Tim Hortonslack of customer service


Went to south side Tim Horton’s in Lloydminster we stood in line for 25min, and there was only 4-5 customers ahead of us... another 10 min to receive our order... only 1 till was being used, lots of staff standing around! Then after eating, I got back in line to get a 1/2 coffee 1/2 got chocolate, there was 1 person ahead of me and I waited 10 min! The young man wandered around checking a coffee pot, and snipping a creamer spout, instead of looking after the customers that were lined up! When I ordered the young man said “you want a mocha” I said no, I don’t want whip cream I want 1/2 coffee 1/2 hot chocolate... he says mocha no whip cream, at this time I’d had enough so just agreed to pay the difference, I paid cash.. he punched it in as debit, and it took him 3 times to cancel the debit... then he finally got to making my drink, I had asked for it to be double cupped and had to remind him of that as he went to hand it to me without the extra cup! At no time did I hear a sorry for your wait, or a thank you! Terrible customer service! This is one of the slowest Tim Hortons I’ve ever been to, but today was rediculous! Everyone in line was complaining!

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