they owe me $100 dollars. She informed me that they are not responsible for the time they waste due to their stupidity.

    These services (Cable, Internet, Cell Phone), have run amuck. They are legally allowed to stick it to their customers whether they provide good service or not. They provide no credits or any concessions at all to keep good will. They don't even care about word of mouth or the internet blogs of complaints. They don't have to because they hold the market on these services. The choices are few and none of them are any good to begin with.
    Entertain yourself at your own risk.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Z Nov 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am writing to you because of the lack of service I have gotten over the last month. I understand that occasionally there are technical issues that are problematic for a company. It concerns me a great deal that the Time Warner cable company in Central Texas has more problems than most. For a high tech company there seem to be a lot of unresolved issues. I have spent more than 120 hours in a month trying to get both my cable and internet working at the same time. The last few weeks of last month I had sketchy cable service for my televisions and no service for 12 to 18 hours a day for internet and this lasted for more than a week. Now, it is my understanding, that the Time Warner group in my local area has done an upgrade for their software services controlling the boxes and this adjusts how the boxes work.. or at least should work. Once again I am without at least half of the services for which I pay for. The folks on the phone for the most part have been very understanding and attempt to be helpful; but that doesn't get my systems fixed. My television service is down right now - and has been for more than 18 hours. I am told that because of a failed system upgrade that I have to have a technician now come out to my house to manually program the boxes that I have... and this is going to take at least a week to happen. This I find unacceptable - especially when I have to listen to all of the guarantees that are repeated over and over on the phone while on hold waiting to talk with the technicians. Also, if I were ordering new service I could have someone out sooner. This to me is very poor business; do whatever it takes to get new customers and let the existing customers hang out to dry... I have been curious why so many people in my local area have been switching back to satellite even with the slower up / download rates... and now I am beginning to understand. My services are so unreliable that I too am thinking about finding another solution for my services. Even if they are slower - if they are at least predictable that would be an improvement over what I have now - of all or nothing and when it is nothing it is such for weeks. I would like to know what Time Warner is doing as a company to fix this issue and what plans are being put into place to keep them from continuing to happen in the future.

    As it stands right now I don't feel comfortable telling anyone what service I am using let alone brag about how good it is because it is almost an embarrassment. To pay for services that are "guaranteed" and don't work - it would not be acceptable in any other business venue and should not be acceptable here.

    Please let me what is going to be done to resolve this issue as I am not willing to spend another 120+ hours talking to people to get services that I have to pay for and cannot use.

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  • Is
    Isis55 Nov 30, 2010

    Time Warner is horrible and overcharges for their Service. They are a disgrace to the once elegant Aldephia Cable.

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  • Sa
    Savash Gokturk Jan 05, 2011

    I moved to new orleans on 0ctober 1 2010. I called to suspend the services for 6 months .They ok'd it. The following month I received another bill for $360 .They said the service is suspended because of non payment and they know nothing of the seasonal request of suspending services for six months.
    after an intensive debate of arguments i grudgingly I accepted to make a payment of $248. in return of $10 a month charge for suspended services. I again received another bill for $313.
    This people are liars and modern day legal robbers.they should be put out of business

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  • Ji
    JIM SCHOEN Mar 28, 2011

    We were looking forward to watching the Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball game Sunday Evening at 6PM. When we turned on the channel to watch it, there was a HOCKEY GAME ON INSTEAD OF THE CLEVELAND CAVS GAME!!! This TOTALLY irritated us because this has happened before!!! You have 600 other channels that could have shown the Hockey game - why would Cleveland fans want to watch a hockey game????????WE NOW ARE SERIOUSLY LOOKING INTO DIRECT TV AND WILL DEFINITELY CANCEL CABLE IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN !!! WE WANT WHAT WE PAY FOR AND IT IS NOT TO WATCH HOCKEY WHEN THE CAVS ARE ON!!! Jim and Charlene Schoen, C.R. 34, Bellevue, OH [protected] e-mail [protected]@woh.rr.com.

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  • Ji
    JIM SCHOEN Mar 28, 2011

    When we turned the channel that was supposed to have the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game on it - there was a HOCKEY GAME INSTEAD!!!

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  • Ji
    JIM SCHOEN Mar 28, 2011


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  • Wi
    William Hope Apr 13, 2011

    at first my bill was $86.39 a month with internet and Digital . then my bill jump up to $9700 a month. so sent Time warner Cable a EMAIL TO Time Time Warner to get the Promotion deal with TV AND Internet for $74.99 i wanted a dvr for $92.99 a month after taxs . so go to pay Cable bill it was $107. I Ask time warner cable why my bill was $107. we charge $17 for the Cable Box. then then TIME Warner Cable charge you $1049 for BASIC CABLE AND STANDARD Channels FOR $39.49 Then with a CABLE Box you are pay$80 a month. Time Warner Cable Lied to. me that I would Get the Promotion deal with Digal Channels for $74.99. Time warner cable the most DISHONSET Cable Company. Time Warner Cable use to work I Had them for 10 years. that is not the first time in the past Time warner has Jack there Rates up. every year they raise there rates up. I cant afford them. Time Warner Cable will give a good deal for first time customers then after 1 year they will jack your rate up. TIME WARNER CABLE WILL CHARGE YOU EXTRA FOR THINGS THAT SHOULD BE INCLUED WITH THE CABLE CHANNELS . why DishNetwork does not charge you Extra for Cable Box like Time Warner Cable does. I HAD PROMBLEMS WITH THEM IN THE PAST. Time Warner Cable Rates have gotten real Ridicoulous high. chargeing me $107 JUST FOR STANARD CABLE CHANELLS INTERNET SERVICE WITH NO MOVIE CHANNELLS. TIME WARNER CABLE FIND WAY TO CHARGE YOU EXTRA FOR THINGS.

