Tim Hortonscleanliness

I frequent the Tim Hortons in Saint Lazare, Qc. (1766 Chemin Ste Angélique) and the parking lot is never clean and tidy, I can't comment on the inside because I always use the drive-through. Today I had enough and took a picture of the large garbage can that you pass just before you order and it is absolutely disgusting!! Hard to believe so I attached a picture and just in case you are not sure what you are looking at I took a close up so you can see the filth that has been adding up as no one gives a [censored] because it has been like this for months.

And you may as well take a minute to send your Tim's owner in Matawa, Ontario a note that his restaurant is also disgusting inside and out. We passed through there a few weeks ago and could not believe the way this place is kept, makes no sense.

I realize that every case is different because these are franchise owners but I cannot imagine that head office would put up with this for one second.

Good luck with these owners.

Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons

Oct 05, 2019

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