Tim Hortonstim hortons original blend


Dear Tim Horton's Canada good day,
I am writing to bring to your attention, and express my dissatisfaction & concern, about the quality, or freshness, of your unique Original blend, tasty coffee, that is world renowned, for its freshness and quality. Three months ago, I had mailed you the proof of purchases, of your new blend, with the bar codes, [protected], and medium Roast blend [protected], and the Decaffeinated coffee, [protected], which I had to blend together to make it lighter tasting along with this letter! You failed to answer back to me. We have bought for many years, Tim Horton's coffee every week & very satisfied, at I.G.A. and other supermarkets, As loyal customers, we always purchase . Recently, I purchased, your New and improved Original blend coffee, and we were very disappointed, which doesn’t taste at all like we remember, However, we are puzzled by the new taste, which is bitter and completely different than what we remember, and very disappointed, with this purchase.I simply don’t understand, why you made a big change, to your classic Original blend Occasionally, we have tried new flavors from your variety of selected products, and were not satisfied with those choices. I truly believe, your unique blend was much better, true to what your name Label, stands for. I am making a point, to communicate with you again, for a second time.
I hope in the future, the quality of your products, is able to match to the quality of your many years of loyal service, to your customers.I would like to appeal to your sense of fairness and hope prompt action, will be taken .I thank you for your support, and understanding in this matter.

I am kindly, looking forward to hear from you, on this matter, I shall be very much grateful. My e-mail address is: [protected] My home address: 270 Rue Malouin, Laval, Q.C. H7X3N4, best regards. Sincerely, Amy Kelepouris.

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