Tim Hortonsnew lids for hot beverages

Please re-design your new lids or give customers options to use your old lids.

Myself as well as 80% of people I have asked all dislike the new lids.
1) The mouth peice is too high making for awkward lip placement when drinking.
2) the mouth peice is too far in towards the centre of the cup, which makes it difficult to sip the last drop that sits on the edge when you drink unless you move your head forward.
3) I can't anticipate the temperature of the beverage. Old lid mouth opening was large so you could feel steam on lips before even drinking it.
4) the amount of liquid you get per sip is fixed because the opening is too small. Is there an air hole on this lid?

The one positive is that this design does no drip from the underside rim of the cup as the old lids did.

I have actually stopped getting my morning tea from Tim Hortons because I don't like lids!

Oct 07, 2019

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