Tim Hortonsservice and quality

S Jul 09, 2019 Review updated:

I live in hope BC. Used the drive through. 3 or 4 minutes to start order. Young lady I've never seen before was not listening for complete sentence/order and interrupted me a few times, displayed some negative attitude. She made me feel uncomfortable by that and tone of voice said to me that I wasn't welcome. I am a regular as I live in the community. At the window while waiting for the interact machine my card was snatched for my hand rather than the usual pass of the card reader. Large coffee and a bran muffin was the order. I parked in the lot to wait for meeting and my muffin was hard and dried. Threw it in the trash and went in to inform. The young man was very pleasant and accommodating to the issue and retrieved a fresh muffin and apologized for the hard muffin given me.
I am considering not using Tim Horton's in Hope, BC and using McDonald's as their service is much quicker than Tim's has been for the last few months. Sorry for the negative feedback. It's the only way to fix the issues that need attention. I owned a food establishment in this community, and never sold inferior products as customers expect quality when paying hard earned money for it.


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