The Salvation Army USAbuying furniture

I appreciate all you do, and donate often. I also frequent my local store to buy merchandise to donate. I do also buy merchandise for myself occasionally. I did, today, purchase a couch. It was a great bargain and I am very thankful. It will go to a very good needing family. I am however very upset with my local stores staff and feel my issue needs to be addressed! I will write this letter, call the number and file a complaint with the BBB if it is not resolved in a timely manner.
Now to my point...
Like I said I purchased a couch today from the Taylor location, and the staff was NOT helpful at all and even rude. I do not understand why they can not help move furniture to the buyers vehicle...or at least help to get it out of the store. I am a capable person, but can not carry a couch out to the truck. NO HELP WAS OFFERED, they said it was prohibited...WHY? Damage to the item? Injured workers? Liability? PLEASE EXPLAIN!!! I moved past that because I really needed this couch...THEN they wouldn't even let me take it through the back wide door!!! They MADE ME CARRY THIS BIG SECTIONAL COUCH THROUGH THE FRONT NARROW DOORS!!! RIDICULOUS!!! If they are not going to help...they should AT LEAST let you take it out better accessible doors!!! I am very frustrated about this and like I said I will be following up. This should be addressed!!!

Sep 28, 2019

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