Tim Hortonscustomer service

A Oct 06, 2019

One of the worst experiences i had in my life. I went to get my daily breakfast croissant, the employee refused to toast it as it's Tim hortons policy, i asked for the manager since that's my daily order! She refused and said the manager isn't in premises and she offered to help claiming that she's the supervisor ( i am not sure if even that's true).
I told here i need to understand why did you refuse to do my order the way i want it is that a new policy. She advised it has been like that forever, i assured her that yesterday morning i had the same, she said no way. I told her yes way i am telling you that's what i am getting, am i lying! She shocked me when she said i am not sure if you are lying or not!!! Away from the devastation of not getting my order i also called a Liar by one of your employees? That's not acceptable at all. I am expecting your action shortly or i'll pursed on legal action fo such inappropriate action. Contact me at [protected]

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