Tim Hortonscustomer service and shortage of order

R Oct 08, 2019

We have been a loyal customer for years at Tim Hortons. But lately there have been lots of mistakes and lack of service .
The men washroom had the hand dryer broken but did not supply hand towels and when told about it they just ignored it.
My wife got a chili on a bun but they only gave her 2/3 of bun then when asked why is was so small they plunked the rest of the bun on my plate. They also just gave her a small chili and charged her the price for a large. There were no whole wheat buns again.
Then my turkey bacon club was on a 2/3 of a bun as well.
It seems like lately you have to check your order as not always right.
The other time they gave our sandwich to another women then when she returned it to say it was wrong after it was opened they just handed it to me instead of getting me one that was not handled by someone else.
I hope you can improve your service as like your product.
sincerely Ray Howes

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