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Thousand Trails review: Reservation availability

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All those considering a Thousand Trails camping pass beware. As a legacy member being one that was grandfathered in when Thousand bought other companies (Camp grounds). We had paid a considerable amount of money along with maintenance fee's every year to have a membership as we enjoyed camping. But beware potential buyers as these memberships are being sold Thousand Trails does not have the inventory to accommodate the number of buyers in short "good luck making a reservation". Then make matters even worse Thousand trails is open to anyone looking to rent, pull in their own rig or pitch a tent and yes they do not need to be a member. They are also selling or leasing many sites long term with these leases now having mobile homes placed on them many sites now look something like a refugee camp with appliances sitting outside, cars on blocks, sheds and bars. This is not to say that all they have is bad there are some nice campgrounds and some need attention that seems to be ignored by Thousand Trails. While they are adding some associate camp grounds to use but at additional cost, again those of us legacy members that pay a bunch of money to camp already they are trying to bilk more from us. I am looking to shed myself of the membership as the yearly cost of maintenance fee's don't make sense if you are unable to use the campground. I have written to Thousand Trails several times regarding rule violations, facility conditions and staff members that went above and beyond to this date not one reply, guess I am wasting my time!

Desired outcome: I would like to sell my membership!

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