Time Warner Cable / Roadrunnersent me to collections for a modem that was taken from my house from their agent who installed my internet in my new apartment


I moved to a new apartment. I called time warner cable to cancel my old account because I didn't know when I would be able to turn it back on. I called jose from a flyer that installs services for Time Warner Cable. He sent someone out to install internet and cable services. I gave my old modem to the Agent to install and with out me knowing, he took my old modem and installed a new modem. The Agent didn't add the old modem into their system so that Time Warner cable would be able to see that it was returned. Months later I recieve a collection notice with out any notices from Time Warner. I called customer services four different times and no one hepled me. I even asked to speak to a manager, he wasn't able to do anything about this situation, to make things worse he started to argue with me as if I stole the modem. This whole situation caused my credit score to be very low. I was planning on buying a home that I put an offer on. There is no way I can buy it. I don't know what to do.


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    John951 Feb 15, 2010

    I think the third party technicians contracted for Time Warner are running a little shady also. When Time Warner (outside contractor) installed my service the tech said that since I already had a cable modem then I dont need the free one they give to new customers. So I told him the one I have wont work anyway so I'm taking back to Best Buy. So he installed this crappy little modem and activated service. 5 months later after I disconnected service I get a letter from a collection service with the modem and various other fees adding up to $189.00. I never signed an invoice saying I was buying the modem and it was'nt offered as part of a package as I did not sign up on a package the Tech said (FREE MODEM) to new customers and in fact tried to take the Motorola I already had. They are trying to extort money from me basically. Like every other company online and now locally they utilize unscrouplous business methods to make money and it is quite frankly pissing me off to no end. The number of people that must comply with these companies and pay whatever to avoid issues must be greater than the people, who like me don't care and want to stand up against these ### and wished others would as well.

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