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  • Wi
    William Hope Apr 14, 2011

    all Time Warner cable good for Dishonset and Jack up your rates to high. Time Warner Cable Raise my Bill up $10 . so I Send Email to Time Cable asking them them About the Promotion Deal TV AND Internet for $74.99 TIME Warner Cable Told Me that they would give me Promotion Deal With Digital Cable and Internet for $74.99 I wanted a DVR With it witch was $9.99 Extra. So Time Warner Time Warner sent Email telling I could have the Promotion Deal. So I go to Time Warner Cable to pick my Cable Box . TIME WARNER CABLE NEED NOT SEND THE Email to that LOCTION. SO He would give Standard Cable Channel with Internet for monthy Bll would be $92.39 after taxes. my bill was $107 a month just for Standard cable tv Channells and internet. and dvr. Time Warner Cable did not about the Extra Charges for the cable Box that would be $17 Extra for the cable box he not tell me about. all my shows I recorded on the dvr I did not get to watch because I TO TAKE MY CABLE BOX TO SAVE $1O ON MY CABLE BILL. I am Fed with Time Warner Cable Price Gravion this not the first time time warner cable has did this. what Time Warner Cable is doing should be ILLEGAL. DISHNETWORK DOES NOT CHARGE YOU EXTRA FOR A CABLE BOX LIKE TIME WARNER CABLE DOES. THEN Time Warner Cable charge you Channels that are Included with Stanard Cable Channels. you paying Extra $10 just for Basic Cable tv that come Stanard Cable tv Channells. Time Warner Cable is finding way to over cha rge you. Time Warner Cable is the most Dishonset cable company ripping off there Customers making Extra money. I had American Cable vision before Time warner cable brought them . out they were allot bettter then time warner cable . for the last 12 years Time Warner Cable haqs been nothing but Problems Time Warner Cable would work with me. this time they cross the line. Time Warner Cable has gotton allot worst. I have Drop there Cable Service before with them . Time Warner Cable Rates are very Ridicolous I cant afford them highway Robbery . if we could get another Cable Company in area I would drop time in heart beat. att does not cover my area. the only problem with dishnetwork is the cover internet service. if we had another cable service in are area. Time Warner Cable would do everything to pleace there costomer lower they rates down .

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  • Do
    dotsandloops1 May 20, 2011

    dish, direct, att all charge for boxes. your claim says you signed up for a "promotion, " which means it is at a discount for a limited time. when cheese is on sale in the grocery store one week, i don't go on an illiterate rampage when it is not on sale the following week. you shouldn't either. cable is expensive because it is a luxury item. living within our means and being kind and generous people to one another is far more important than throwing tantrums because luxury items are not free.

    i don't have a car, for instance, because i can't afford one. i don't call and walk into dealerships to scream about the prices of cars. i take the bus and try to be a decent person. should cars and cable be free? yes. are they? no. is it something we need to freak out at other people about? no. there are far more important things to be than rabid consumers.

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  • Ti
    Time Warner Bad Business Jul 06, 2011

    I agree, the service is extremely poor, I have TW in Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Floridia. I am switching every service at every location I can. Their speeds are not what they advertise and they have a million reasons why they cant provide the service that you as the customer are paying for, Yet call consistently when I refuse to pay the bill due to their own contract. Time warner will eventually loose enough customers that they will not be able to stay in business.

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  • Tr
    TruthComplainer Jul 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Time Warner is doing 2 things I feel strongly are unethical and maybe illegal as well. It would seem to me they are breaking FCC and Banking Laws.

    1. Time Warner created a fake check for a $25.00 fee and put it through my bank account. According to their customer service manager there, they are allowed to put through a check they create against my checking account if they have my account number. Their reasoning? In the fine print on the back of their monthly statement, there is wording there which allows them access to your checking account. They think it is ok to create a fraudulent check to bill you! They will even admit they don't need your permission to do so!

    2. When you cancel their service, they will not cancel it right away. They will create a made up "cancellation date." This is a way to continue to bill you while they "disconnect" your service. They have the ability to disconnect it the minute you call, but that doesn't mean they will try and squeeze you for more money without service! My "cancellation date" is over a week after I requested them to stop the service. They tell me they will gladly bill me while they get that done. They turned my services off already but will not stop billing me until they decide!?!


    Just so anyone reading this knows, Time Warner service is bad anyway. The internet service constantly gets interrupted. It resets itself every hour during downloads. They send your information to the MPAA (got a message from them when I got some virus when MPAA thought I was downloading pirated software). Their TV menus are slow. Their picture quality is bad (look at the red colors on your tv). They get into constant channel provider fights (ESPN). It takes several minutes before your "On Demand" starts. It takes forever to get out of their menus (keep hitting that exit key!).

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