Tim Hortonswrong order

P Nov 27, 2017

This happend at the Napanee On Route location, but it has happend to me several times in the past, at various Tim's. I'm at the front of the line and people manning the tills/taking orders are having a conversation about there lives outside of work, it takes a minute for the cashier to realize I'm standing there, I submit my order of a large reg coffee, a honey cruller and a Farmer's sausage wrap. She recites it back to me correctly, after I get on the road I realize they gave me just a plain sausage egg wrap, without the farmer's sauce or the hash brown, it was still good but not what I had ordered even though the lady recited it back to me, so I paid extra for something I didn't receive, which may have been lost in translation between her and her friend about the party they went to or what not, I'm not sure . But the cashier personally got my doughnut, who recited it back as a honey cruller.. But again on the road I discovered it was a honey dip, which I'm not a fan of. I love Tim Horton's, the food is great 90% of the time, I rarely have complaints about the locations, or the food... But service is sometimes not taken seriously by the staff... I'm not saying that's the case all the time, some locations are amazing but obviously it's happened enough times that I've decided to take time out of my day to write this dumb message to you so you know that service isn't where it should be... And you probably already know that and are trying to get a handle on it anyway, so I won't waste anymore of your time, but thanks for reading. Phil

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