Tim Hortonsomelette bites (bits)

M Jul 04, 2019

July 4th, 2019: I purchased a breakfast order at you Tim Hortons in Penetanguishene, Ontario this morning between 8:30 - 9:00 Am. I ordered the Bacon and Eggs Omelette Bites. Two per order. I paid for them but got them to go. When I opened the box There were two omelettes in there, however one was a Bacon and Eggs little Omelette Bites but the other had no bacon in it and the top was burnt. When I see one of your products on your menu board I expect to get what see not some screw up. The staff who grabbed those two omelettes should never have put that non bacon burnt one in the box That just a total lack of sound training. For the millions of dollars your company makes every year you need to start pulling up your socks. I received no receipt at all from the cashier. My advice to you is "DON'T PUT BURNT AND WRONGLY MAKE PRODUCT IN YOUR ORDERS" Remember this, as a customer I am profit, and you are overhead. Don't ever forget that.

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