Tim Hortonscoffee cup lids & location cleanliness

L Oct 08, 2019

The new lids are as bad or worse than the old style. I cannot carry a coffee without wrapping it in napkins to absorb the spills that still manage to hit my hand with hot black coffee. The old lids were a problem because the staff yank them out and it pulls at the rim loosening, but the new style is just as bad because they usually break the seal (if there is one) at the spout and the over-filled cup leaks from the top.

The location at 10 Dundas street on the lower level is filthly and doesn't appear to have been mopped in months. It is so small yet they stuck in 2 of those self-ordering kiosks making it impossible to get to the pick up part of the counter which is also the only spot that they put napkins out despite having room on the other side. With the kids back at University the crowding and delays are getting worse every day.

Would appreciate hearing what can be done to improve the conditions and if nothing, I will take a few minutes more to walk down the street and get coffee at McDonalds in the Atrium.

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