Tim Hortonslids for iced coffee

J Jul 10, 2019

It appears you changed your lids for the iced coffee. The old one wasn't great (leaked all over the place) but this one is worse. It smashes the straw to the point you can't enjoy your drink. I tried pushing the flaps down to make room for my straw and I thought for sure I was going to have cuts all over my finger (oooouch-it hurt). While doing this pieces of the plastic broke off into my drink (which of course wasn't prepared properly to begin with)! It's difficult to stir the drink when there is no free movement of the straw. Swirling the cup does very little and only splashes out through the edges and straw hole. May I suggest a domed lid with an open hole for the straw? This might be what you use for your frozen drinks. Thank you.

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