Tim Hortonsvery slow service

J Aug 14, 2018

Regarding the Tim's location within the Canadian Suprstore at 201 Oak Park Blvd in Oakville. This is a very handy location to pick up a coffee or snack while shopping. I attend regularly with no issues. However, the service lately has been abysmally slow. Yesterday I was there and there was a sole employee servicing a long line of customers Today, at about 2pm I waited about 12 minutes for one coffee although there was only one other person in line and her order was only 2 coffees and a biscuit. The young man "working" there operates at the pace one might expect of a 95 year old Walmart greeter and with the enthusiasm of a disgruntled Service Ontario employee. I considered giving up and leaving but felt committed the longer I waited. I have never seen anyone take so long to pour coffee and butter a biscuit. It was strangely fascinating. When he was finally ready to serve me, the employee actually marvelled aloud "That's all? That's a long time to wait for just a coffee". I think the manager needs to spend a little more time there or at least watch the cameras to see how slow it is relative to other locations of similar size.

Thank you.

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