Tim Hortonschicken sandwich

D Jul 10, 2019

Earlier this evening I stopped at the new location at Frederick St Mall. I ordered two of the chicken sandwiches. They had obviously been sitting for some time, because when I tried to eat them they were cold, hard and dried out. I was terribly disappointed, because I was hungry and I was looking forward to them. I have had them before and was very happy with them, and found them to be very good, something I would definitely order again. But after this experience, I'm not so sure any more. Is it the franchise's policy to keep warmed-over food around until it is sold? It obviously wasn't made to order, because the bag was waiting for me when I got up to the drive-through window. And there was no one else in line, so they were not busy at all. I hope this situation can be remedied. Thank you. Donna Snyder.

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