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On Friday morning July 19, 2019 I was in Thornton's getting my cigs on the way to work. There was a long line...


store management

I have been coming into this store for a couple of years now. I have decided not to come back to this store...

unethical behaviour

7/11/19, I was shopping at Thornton's this morning when i heard a person yelling i looked over and the...

not authorizing pump, taking down my license plate #, & friends of cashier laughing & staring @ me!

Thorntons #308
34225 N. US 45
Third Lake, IL 60030

Is the Gas Station I go to All the time when visiting my parents. There was NO Reason for the Cashier Alex to write down my License Plate # as well as Not Authorize the pump & have his friends hanging out in the store harassing customers by Laughing & Staring at the customers! Ridiculous, haven't felt so unwelcomed as a Customer in a very long time. I will NEVER GO BACK TO USE MY MONEY @ THORNTONS EVER AGAIN! Thorntons just lost a long time Customer! I will also be referring others to go to other Gas Stations! Get your staff together and Retrain them for Customer Service before you Lose more Customers!

Christine Marker

not authorizing pump, taking down my license plate #, & friends of cashier laughing & staring @ me!

gas service

When pulled up to the pump I had hit the pay inside option because paying with cash and not know how much it...

the whole store

I'm a now-former employee, and I have plenty to say about this particular store. Anyone patronizing thi...


I've been having problems with the Female manager at this location. She refuses to help solve problem...


It's been months since they've had anything on their roller grills. No hot dogs or anything. I used to stop by after maybe twice a week for a quick bite on my way home. I tried again today and again, no quick bites, no donuts, no pastries. Absolutely nothing. Terrible service and terrible lack of product. It's a great location and it's being wasted terribly.

bad gas

On May 29 at 1:26 I stopped n got 40.00 worth of gas because I was on my way to uk hospital n by 2:00! I wa...

refund due to defective pump.

Good Morning,

On Saturday May 18th at 2:15 pm I paid for $9 in regular gas @ your store #126 (Naperville IL Ogden/North Aurora road. I put in my phone number [protected])to get my discount in lieu of my refresh rewards card .

I went to the car to get my gas on pump #9 and the screen read that the pump was not available. Cashier Lori got on the intercom to respond to my help button call and said I could come back in for a refund . When I got back inside from the heavy rain she told me that it was not necessary to do anything and the money would automatically go back on my card. I asked wouldn't I get charged even a dollar? She said no and I would not get charged anything. No charge at all.

I thanked her and wished her a good day then proceeded to next closest gas station to fill up. My gmail( [protected] ) sent me a receipt for $9.59 at 2:17 pm for the transaction, Then I received a notice from my bank that my account was overdrawn and my bank charges $37 for overdrafts.

i am a regular customer at that store and now I am incredibly disappointed .
It is my closest store and I will remain a customer there BUT this situation was expensive and inconvenient at best.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your timely response .

Have a great day.

Ralph Hodges


I have been going to this station for over a year and everything was good until 5-17-20 at 2:56 pm there wa...


The employees at the 13010 Old Hickory Blvd Antioch, TN 37013 location were to busy talking to help check out customers. One cashier was working while three other cashiers were behind the counter talking and hugging and looking at each other's phones. Once I was finally waited on I felt rushed off. I needed to do two separate orders. After ringing up the first order the cashier stepped away and started showing another cashier something on his phone. I was finally helped but in no way do I feel like a valued customer. I felt like an inconvenience. Unacceptable.

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    LissaW Jun 15, 2019

    I just posted on Glassdoor, but be very wary at this particular store as the employees not only steal from the company, but they steal from the customers too. Please look at your account to see if there’s any different charges. I just quit and would NEVER patronize this particular store.

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the change of our $.05 rewards!!!

Big mistake thortons!!!
Your greed has cost you yet another customer! I have been a long time shopper at the 2 thortons in my town! Not any more! With signs still showing our $.05 a gallon savings, your pumps are showing
$.03 now...? When this changed at midnight, the banners, signs, and stickers we're still visible! This is false advertisement! Not only do I buy gas, but I also purchase liquor, smokes, milk, snacks, sandwiches, lottery tickets, need I go on??? So your greed to save $.02 has cost you so much more! Great job management!!!
Never again!!!
Dan sloan

customer service

Thortans at 9138 s Cicero at 10:11 pm Monday 04/29/2019 was the rudest person I've ever dealt with I've been coming here for ten years and it will be my last as she was swearing in front of customers and my 11 year old son the ladies that were behind the cash register with her was also laughing like it was a big joke. The workers children were in the store as this other lady was swearing. It was the worst experience I've ever had. I will follow up with the morning girl that I speak to every day.

lazy workers

Store # 382 Own Mound Rd In Decatur Il The floors are always stinky wit pop the coffee machine never cleaned at nite time or the warmers never wiped down and Employee take more cigarette breaks then they actually work lazy lazy Employees and the Language is very unprofessional in front of Guest If STORE #382 will work Own Some Cleaning Instead of Cigarette breaks every 3to5 Minutes Maybe They Can Keep A Full Staff Instead of using Employee just so they won't have to do Anything but Cigarette breaks

rude and confrontational behavior of clerk at thorntons shelbyville rd louisville ky across from oxmoor mall 1:10 pm easter sunday

Upon arrival at station entered establishment and was ignored by station guest attendant at counter who was on his i-phone (ignored customer) made me wait until he was finished doing what ever than I asked for $ 8.00 of gas 0n # 6 pump... He said what... I repeated it again... On my way out the door I said to myself "you would hear me if you weren't on the I - pad", note I didn't confront him or say it to his face... At the counter... As can be verified by video camera (between 1:05 & 1:10 pm 4-21-19, the disrespectful, rude and confrontational clerk ran out to the pump # 6 and threw the $8.00 at me and said get out of here take your $ some place else. He left the store unattended and and ran outside and tried to provoke me but I would not play into his ploy. I told him he was on video and to keep the $ I paid him inside and allow me to get the gas I paid for, he proceeded to cuss me and after throwing the money at me went back inside. All this is on video... Check it out, is this the type of unstable, confrontational, rude employee you want working at thornton's? Any questions call me ed david [protected] thank you

sales associate

The gentleman that just waited on me was extremely rude tanked my dl out of my hand was very rude saying he...

customer service

I have been looking for a good affordable gas station to continuously go to. I arrived hoping this one would...

the cashier!

I walk in to the store at 11:15 after setting the pump to fill the tank, for a quick buy just a pack a...

they weren’t helping us

I went to the gas station at Thorntons, I went inside to ask for help and they told me to deal with it but it...