Tim Hortonseverything

H Aug 14, 2018

i order food mostly every weekday and coffee daily. not once has my order been right when i order food and its such a hassle to go back to have it corrected. this morning the woman who ran the window was good but as soon as she asked a younger girl to assist her with a refund for my bagel (supposed to be a sesame toasted with cream cheese and i got cheddar which makes me break out in hives) and she was rude and had no interest in hearing what the issue was. i said id like my cash back due to the bagel being wrong and wanted them to note my kids buttered bagel usually wasnt buttered which was the case today. im to the point where i refuse to give my dollars to southampton ontario tim hortons any further. i told them this morning im irritated by having to come back almost every time to make sure the order is correct. then to be rudely served by a staff member who is clearly not interested in rectifying their mess up.

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