Tim Hortonscoffee

How [censored]ing hard is it to count to 1, 2 or 3? Is it too hard or is it something every semi-educated person learns in kindergarten? Even if its too hard y'all still got fingers on each hand to help ya out, so now why is it when ordering a coffee at some stores wether you order a triple triple or a double double or what ever, what you end up paying for is a mystery! I used to spend even budget for $100/week for coffee and what ever but that stops after this packaged vomit in a cup I was served today never again you ignorant, arrogant s.O. B's I will never spend another dime at your stores and i'll be lobbying the rest of canada to do the same untill a change of ownership back to a canadian owned company or a removal of all the ignorant staff who feel they should be the idiots to decide what people are going to take down the highway from your drivethru windows! At almost $2.50 for a cup of coffee you would think a person would get what they ordered but not here in canada oh no we have to put up with the incompitance, arrogance and ignorance when trying to buy a cup of morning coffee! Congratulations it was tim hortons that took me away from making coffee at home, and it was tim horton's employee's inability to make a cup of coffee as it was ordered who forced me back to making coffee at home! Good job, thanks for making sure customers know you don't give a dam about how they're being treated or served at your stores, this is not my first complaint about being served something not suitable for a pigs slop bucket, but it most definately is the last!

Oct 05, 2019

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