Tim Hortonsfarmers wrap and manager knowledge

D Aug 14, 2018


My name is Varun and I'm an everyday customer at my local Tim Horton's. In the past when I've had problems with the way my food was made it was resolved, but today I had a little talk back from two employees.

The manger stepped in after my wrap was made wrong (this location is known to make wrong food the first time). The location I am referring to is the on 90 Clementine Dr. L6Y 5M3. The person making the food didn't know how to make a farmers wrap so I walked up and asked her to make it properly. She had been missing the sauce and cheese. With attitude she made my wrap, which wasn't made properly agian because she BUNCHED UP all the ingredients in a cluster at the bottom.

After ripping off a huge chunck of wrap I went up agian pissed off cause this is the SECOND TIME.

The manager came and also gave me attitude trying to tell me that the wrap can't be made the way I'm expecting it...

Honestly WHAT THE HELL...

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